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  1. Yep. I have manually tried a few different colors - for now without any success.
  2. This is the one of my "ovveride" folder *.INI files, the string has been modifed succesfully, and there is a lot of such file, but still in the game the blood is red, tested on Minsk, Safana, Ogre, Dire Wolf, and those Anubis like guys with halberd (forgot a name) - the summoned monsters.
  3. @Jarno Mikkola --- I almost totally don't understand. What a connection of the new-game start have to the blood color? O_o Nobody saying something like to me before I have mod that. --- @Avenger --- But it is not working. Any ideas how I can fix it, of course I am sorry for bothering this forum, I am usually very annoying with questions ;/ . --- P.S. Using this "---" coz after I have pushed "Post" button, all of the my text is becoming a continuous paragraph, for the hell reason Idkn.
  4. I have tried - installed successfully, and indeed it replaced any *.INI where those text stuff was - and this is not good, I just hope that SCS don't touch that *.INI, Buhhhht - it is not working, the blood is still disturbing red, like a real life blood, but not a green, like in the Serious Sam First Encounter, or The Predator 1,2 movie. Tested on some monsters, and even on some party members of my avatar (bow and stuff, and fists), and me sorry about that - no serious damage has been delivered. This is my *.tp2 snow, BACKUP ~ContagionGUImod/backup~ AUTHOR ~frostysh~ VERSION ~v0.3~ BEGIN ~Contagion GUI mod component zero.~ COPY ~ContagionGUImod/CGUIMOD~ ~override~ BEGIN ~Green Blood component~ COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.ini$~ ~override~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~color_blood=47~ ~color_blood=54~ BUT_ONLY And this is my *mod.DEBUG file.
  5. Thanx, I will try it, I hope it will not replace *.ini files in my "override", for an example those created by SCS .
  6. I have tried - this is my *.tp2 - BACKUP ~ContagionGUImod/backup~ AUTHOR ~frostysh~ VERSION ~v0.3~ BEGIN ~Contagion GUI mod component zero.~ COPY ~ContagionGUImod/CGUIMOD~ ~override~ BEGIN ~Green Blood component~ COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~....\.ini~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~color_blood=47~ ~color_blood=55~ BUT_ONLY And this is what I have get... [Q:\BGEEGOGSTEAM_backup\BGEEGOGSTEAM\ContagionGuiMod_setup_v03_for_SoD.exe] WeiDU version 24000 In state 29, I expected one of these tokens: [2] ~~ Parse error (state 29) at REPLACE_TEXTUALLY [CONTAGIONGUIMOD_SETUP_V03_FOR_SOD.TP2] PARSE ERROR at line 10 column 1-17 Near Text: REPLACE_TEXTUALLY GLR parse error [CONTAGIONGUIMOD_SETUP_V03_FOR_SOD.TP2] ERROR at line 10 column 1-17 Near Text: REPLACE_TEXTUALLY Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [CONTAGIONGUIMOD_SETUP_V03_FOR_SOD.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: problem parsing TP file [CONTAGIONGUIMOD_SETUP_V03_FOR_SOD.TP2]: Parsing. Parse_error FATAL ERROR: Parsing.Parse_error Press ENTER to exit.
  7. thanx I will try it something like that, I hope it will not crash ma' SoD .
  8. Sorry for offtopic, but how to register on pocketplane or sorcererplace forums? Son of preacher man registration says to me than I need to obtain some "approval" from administration - is this ok, or it is a bug?
  9.   Wow , ahmmm . Looks cool, but just to clarify, what I need to do, which files I need to mod, what is means this "opcode", etc, to obtain the green blood instead of mind disturbing - red? . And what a difference between "hardcoded" and effect based? And how to make stuff in my mod - Install green blood or install invisible blood? I mean not all may want this both stuff installed... P.S. Finished exploration of SoD start location on LoB + SCS - pretty fun it was!
  10. Thank to you again, I need to think how to implement all of that into ma snow. ---- ---- ---- ---- And I am really need only give an ability to choose between components, to somebody who maybe will use ma snow too, Yes/No is not necessary.
  11. - - How to make a green blood in SoD and BG2EE, to replace the default - red one? - - How to make a configurable component installation of the mod? For an example, for my mod I have something like that for now: BACKUP ~ContagionGUImod/backup~ AUTHOR ~frostysh~ VERSION ~v0.2beta~ BEGIN ~Contagion GUI mod component zero.~ COPY ~ContagionGUImod/CGUIMOD~ ~override~ But I need something different, like "Do you want to install modification to the dialogue box? Yes - No.", if the Yes - one set of files intalled into ovveride, if no - another (basically UI.MENU and BOX5.MOS (V2)), "Do you want to install no blood modification? Yes - No.", if yes - install some *.BAM file, if no - not install. How I can do all of that, thanx.
  12. Not so bad mod, but of course I don't accept the alll content of that. But I will install it, when I will continue my playtrough for BG2, for no I am on Siege of Dragonspear ^^
  13. Well, interesting. I have a Near Infinity! But I just curios how option about "memory access" is connected to the blood depicting in the game O_o . Okie-dokie, I will try it. And will be nice to turn a blood into something green, but not a red. ---- fixed with the blank animation of blood - thanx to argent77 from forums.beamdog.com
  14. I have already switched off the "Gore" option in the gameplay menu, but still I see lot of blood on my screen, in human-like npc and even in bloodless monsters such as skeletons - (SoD - Started Catacombs) I just don't like depicting blood in the PC-games, so any idea how I can change at least it's color to green, for an example. Thanx.
  15. Where I can get the complete list of changes that the mod do? Coz' the Readme on the gibberlings3.net is seems little bit outdated, I have tried to look in this topic, bu there is too much of pages.. Thanx.
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