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  1. I tried to check in the readme (note: the readme on your first post is dead; Consider changing it to this link: https://github.com/UnearthedArcana/Might_and_Guile/blob/master/README.md) if you touched the wizard slayer, but the only reference I could find inside the readme where the slayer is mentioned is inside "Revised Berserker and Rage". So... did you just not touch at all wizard slayer?
  2. Quests with cool evil options are always welcome. A dragon race mod, including the options to turn into them. A simple potion seller selling a very huge number of potions in BGT/EET so you don't have to cheese around. An option to make it possible to recharge wands, rather than having to sell them and buy them once again. A mod to skip elegantly first dialogue with Thalantyr if you talked with him the first time, without having, every time, to click on these options. These are some ideas...
  3. hello @Rhaella, ny chance for an EET version of Ninde?
  4. The problem is that the fluff you are referring to is actually fluff from another mod, not from the main game. But I sadly agree about what you wrote later.
  5. Chaos sword. Not the chaos sword, but the +5 sword Sarevok is currently wearing. Op? True. But I find it even sillier that you get a toned down version in BG2, rather than the one he is wearing against you! I would then enjoy the sarevok sword as it is in bg, and then have it even "upgraded" by sarevok himself inside the pocket plane in ToB. A man can dream. Stronger armor and helm. So an option to have it restored to "the stronger" version in ToB by Sarevok would be possible
  6. Thanks and nice to know. I hope Breagar will soon see the light of the day as a fully translated English npc
  7. Just a clarification for this post: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/30958-endless-bg1-a-mod-for-bgee-bgsod-bgt-and-eet/?do=findComment&comment=276801 When I talked about Sarevok unlocking the power of the chaos sword, I was referring if it was possible to make it so that sarevok armor and helm gets "upgraded" when you give it to him in Baldur's gate 2 ToB (exactly as the sword of chaos). Said that, I also asked about the real sarevok sword because I wouldn't mind a component with the "true" sarevok sword being dropped, even if it was in bg1. Anyway, thanks for the reply.
  8. HEy Jastey, some questions: 1) is the translation complete? 2) Are you able to add new content for it? E.g crossmod Thanks for all the work.
  9. Hey, you never stop helping me no matter how annoying I am. Thank you
  10. Thanks Jastey. If you can, can you do the same to Coran component?
  11. Thanks. At the cost of sounding silly, before adding Permanent corpses, is it possible: 1) to check if the content inside UB matches the one inside BG:EE? The component being redundant does not mean the component is the "same". 2) Expand the readme by adding the instances in which the bugfix work? (UB's readme)
  12. @jastey Would it be possible to donate permanent corpses from UB to BGT?
  13. Hello, can someone check if Simding0 hell minions is already contained in Questpack component "creature improvement"? (and also boss improvement?)
  14. hello @skellytz, can you consider integrating Permanent corpses from UB into BGT? It fixes a glaring issue/oversight.
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