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  1. AScension has the component "restored Bhaalspawn powers" I wonder: 1) Is it different from UB? 2) I remember that it had a weird text bug where every time you gained the powers, an empty log would appear on the upper part of the monitor (the same log that appears when you receive a quest notification). Was this fixed?
  2. There is a way to fix the "ugly behaviour". You could fix it for yourself and release a patch. I'm sure DavidW would be really grateful.
  3. Hello, Have you tried reporting this inside BGT unofficial fork topic inside SHS BGT forum ?
  4. If going bg1 + bg2 + BGT, do you need any fixpack apart from BG2 fixpack? I mean... there is no bg1 fixpack?
  5. No worries, I had thought I had inadvertidly pissed you with the huge amount of questions I ask non stop around.
  6. The answer to this question is here:
  7. Understood. Thank you and apologize for the useless thread, I guess. Edit: what about BG2 romantic encounters? Is there a list of quests?
  8. That's enough Was it pinned to begin with and I didn't see it?
  9. Damn, you were faster than me. I had download the rar and checked the word file, because I didn't find them. Anyway, I have published them in the first post. Should be all of them, I think. Edit: btw, thanks.
  10. Curiosity: what exactly doesn't satisfy you about ajantis scripting ?
  11. Can I say that you rock? Always providing insightful informations to make Baldur's gate experience flawless. Thank you
  12. It doesn't work anymore with the revamped version of Ascension. Basicall, that's what it lacks: - BWP fixpacks integrated - Compatibility with Ascension v2. That's what Roxanne's version claims to do:
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