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    Calin Overview and Faq

    Hey, Congrats for the mod.
  2. Arthas

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

  3. Arthas

    Progress Reports

    Thanks for all the effort you're putting into this
  4. What happens if you wish to install the BWP fixpack? Do you need to remove the relative files from BWP fixpack to avoid improper overwriting, or no worries?
  5. Arthas


    I'm grateful you're once again back in the community. I'll be honest, I really like Amber, and that's why when I was asked to play the ToB portion made by someone else I didn't, because I knew it couldn't match the sheer quality of the things you and your coterie released. I don't know if you will release the ToB version, but know that 1) I'm grateful for what you've released already, 2) I hope you'll stay with us for a very long time Regards
  6. Arthas

    EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

    Before deleting my post, I already had written she was lieing, but name calling is not allowed and as such, I deleted my post. Why are people still recommending stuff by Roxanne, I wonder?
  7. Arthas

    EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

  8. Arthas

    EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

    I'm starting to see a pattern nowadays - for the sake of being civil bad behaviours are not being talked anymore.
  9. Arthas

    EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

  10. Arthas

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    Honestly, I would love one because I play BGT and it kinda gets silly having to move around amongst shops to find what you're looking for. I would love just a infinite stash, your choice if you want to add a lamp with a genie inside to be lore friendly (after all, genie do grant all your desider) from which you can buy the potions. Sometimes when I play BG1, I find some potions of superhealing inside the temple near beregost, but they are limited (10) and never understood which mods add them. On top of that, when all 10 are used, I have to go back to little healing potions. Sorry for my stream of thoughts.
  11. Arthas

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    I think I would be using most of these tweaks . Any chance you could add a .ini option for the number of potions of extra healing? And by the way, is there any chance you could add a vendor\or a .ini way to have extra potions of all types?
  12. Arthas

    My new "Made in Heaven" mods

    Will try it next time I playthrough. But I use BGT Thanks for the release!
  13. Arthas

    SR Revised V1.1.0 (2019 February 5th)

    there are boots that can make you immune from imprisonment
  14. Arthas

    SR V4 final

    You were supposed to defeat the EE, not join them
  15. Arthas

    SR V4 final

    did you switch to EE in the end?