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  1. Where I can get the complete list of changes that the mod do? Coz' the Readme on the gibberlings3.net is seems little bit outdated, I have tried to look in this topic, bu there is too much of pages.. Thanx.
  2. Downloaded Readme there - SR Readme Gibberlings3, well what can I say on the first look - would be better if readme made in the format like that: ---- Before ---- ---- After ---- And will be MUCH more better if you will try to explain the reason of some changes. Of course I am not a real modder, but I know how to hard sometimes to make a large Readme - I have ma own cosmetic GUI snow for a BG1+SoD, and BG2 on github, and even in case of a small mod - my readme is large... So I just can imagine, how large may be detailed readme in your case guys . Anyway I will read this stuff, j
  3. Is this "Revised SCS" sux SCS, or it is cool SCS? Imho - if somebody trying to make game like paper-pen rules, it is not a very good for a dynamical PC-video game world. Ok. I will read what a main difference, I hope this SCS have a good 'README".
  4. I do not know if this is a problem... I think this is a feature of SCS. I have a simple recipe how to defeat Faldorn (pretty sad that is the same Faldorn from bg1 which was there in conflict with SD...) at Insane difficulty (I have no LOB difficulty for now with my version of bg2 ) without any pre-casting or shapeshifting by Cernd. 1st round. - "Miscast Magic" (or something similar that have a LESS casting time then Faldorn's "Insect Plague"/"Creeping Doom", and can interrupt this devastating spells). 2nd - 3rd round. - "Summon Insects" and/or "Animal Summoning I, II, III".
  5. Cannot take Minsc to the party again ,after releasing him from . When Minsc disbanded the dialogue "Sent to the Copper Coronet" does not appearing . BG2:EE 1.3, SCS, UB, Tactics for EE. ARProject.
  6. The quest of the 1st chapter ending.
  7. +1 For Shamans, because it is a really stupid to concentrate over only one type of a mythologies - Western type, in the game. Shamans must have - IMHO. All other things, I do not know... Especially for difficulty, insane + SCS + Tactics for EE is a very good enough for myself. And SCS has no of that super dissemblance features... But "With Legacy of Bhaal, the creatures that are faced in combat will be given additional hit points, deal more damage, and generally be scarier" + SCS + Tactics for EE, I hope it will be something cool Especially "weapons no crushing under Iron Crisis"
  8. So I started my walktrhough of Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition on INSANE difficulty setting, (I will post the manuals of a difficult fights and interesting moment of the game in the my topic when I will finish Anthakla Districts exploration, because of frikin' stupid recruit characters scattering in the game itself!). Installed mods are: UB, ARP, SCS (hardest setting), Tactics for EE, ContagionGUI. And now I have some suggestions and questions about SCS. Overwies of a thing that I saw for now Vampires are weak, just a target for beating, I do not know, maybe it is because the T
  9. Weird AI NPC habit under invisibility: NPC Ogre Magi - NPC Prat - I think this is a problem of VIEW RANGE of NPC if they in invisibility and cannot see their enemy they just staying still and do nothing this is the highly reduce the difficulty of a battles (especially in the interior battlefields because of the many objects that reducing NPC view range) because they stay like that until the all of their allies has been defeated. I think they must to 'search' or to 'find path' after the few seconds idle state in invisibility. Installed mods: SCS, Classic Cut-scenes. P.S. 'Path fin
  10. I am stocked. Durlag's Tower , Level 3. Killed all of monsters on the level (includes the four tunnels ) , explored all map but then nothing. No any "Exit from Level 3" token. Is it is supposed to be so or that a bug? What a hell?! I want to explore the Durlag's Tower deeper! It is a cool an easy place with lot of rewards. I am stacked and I am I found text: " She who fires flame must be killed before her bow is drown" . - So i need to reload kill the Phoenix Guard before she shoots ?? Help me ------ADDED------- I have found some solutions there are http://www.shsforum
  11.   I did not know about that 'well known' issue . The Cursed lizard is the bait that can be an easy fought at very early game and has lot EXP reward but also with the hidden curse that will just blows up the mind of the character so he/she just forgot about his quest.... It is just 'amazing'... Thanx for the answer , anyway. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I do not know where are I can put this in . So posted it right there. Sorry if I am too bothering but I have some Suggestions about the game balance: The SCS and BG:EE hav
  12. Thanx for the answers again! It would be a wery helpful. I have another issue. BUG: The Rasaad's quest do not trigger on after Rasaad have been removed from the party by Basilisk's Gaze. So Rasaad is in my party over 30 game days, but he says nothing about his problems after he have been deleted from the party and took in again. Is this a just a my paranoia or it is a real 'bug'? Just because Neera The Wild Mage started her quest after just few days... BG:EE v1.3. Installed mods: SCS v30 ('NPC to the tavern' option includes), Classic Cut-scenes.
  13. Indeed. BG:EE 1.3 Installed mods are : SCS, Classic cut scenes . SCS with option " NPC to the Inns" . When I should use "CTRL-X"? When my companion is deleted from the group by "Petrification" ? It is will helps? Bug: Heavy lags when party member under the spell - "Horror" in the labirinth with a many narrow passages . I think that because they "try to find a path/way" ... It is really impossible to play with it, how I can prevent such plugable situation?
  14. Hello. Bug: When party member Rasaad under the "Basilisk's gaze" (deleted from the party) , and then someone used on him "Stone to Flesh" scroll. To rejoin Rassad to party you need to speak with Rasaad but dialogue box has no optinons to choose, only the "END DIALOGUE" and Rasaad traweling to the Nashkel... it is little bit 'amazing' when happens in the middle of the fight . How I can fix it? Thanks .
  15.   &nNo it is not, when that weird habits has been spotted my party was: MAGE-DIVINER, THIEF, only two members. ALIENQuake, Hey! Do not make sad opensource machine spirit ^_^. Jarno Mikkola gemrb - sold O_O. Core: GemRB Core Version v0.8.1 Loading...
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