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  1. I look at it like this: this trilogy is already very long (>100 hours depending on play style) and it goes from level 1 to level 30. Adding in a while other game + 2 expansions is going to add a whole lot more hours. One way the integrated game could handle that is to expand its scope - now it can go from level 1 to level 50, and you will level just as fast. This will be what happens with core IWD-in-EET. But some people like myself and bob_veng might be traditionalists, and want the game capped at level 25-30. And we can tolerate slower leveling. So what I'm discussing is how to achieve that. Exactly yes, but "expanding the scope" isn't an operation that doesn't require tweaking either so it is also required to think about how "core IWD-in-EET" would achieve that. I put the " " because it's not yet clear which one should be the default. Changing the scope isn't as simple as making the content available. Only once we have both viewpoints (and other interesting and different viewpoints maybe) working, then we should decide which one should be the default behaviour, maybe based on how well each one was achieved and how restrictive they end up.
  2. It won't be possible to do a one size fits all so maybe the discussion ( if you really must have it right now) should focus on which options seem to be essential rather than trying to establish one that pleases everyone. Could a tweak with an extensive configuration file that could easily be customised(like subtledoctor's YARAS tries to do I believe) work for many different people? At the time of the previous discussion, we quickly discussed the idea of making scaling IWD content. (With a buff that would be updated when going to IWD's area from BGs areas) What are the problems, what are the solutions for different people? We're all looking for different things, some might be ok with balancing the extra exp by making the rest of the content harder, some would rather nerf the experience so the power levels stay in the same range for a longer play time. I gotta admit that i'm not very appealed by the idea of nerfing exp gains around lvl 7 to 10. In SoD the leveling rate already feels slow to me. I don't really get to see my characters improve over SoD due to the way the transition from exponential growth to linear growth works. SoD is about one to two dozens of hours and most characters will level up from once to 3 times, sometimes with very unsignificant changes (paladins have it badly iirc). I'm not sure I want to drag that part of the leveling much longer. Seeing my character get stronger over time is one of my interests and SoD is already light on that from my viewpoint. As I said though, this is just a reflection of what I would like to see in an IWD campaign, I'd like to see it be reasonnably challenging while not diminishing too harshly the growth of my character by playtime. Also i'd like to not heavily penalized if I decide to not go through IWD. Some would like things differently and we should rather see which range of options is the best. Maybe waiting for a beta is the best we can do to get a feel of how it works compared to what we expect from it and how it impacts our playstyle.
  3. Maybe we should wait until IWD in EET is in a playable state to give it a try and experiment? There's so many different ways to go about doing quests/playing the game, it seems very hard and unwelcome to try to offer a one size fits all solution.
  4. I have Frame Rate set to 60 but I doubt that'd be a fix. I see exactly the issue with characters getting stuck and it's really been 100% correlated with speed effects in my games so I hoped maybe it'd be related but it seems not. No idea what would cause it then.
  5. Do you mean the path search nodes in baldur.lua? I'd assume most people would have it at default value. Mine is set at 32000 and I haven't had too many issues with pathfinding.
  6. I've been able to consistently solve those issues(exactly the ones you're describing) by removing speed bonuses. Do you play classes with bonuses to speed by any chance? Whenever I have boots of speed, i'll get stuck for sure over long distances. When nobody has speed enhancing equipment or abilities, everything works fine.
  7. For the pathfinding issues, I have only observed them for characters using haste or boots of speed. A temporary work around can be to not use them, I don't know how it works if everyone is under haste or boots of speed.
  8. Yeah I definitely managed to install it on BG2EE and to have functional items, I haven't tried in EET because the items are kind of overpowered and it doesn't work well with Item Revisions. However it is very possible the descriptions were bugged (ie black background for description image and doubled usability lines). From what I remember it would be "somewhat compatible" as in it works but it's not up to current standard. It's playable iirc anyway.
  9. I'm going to bump this since we're in a similar situation. Anyone has any idea what's going on ? He hasn't been on G3 or Beamdog's forums since the 10th of November.
  10. Your weidu.log shows you installed the shattering components again. Did you just change the order between ub and cdtweaks?
  11. Sounds like a good idea (though I think you meant possible issues would be due to having cdtweaks installed "before" UB, not "after"? - I have cdtweaks before UB). You're right, it's corrected, thanks. I play EET without any tweak mods and there is some non-magical weapon shattering by default (I only observed weapons, no armour or others). But you wouldn't be affected by this once you did the first chapters and get better weapons. This default behaviour is quite moderate. Oh my bad then, I guess i've been lucky. Thanks for the correction.
  12. You don't need to reinstall for the shattering issue. I believe the default state of weapon shattering in current EET is that there's no weapon shattering at all but I wouldn't bet on that, I might have just been lucky or switched to magical weapons too quickly. You might have some issues due to cdtweaks being installed after before UB however as UB adds content to the game that wasn't modified by cdtweaks. I doubt this would break the game but it will make it inconsistent a little. I think it would be safer to finish SoD and then reinstall in the correct order before starting BG2, you won't get all the advantages to EET(no going back to BG1 areas) but you should still get most of those and if you only remove the shattering components, everything else should be fine with a normal "import character". While it's not risk free to reinstall, it is risk free to backup your current install, try a reinstall and go back to the backup not satisfied.
  13. Hum, your weidu.log is pretty short and there's not much going after the EET_Tweaks so I think you should make a backup of your current install, uninstall EET tweaks and EET_end, reinstall EET_tweaks without the broken components and reinstall EET_end. I think it should work, from my experience with the familiar component, it doesn't work but it doesn't break the game either so you dont need to uninstall it. You can always go back to the backup of the full install if something goes wrong. On another note, I think UB should be installed before Tweaks Anthology, it might lead to a few inconsistencies. If you're on Windows, check out BWS next time you're starting a playthrough, it'll sort the mod order issues for you.
  14. Actually, Argent77 did not consider the compatibility with SCS since he doesn't really use it I think.I don't think he's against doing it though.
  15. I tried to have my brother install EET on his computer and it puts out an error about a file not being present. I looked through the repo on Github and wasn't able to find the file on it. Another strange thing is that when I looked at the Debug file it was indicating a unix error even though my brother uses Windows. Here's the debug file.
  16. Maybe you can, I'm not sure it'll be easier than going through the list yourself, you'd have to move a lot of things around since bws doesn't do the EET patching. I think it's wiser to just wait for a bws release compatible with EET before using bws.
  17. Your mod order seems really out of order, you're going to have lots of inconsistencies. I suggest you use BWS to give you a better mod order. I talk about it in this topic (http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=28245). You should also be careful with EET Tweaks, it's only compatible with an old version of EET, some components aren't up to date.
  18. I'm not 100% sure but I think IWD in EET needs IWDEE to update to 2.0 so it might not be in 2017. Not sure though but it would make sense.
  19. The github link just doesn't have weidu. Copy setup-eet.exe and rename it setup-cdtweaks.exe and it'll do the trick. For the second question, put your weidu.log in a spoiler tag.
  20. It's not compatible yet, Imiona linked to Dragonspear UI++ which is a big overhaul of the dragonspear UI. You can make changes manually though it can be a bit cumbersome or use EEUITweaks that has compatibility with EET's UIs(both EET bg2 style and EET SoD style are supported).
  21. The BG games don't use the windows registry afaik, I haven't deleted them in any other way than shift suppr for years and have had 0 issues with it. You can move the folders around as much as you like and it doesn't even matter, What is this thing about ? This is EET, it's only for EEs right, renaming a folder or moving it won't stop anything from working. I don't even know how a shortcut could stop the worldmap from working...
  22. The EEUITweaks mod is awesome and compatible with EET by the way, tons of little improvements, all through weidu. Should be used after eet_end.exe .
  23. It's a problem with the new UI, you can check out the UI modding forum here for options, haven't looked for it myself, I believe it's possible, though impractical, to scroll the answers.
  24. There's BGEE leveled spawns as pointed out in the first post, it only works with BG1 content though and doesn't scale past BG1 levels( it seems to not scale much in my game).
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