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  1. Yup. http://iesdp.gibberlings3.net/files/2da/2da_tots/interact.htm
  2. Heh, I had no idea BG2 proficiencies were stored as EFFs. And yes, I do want to use FJ_CRE_EFF_V2, as well as that spreadsheet of yours.
  3. So the old proficiencies work in BG2. Good. I am not sure what you mean by 'without EFFs', though. I guess I will just have to fix the NPC proficiencies for Tutu then.
  4. This is one of the issues I am aware of. Another is EFF v1 vs v2. Do you know how Tutu and BGT update the weapon proficiencies? For FotD I have been thinking about a REGEXP that looks at all the old ones, notes the number of proficiencies and assigns the equivalent new ones, so 3 slots in Large Swords will become 3 slots in every weapon that Large Sword includes, plus any new ones.
  5. Maybe I am missing something but would that not only be useful if you already have a mod that is compatible with Tutu? Anyway, thanks for the clarification. I just need to solve that function issue and then I am ready to get started.
  6. FotD does not add or modify any quests, nor does it add any journal entries so at least I will not have to worry about that part. What I will need to compare are file names and I was wondering whether AREs are the only ones that differ.
  7. I have been looking at the contents of the lib files and I do not know what everything in there deals with. g3_bgt_cpmvars and g3_tutu_cpmvars seem to cover the basics, and the area variables in them are obvious (and explained in the tutorial anyway). What about the other files? Also, does this cover all the differences between the two platforms? SPLs, CREs and ITMs seem to be missing.
  8. Older versions are not removed from PPG so you can manually change the download URL to whatever version you prefer.
  9. Cool. I will probably need that, too, although FotD will lose the compatibility with BG after this update.
  10. I just read this tutorial (and the rest of the thread), as this is more or less the last part of my FotD update. Since the Wiki is not currently working, where can I find the most recent list of variables? I do not feel like comparing Tutu and BGT across almost 50k lines of code.
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