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  1. Actually PI can't detect BGT Music actually. I think I'll manually install it, or do some tinkering. Thank you.
  2. I tried a BGT megamod on a Project Infinity by following the old install order from last version of BWS. First problem I saw was that music either doesn't play or doesn't play the right one. example: Friendly Arm Inn music playing in the neighboring temple, and music barely playing in the other. What should I supplement my current install order with to avoid such errors? installorderfull.txt
  3. Installing Ascension on non-EE Baldur's Gate 2. Got a warning after installing the Rewritten Final Chapter of Throne of Bhaal component. SETUP-ASCENSION.DEBUG
  4. Found this error while installing on Big World Setup. Is this usual error, or part of BWS? SETUP-WHEELS.DEBUG
  5. i got this error while installing. Though it could be a mega-install problem since I'm using BWS.
  6. Even removing a line from Class and running the muticlass made it bring up the same error, then goes onto OpenAl opening new music(?).
  7. Now getting this error in the gemrb console error.txt
  8. classes.2da doesn't have a sorcerer-monk segment, but clskills.2da does. clskills.2da classes.2da
  9. I put the folder for sorcerer-monk in the bg2 folder and then ran this in the WeiDu: --search D:/BWS/GemRB-v0.8.3/unhardcoded/bg2/ sorcerer-monk/setup-sorcerer-monk.tp2
  10. Yes. I was ran each one through GemRB.
  11. I've installed Sorcerer/Monk and it doesn't seem to be showing up in the multiclass selection screen. I tried to install it initially on Megamodded BG2 game, and then tried it on a fresh install of BG2, but neither installs worked.
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