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  1. This guy is soooo going to be tackeled once he is finished...
  2. heya BigRob! I knwo I have not poked my head into here for quite some time, but I wanna say everthing looks great! Keep up the good work!
  3. well have a happy birthday anyways and do well on the exam!
  4. well your real work comes first. dispite my last post I really am a patient person. Besides I have something else to keep me totally busy and a new mod would just disrtact me at this point. I am writting a fanfic of off BG2 and still have lots of work to do on it. (i am barely getting to the first encounter with Bohdi and i have over 20 chapters)
  5. now now patience is a virtue. FINISH AKLON NOW!!! oh well...seems to be virtue many of us girls lack in this area.
  6. Glad to see some stuff happening. Can't wait to see this guy finished! Edit: asked a question that was just answered and erased it so no one will know about my blond moment. wait...i just told you guys I had a blond moment...*smacks herself in the head*
  7. a hint of anti-Aerie feelings? Come on BigRob you MUST have know from the start how we girls felt about that wingless brat! I do remember me making a post about shoving her into a dragon's lair. My friend was horrified by that concept. He said I needed to season her first! I totally agreeded with him too! Well anyhow...I will be awaiting you next update and any spoilers you may give us! Any chance of me getting my monk before the new year? Or at least before my birthday? (in feb) Keep up the good work!
  8. i hate Aerie BECAUSE she is sooo childish and pathetic! I find her to be an embarassment to my gender! That is why I NEVER have her in my party! anyway...any progress BigRob? Please let us know what is going on!
  9. that sure does sound like a cat to me. just wait till the cat starts doing the "your working? so what! pay attention to me NOW!" then proceeds to sit ontop of what ever you are working on mode. BigRob, keep up the good work. Hope your modding continues to go well and that you can get this monk out to all of us awaiting girls. The guy is going to be mobbed when you finally get him out by all of us. can't wait!
  10. *gives a friendly nudge* Any updates on our much awaited monk? Please give us some sort of update!
  11. Well THAT was just bad because it was so unrealistic. I mean she does not have a long enough pregnacy, she gives birth in the game, and STILL fights with the kid on her back! While in something like Kelsey's romance where the PC can get pregnant, she does not even begin to show during the game. That one worked out soooo much better. BigRob, thanks for the update! Can't wait until I can have this monk!
  12. Why kill her there? Just dump her in the Underdark to have some fun with the drow. as you guys may be able to tell...i do not like Aerie. She is the most annoying person in the entire game. Anomen outside of the romance is a close second though.
  13. HECK YES!!! That would be fun!!!!
  14. why bother finding a clift to shove Aerie off of? Just push her into a dragon's lair. <Charname> seems to be able to find plenty of those. but truely Alkon is SO not going to know that whinning little wingless brat exists! (well...not until the PPG Calean romance mod is finished and I am romancing him) but keep up the good work BigRob and give us an update please!!!!
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