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  1. Hello, Can you please delete my account and associated data with it, including the posts? Didn't find an option to do so myself in the profile section.
  2. Does anyone know if I should be using one or the other?
  3. Any chance someone can release a working version of the Troll component? As written here: there are problems. So basically, a version for EE would be welcome.
  4. Inside BWP.pdf, it seems that Ascension is suggested to be installed before BG2 Fixpack for classic. Do you agree?
  5. I add on top of your post another consideration: is it a good place to actually have a full fleshed romance inside a mod called Romantic Encounters? Because I would never even thought that it had one, given that the mod is called "romantic encounters". In fact, I thought the clash was between a romantic encounter added by the mod for charname concerning Valygar and the romances for valygar you can find in the .net.
  6. I didn't read the whole topic, so forgive me for my question. But... wasn't Subtledoctor guide for installing (I seem to have found it in the past but I can't find it now) enough to install all the "mods" correctly?
  7. For Imoen Romance, I would use this one: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1130377/#Comment_1130377
  8. @DavidWwere you able to detect\reproduce the issue with Amelyssan and balthazar dialogue and cutscene happening out of the monastery?
  9. @jastey look the second to last dialogue.
  10. @Blash2 You are right, I chose the wrong subforum <.<. Thanks anyway! @Greenhorn Thank you @Azazello Thank you
  11. Hello, any chance of releasing this item pack for BGT?
  12. A friendly bump because Ascalon's Breagar is one of the best npc mods out there and it would be sad if Jastey's request is missed.:(
  13. @calahan he doesn't appear always. In fact, even in the normal game, you have to choose a specific set of answers to make him appear. Have you chosen the option "Knowledge is a worthy pursuit"? That's the only one that makes him appear.
  14. Personally I'm waiting for Vynd too. I was a bit greedy asking for all these npc(s) back, but it is just because I enjoyed your work. Anyway, I'm waiting for Vynd
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