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  1. Thanks Greenhorn, I didn't know about that.
  2. By the way, I had the same issue with Gorion not being buried in any way. I was also told that if you don't select that option, something with Jaheira should happen. But I never saw any of these two things.
  3. Here: Didn't even know such a mod existed. MAybe someone is curious about it.
  4. Do you see Firkraag actually using backup ? Because I envision more the orcs, if they are there, to leave him dealing with the bhaalspawn and then coming in as soon as Firkraag is dead to get his loot.
  5. Seems like proofreading would be welcome: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/60732-paladins-of-faerun-quest-pack/?p=608853
  6. Hey, Is this suggestion merely for the 32 bit question, or do you actually recommend v31 over v32?
  7. I would go with the flow. Sadly (or not, depends on the view of the player) the kits always provide a better option then the base class.
  8. I wouldn't touch such a topic. I mean, for me at least it would be controversial. If someone casted in AD&D regeneration\restoration\heal, aerie would probably have the wings back. So the whole topic is based on moot data. I guess that maybe one could say that her wings are not growing back because she was cursed in some way, but I don't know if it's a road one would go into, given that her banters, even modadded, take it as a given.
  9. I enjoyed what I read, and I hope to have a mod made by you in my game someday.
  10. I'm no balancer, but I find some of them (like the ring you can get for xzar) underwhelming. If you say balance is perfect, it's ok for me - wanted just to provoke some thoughts on them.
  11. Second case. Basically, if you use a fighter HLA, you can't cast a magic spell in that same round
  12. Hello, thanks for the new release. Any chance of Angel also reviewing BG1npc project items?
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