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  1. Yep, the spell such as Animate Dead are game breaking spell, totally devs missed the point that undead/summons with x3 HP + 80 and -6 AC bonus and + 1 APR are total imba. Currently stopped my playtrough, bothering with "Improved HoF" mod. Dunno about 'resource management', as I remembered BG with SCS + other mod on hardcore, even with continuous rest everywhere where it's possible megatons of potions (especially explosive one which cost gold as hell) consumed on almost every more tough battle than against few skeletons... Which is means continuous lack of supplies, which was extremely ann
  2. @Jarno Mikkola Yes, but I am curious about Steam way to make screenshots.
  3. Of course not. You see, in Icewind Dale many of enemy groups attacking only together. It's the same like with improved AI with SCS in BG. This is means, for an example, that right after some events leading by story and leaving Easthaven, the party of heroes will encounter Goblin's ambush on the crossroads... There is no way back, and no way forward (there is a lot of raiders). No matter how many times make party rest before, single raider see our party and the full scale assault begins! After battle is started the party cannot rest until the last Goble standing. This moment took me few hours t
  4. I am not understand, the rules exist or the rules does not exist. I can say about things that I have tried in IWD with the party mentioned above, and an every fight even with a couple Goblins evaporating almost full arsenal of few casters, the party will not survive the next fight without rest, it's impossible. And I think spell Animate Dead a little bit overpowered in HoF... It's rolled on level up for Baern (Cleric/Ranger), and with this you can use army of undead like tanks, Goblins and Orcs has no any blunt weapon so they are useless against skeletons, only zombies falling. If Ogre de
  5. It's poor idea. I for myself completed some games such as "The Witcher 2: Assassins Of The Kings" on the maximum possible difficulty settings with option where single death of MC — the game start from the beginning and I must to say such things totally improper for IWD, BG series. In the game where half your win/lose battle relaying on Dice Roll rather than a microcontrol or strategy/build, and 150+ hours of gameplay (every side quest etc), you probably don't want to apply rules when your party trapped into situation where without second rest on location impossible to move farther. This rules,
  6. @InKal Goblins has a far more than 2D4 Hit Dice so they is completely unaffected by Sleep. Do you think the creature with near hundred of HP (common goblin) has 2D4 Hit Dice? Goblins seems to has a quite of bonus against crushing damages, so it's particularly useless against them. Only weakness — piercing damage, such as arrows and daggers. Swords somehow slashing only... The Two-handed Weapon Style is an insanity, no any bonus to AC. I have already party, I will not change it. By the way, I have managed to get trough my party that cursed goblin's ambush, relaying only on Dweomer and
  7. Omg... I need to know it before I have start the story, maybe I want to download some char-mods instead. Well, I cannot so easily kill my party time for now anyway and start a new playthrough like nothing happens. At least somebody named those characters and created some Biography branch for them, and this means they are not without 'a soul' at least. So well the hell with them in the party they will be. Okay. I actually think to add such stuff to Undead Hunter, but somehow added Bastard Sword... For now the party has next proffs: MC — quaerterstuf +, Baern — War Hammer ++, Flail /
  8. Do you mean that it is no difference that I have by my own created six characters or using five of those who already came with game and created a single by my own? There will be no dialogues between chars and so on?
  9. Thank you, this Wild Magic is so weird compared to my Diviner in BG. At last I have won against cursed orcs bandits group: tank and cleric in the front (Ranger/Cleric is indeed helpful Kit build), tank attracting enemy archers and shaman, cleric praying that he will be not targeted and healing tank, if magician's spell was successful cleric can help with hitting enemies as well. The MC behind them with Dweomers ready and Chaotic Shield upon she (or him), all other — cover and helping in the back lines, then pray for Wild Surge — "Petrification"/"Monster Summoning"/"Stinky Cloud" or something l
  10. Nah thank you, vanila IWD: EE on Steam has enough of pre-made characters. I mean I thinking about installing some hardcore modes like SCS but it seems the game is hard as hell already with my playskill, the setting and my party... It's to hard to remember with my last hardcore BG1: EE gaming about undeads, I don't remember those fellas were powerful, exception probably Liches (SCS full hardcore settings and plus some other mode on hardcore), party kind of horribly consuming supplies on those guys. Most powerful in BG1 was a demon in the very end of a game, insanely strong, almost undefeatabl
  11. I have only valina on Steam "Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition" with no any mods, in term "perks" I mean what weapon proficiencies and fighting styles to pick for default party. In the EE there is six premade characters party ready to go, I have disbanded one and created my own (fired was Barbarian), the characters that left: Baern (Cleric/Ranger), Cadriel (Undead Hunter), Kirika (Fighter/Thief), Ilauna (Mage Generalist), Felicia (Bard). With help of my Wild Mage (she or he, because so often switch gender), this party managed to defeat lot of goblins bandits and orcs even without much use of "Hol
  12. Well I mean is there any huge unbalance that can ruin vanilla playthrough? Of course I will not deliberately use such stuff If I even will find it. Yep, the char is not powerful at least, the Wild Magic is awful... Bot after many-many dozens of reloads after party dying, on the cursed bridge where battle with goblins was, my char somehow managed summon five goblin Elite with Dweomer and those I have win the battle. So at least it's not useless at all, I mean the Wild Magic. And question: it is ok that my char' gender changing very often due stupid Wild Surge? It will not break the game?
  13. Greetings! Well this was my question on Steam, after a while of thinking with what char to start this fairy-tale, and on what difficulty. Long time thinking about decisions I have already choose Wild Mage on HoF... And for now, only few hours game I have regret it multiple times... The most stupid and useless on hardcore magic in IWD is a Wild Magic. But it's no way back! Another thing, on HoF seems to megatons of EXP, is this cool? Or should I change it? Is IWD: EE vanila on HoF cool on my settings? Or I need to install some mods?
  14. Already figured it myself, and downloaded Nearinfinity. Is there any particular manual, or how-to? Difference on Steam version? I have already done some modification to BG: EE, BG2: EE, SoD, but it's was long time ago... My target in IWD: EE is change background images and text colors. This is example how I have done in in the BG. Top original SoD Inventory UI, the bottom my mod. Also I want to rewalktrought BG1/2/SoD after IWD. My aim with a mod to make comfort paly — make black font of the white background.
  15. Greetings! After some time I decided to learn how to draw to achieve some money by making a video-game or anime, and laso I like to play in video-games so I decided to play in IWD: EE, then in IWD2: EE, then probably in SoD and BG2: EE. I have created a custom portrait for IWD: EE, I will create some biography for my MC, and so on... But the point, I am as usually discovered that IWD has white font on black, which is annoying for me and harmful for eyes if read a lot you, and in this games you need read a lot ofc... So I decided to make a little bit different new UI for IWD. I have some e
  16. Where I can get the complete list of changes that the mod do? Coz' the Readme on the gibberlings3.net is seems little bit outdated, I have tried to look in this topic, bu there is too much of pages.. Thanx.
  17. Downloaded Readme there - SR Readme Gibberlings3, well what can I say on the first look - would be better if readme made in the format like that: ---- Before ---- ---- After ---- And will be MUCH more better if you will try to explain the reason of some changes. Of course I am not a real modder, but I know how to hard sometimes to make a large Readme - I have ma own cosmetic GUI snow for a BG1+SoD, and BG2 on github, and even in case of a small mod - my readme is large... So I just can imagine, how large may be detailed readme in your case guys . Anyway I will read this stuff, j
  18. Is this "Revised SCS" sux SCS, or it is cool SCS? Imho - if somebody trying to make game like paper-pen rules, it is not a very good for a dynamical PC-video game world. Ok. I will read what a main difference, I hope this SCS have a good 'README".
  19. I do not know if this is a problem... I think this is a feature of SCS. I have a simple recipe how to defeat Faldorn (pretty sad that is the same Faldorn from bg1 which was there in conflict with SD...) at Insane difficulty (I have no LOB difficulty for now with my version of bg2 ) without any pre-casting or shapeshifting by Cernd. 1st round. - "Miscast Magic" (or something similar that have a LESS casting time then Faldorn's "Insect Plague"/"Creeping Doom", and can interrupt this devastating spells). 2nd - 3rd round. - "Summon Insects" and/or "Animal Summoning I, II, III".
  20. Cannot take Minsc to the party again ,after releasing him from . When Minsc disbanded the dialogue "Sent to the Copper Coronet" does not appearing . BG2:EE 1.3, SCS, UB, Tactics for EE. ARProject.
  21. The quest of the 1st chapter ending.
  22. +1 For Shamans, because it is a really stupid to concentrate over only one type of a mythologies - Western type, in the game. Shamans must have - IMHO. All other things, I do not know... Especially for difficulty, insane + SCS + Tactics for EE is a very good enough for myself. And SCS has no of that super dissemblance features... But "With Legacy of Bhaal, the creatures that are faced in combat will be given additional hit points, deal more damage, and generally be scarier" + SCS + Tactics for EE, I hope it will be something cool Especially "weapons no crushing under Iron Crisis"
  23. So I started my walktrhough of Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition on INSANE difficulty setting, (I will post the manuals of a difficult fights and interesting moment of the game in the my topic when I will finish Anthakla Districts exploration, because of frikin' stupid recruit characters scattering in the game itself!). Installed mods are: UB, ARP, SCS (hardest setting), Tactics for EE, ContagionGUI. And now I have some suggestions and questions about SCS. Overwies of a thing that I saw for now Vampires are weak, just a target for beating, I do not know, maybe it is because the T
  24. Weird AI NPC habit under invisibility: NPC Ogre Magi - NPC Prat - I think this is a problem of VIEW RANGE of NPC if they in invisibility and cannot see their enemy they just staying still and do nothing this is the highly reduce the difficulty of a battles (especially in the interior battlefields because of the many objects that reducing NPC view range) because they stay like that until the all of their allies has been defeated. I think they must to 'search' or to 'find path' after the few seconds idle state in invisibility. Installed mods: SCS, Classic Cut-scenes. P.S. 'Path fin
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