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  1. I think the chant spell description states the caster speed is halved, or something like that.
  2. I don't recall anything in Daveorn's dialogue indicating that he expects to be ambushed right now, though; even his secretary/guard seems surprised whent he party arrives. Kahrk I don't recall, but I agree Natasha shouldn't have short time buffs on core.
  3. I'd rather not. The buffs being customizable is one of the best parts of the new SCS (if my memory serves, 'hardcore' is where the casters get all the buffs). I've used different settings in various playthroughs, but I prefer that only long duration buffs are considered the default. It just makes more sense to me in a roleplaying game.
  4. Hi, I have another crash bug that I can reproduce. This is on a fresh install with just SCS and no other mods (notably, no Ascension). In Sendai's enclave, when trying to enter Diaytha's room, the game freezes and crashes every time. This bug has been reported before in 2017 on beamdog forums, so I suspect it's also in the previous version. Reinstalling the game and loading the save with no mods installed lets me proceed normally.
  5. You are right, my LG cleric does indeed summon an invisible pit fiend. I haven't noticed them, because they don't do anything if no enemies are present, even if the caster is not protected by PfE. It's kind of hilarious, because they are the opposite of planetars now, who go crazy and spam chaos and holy word on my party.
  6. The spell description states that there is "no chance of casting failure", but my cleric still fails spells when damaged in combat. Is it just the insect plague that it protects against? On topic of priests being squishy: I've noticed some drow priestesses using Divine Protection (going by the spell animation) and it seems to be working, so they are a bit less papery now. I think it's a great idea to give it to all priests, my cleric certainly appreciates it.
  7. Same for me, when my cleric casts gate, nothing appears. The only other mod I have (installed before SCS) is the Trials of the Luremaster for BG2EE.
  8. Edit: Turns out I remember things wrong, getting old... A minor bug in the Planar Sphere, kind of funny. This happens as soon my character enters the basement, so before she even engages the enemies. (Same thing happens with some liches, only the cast suffocate, which is less of a problem, because they're immune to it)
  9. I've had a similar bug with spell revisions. From what I recall, darkness is a drow innate added by SoD. For some readon with SR it became available for sorcerers, though I never found a scroll.
  10. Sorry for the computer illiterate question, but just to be sure: it's set to 0, so if I change the value to 1 it won't install? I have also one question regarding the HLAs, as I'm not sure if the following is intented or not: I have the 'HLAs are innate abilities' installed. I have dual-classed my mage after she got her fist HLA (improved alacrity) and, even though her mage class is still inactive, that ability gets refreshed upon resting.
  11. Regarding sniloc's snowball storm, it seems to be bugged in general. Ihtafeer & co. use it quite often and they get hurt by it, even though they should be immune. It also bypasses magic resistance of the mustard jelly form (though cold resistance works). There is also something weird going on with Cernd. When met at the druid grove (didn't let him join the party), he continues to cast charm person or mammal on my mage's skeletons. But once he challenges Faldorn to a fight, it's like he's not a druid at all: doesn't cast any spells, doesn't shapeshift, just attacks her with the quarterstaff.
  12. Question regarding the widget: I'd like to fine tune the spell changes, but I couldn't find any option to do so? Specifically, I'd like to remove the "fireshield stops insect plague" element. Before I just didn't install it, but I don't recall this option being available during installation in v.32.
  13. The widget works great in-game. But I've tried to use it before starting a new adventure (I usually set all the options before, so when I saw the new button I just clicked it) and then it just freezes the game. I'm not sure it's meant to be clickable at that point?
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