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  1. I posted the old version of the install order, it shouldn't have empty space and ---- lines. Here is the properly edited version that I use. gemfreeinstallorder.txt
  2. I'm having trouble with my megainstall for non-EE BGT. Level 1 NPC mod won't start and WeiDu displays unknown argument. and XPMOD gives warnings or errors about some files being too small. I'm attaching the list of mods I'm using on project Infinity. Is there any way to rearrange the mods, so I can avoid these errors? gemfreeinstallorder.txt
  3. heeb

    Heard you like parties

    No other mods except fixpack. Nothing generated in the diffs dir.
  4. heeb

    Heard you like parties

    I got a long list of The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. while installing the mod on fresh BG2 install with Fixpack applied. Installation did complete, but I'm not sure if it was done correctly. fresh_BG2_10pp_install.txt
  5. I tried to install multiple mods using Project Infinity on non-EE BGT, but at around the part where Level One NPCs should start install process fails, and gives this error: Level 1 NPC mod runs fine on its own with a fresh installation of BG2. I have the mod install order with me in the attachment. Should I adjust my installation order, or remove some mod? InstallSequence.csv
  6. Actually PI can't detect BGT Music actually. I think I'll manually install it, or do some tinkering. Thank you.
  7. I tried a BGT megamod on a Project Infinity by following the old install order from last version of BWS. First problem I saw was that music either doesn't play or doesn't play the right one. example: Friendly Arm Inn music playing in the neighboring temple, and music barely playing in the other. What should I supplement my current install order with to avoid such errors? installorderfull.txt
  8. Installing Ascension on non-EE Baldur's Gate 2. Got a warning after installing the Rewritten Final Chapter of Throne of Bhaal component. SETUP-ASCENSION.DEBUG
  9. i got this error while installing. Though it could be a mega-install problem since I'm using BWS.
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