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  1. Further testing confirms that ChangeColor will not work on the protagonist under any circumstances. Back to square one, except I do have a workaround as outlined above above.
  2. OK. Hold on to your hat. I found the problem! When you Polymorph a creature (including Player1), the animation (xxxx.ini) establishes the colors it requires in the creature file at the TOP of the color list, which follows the animation entry with offsets from the start of the animation of 8 through 14 (0x8 - 0xE). The names inserted in the color list are those that the animation needs; all others are unused. These names can be found in the CLOWNRGE IDS. However, the CLOWNRGE ids are in a fixed order that do NOT necessarily correspond with the names in the creature file. For example, ADAHN.cre has the first entry in the color list as MINOR_CLOTH, but the CLOWNRGE id for the first position is METAL. so, if you want to change the MINOR_CLOTH color for ADAHN, you must code either ChangeColor(METAL,*color*) or ChangeColor(8,*color*). The first parameter here refers to the offset of the first position in the color list, NOT the animation required MINOR_CLOTH. The animation requires the MINOR_CLOTH color to be in the first position in the color list. I stupidly expected the engine to use standard names that have the same meaning for all accesses. Apparently, Murphy has been at it again. Thank you again for putting me on the right track. You reminded me that not all animations are palleted. It seems that there are also different pallets for different animations. I would have been a lot longer stumbling over this without your help.
  3. Well, I have come up with a fix that seems to work. I can replace the CHARBASE.cre with changed colors from the start. As his animations are unpalleted, this should cause no problem during the game, since my mod only polymorphs him in a post game extension. So far, I tested this by changing his colors in a saved game (Near Infinity). Next to check is a new game to ensure that he looks as usual there.
  4. Sorry about the above. I forgot to signin before posting.
  5. I am working on a mod in PSTEE. I am polymorphing player1, but the ChangeColor does not seem to work; he just shows up all black. Everything installs just fine and runs, but there is this little problem. If someone out there would like the joy of pointing out to me just what stupid thing I have done or forgot to do, I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. I need to make a map area visitable using scripting actions. I know it can be done, because I see the game converting grey map areas to colored all the time. I cannot find how to do it myself. I have found the script actions to reveal/hide an area, but the visitablitily eludes me. I know where the controlling bit is in the map/area structure, so I can control this pre-game launch. I want to do it inside the game. Anybody out there know how to do this? All help gratefully accepted.
  7. HELP! I have encountered two problems with the infinity engine in BGEE and BG2EE. 1) When I add a new area, it is never saved in the Game Save. I think this is why items taken from containers are restored to the containers whenever I re-enter the area. Also, items dropped in the area are zapped on re-entry to the area. This is strange because global NPCs that I move there and leave behind remain across entries. Making the area a master area has no effect on this behaviour. Note that my new areas are flagged "Cannot Save Game". Is this a problem in the engine, or am I doing something wrong? 2) When I move/create an item into a party member SLOT using a dialogue, that Item is not recognized by the game until I either manually remove and re-insert the item into its slot or the game is saved and reloaded. This is particularly annoying with weapons and quick slot items. This is definitely an engine problem. Is there any way around it that can be achieved in dialogues or scripts?
  8. There is a bug in the multiple romances option of the Romance Cheats. In the Gorion Wraith sequence, if any of Aerie/Jaheira/Viconia are in the party, are romanced, and have not been persecuted by the Wraith, their subsequent romance talks are lost along with whatever stuff goes with them. The problem is in the %tob%_rom2.baf files. Eg: for Aerie IF !Global("LovedOne","GLOBAL",0) !Global("LovedOne","GLOBAL",1) InParty(Myself) Global("AerieRomanceActive","GLOBAL",2) Global("ExpLoveTalk","LOCALS",5) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("ExpLoveTalk","LOCALS",6) END I have added my own _rom2.baf for each of these three which fixes this problem. I did not patch the mod because the variables here are very confusing to me, and I didn't want to screw anything else up. So, I just added an additional one which, at worst, would duplicate proper action. Eg: for Aerie IF Global("WraithPunish","GLOBAL",3) !Global("LovedOne","GLOBAL",1) InParty(Myself) Global("AerieRomanceActive","GLOBAL",2) Global("ExpLoveTalk","LOCALS",5) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("ExpLoveTalk","LOCALS",6) END As you can see, the only difference is in the first trigger. I have tested this, and it works. About replacing the Tweaks _rom2.baf files instead of adding the additional one, I cannot say.
  9. Description: In BG2EE, the Imoen you start with, modify, and play through Chateau Irenicus is not the Imoen you hook up with in Spellhold. This is very annoying. This mod carries the Imoen you start with into Spellhold with the standard XP upgrade on rejoining. Download at: http://dragonshoard.blackwyrmlair.net/mods_download.php?mod=387 Readme-EternalImoen.txt
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