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  1. Transmutation is a perfectly valid school of magic, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
  2. The only effective archer in ToB is imo a ranger w. the archer kit... or Jan Jansen. :D But you could edit Valygar to an archer using EEKeeper.
  3. In my experience Korgan makes a very good anti-mage tank in SCS. There is no critical failure on saving throws, and with his dwarven saving throw bonus, all the immunity & resistance granting items, berserker rage and being generaly sturdy he counters a lot of spellpower by simply being immune. The trick is to send him on his lonesome self, maybe with some summons should the mage just go invisible. Valygar I'd replace with a summoned npc in ToB, and choose a second arcane spellcaster. Maybe the game will let you summon Edwin? If not, I can recommend Jan Jansen. He can dispel illusions with detect illusion, while keeping himself safe with spell immunities & pfmw.
  4. Real-time strategy controls would certainly be appreciated considering the sheer amount of combat. Other than this, I don't care about sprites or bars, but the colored circles are an improvement over that neon-like green in the original. It clashed with both the color palette of the backgrounds and the gui.
  5. Or a mustard jelly. Mage fights in unmodded BG2 were a hilarious experience...
  6. Having done both, I actually prefer Bodhi's route. I can't stand the shadow thieves ever since running into Arkanis Gath years ago. As for the poisoning trick, that question remains open regardless of whom you join (Yoshi could've poisoned the party while still on the mainland, or a tavernkeeper could be bribed). Imo, Irenicus patiently waiting in Spellhold for charname doesn't really make sense either. Oops! there goes your Bhaalspawn soulsource, dustified after opening the wrong door in Athkatla.
  7. I'm a 'comes and goes' poster, so admittedly I didn't immediately notice the big exodus. But this thread explains much. Oh well, asked for my BG account to be deleted. Doesn't seem to be much point to staying there, where my fav posters to argue with are gone.
  8. I think the chant spell description states the caster speed is halved, or something like that.
  9. I don't recall anything in Daveorn's dialogue indicating that he expects to be ambushed right now, though; even his secretary/guard seems surprised whent he party arrives. Kahrk I don't recall, but I agree Natasha shouldn't have short time buffs on core.
  10. I'd rather not. The buffs being customizable is one of the best parts of the new SCS (if my memory serves, 'hardcore' is where the casters get all the buffs). I've used different settings in various playthroughs, but I prefer that only long duration buffs are considered the default. It just makes more sense to me in a roleplaying game.
  11. Hi, I have another crash bug that I can reproduce. This is on a fresh install with just SCS and no other mods (notably, no Ascension). In Sendai's enclave, when trying to enter Diaytha's room, the game freezes and crashes every time. This bug has been reported before in 2017 on beamdog forums, so I suspect it's also in the previous version. Reinstalling the game and loading the save with no mods installed lets me proceed normally.
  12. You are right, my LG cleric does indeed summon an invisible pit fiend. I haven't noticed them, because they don't do anything if no enemies are present, even if the caster is not protected by PfE. It's kind of hilarious, because they are the opposite of planetars now, who go crazy and spam chaos and holy word on my party.
  13. The spell description states that there is "no chance of casting failure", but my cleric still fails spells when damaged in combat. Is it just the insect plague that it protects against? On topic of priests being squishy: I've noticed some drow priestesses using Divine Protection (going by the spell animation) and it seems to be working, so they are a bit less papery now. I think it's a great idea to give it to all priests, my cleric certainly appreciates it.
  14. Same for me, when my cleric casts gate, nothing appears. The only other mod I have (installed before SCS) is the Trials of the Luremaster for BG2EE.
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