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    Hello, does Yoshimo banter with all the other npc(S)? to be honest it would be cool to see him bantering also with crossmod content (e.g Isra, Ajantis, Foundling)
  2. In the middle of the TP2 file, find the ADD_KIT statement for your game (the second one is for Enhanced Editions). Right below that, find where it says "appended to ABCLSMOD.2da." You'll see the code has a few -2s which correspond the the stat penalties; change them to 0. Look down to see "path to your CLAB-style 2da file", the CLass ABilities file. Find the file and open it. The GA_ entries Give Abilities, and the AP_ entries APply effects. In the 1 column (the stuff that happens when this kit reaches level 1), there are only two AP_ entries, which apply the XP and casting speed reduction. Replace them with the default "no value": ****. If you want to change the text so they no longer appear in the description, go back to the TP2 file and look a little down from the CLAB path where there is a few SAYs. Look in the druidsor/languages/<your language here> folder. We are looking for the piece of text marked 102. The aataqah file has only a few lines and no 102, so open setup.tra. Scroll down to find 102, delete the Disadvantages lines, and save the file. If you (re)install the kit now, new characters will no longer have those disadvantages. For the alignment restriction... Yes. In the middle of the ADD_KIT block of text, look for "appended to ALIGNMNT.2da". Immediately below that, change all the 0s to 1s. This was kindly explained by Criosaur (https://forums.beamdog.com/profile/Cryosaur), give him a kudos boys...
  3. Hello, any chance for some 1) Isra crossmod content? 2) Neh'taniel crossmod content? 3) Kivan and Deheriana content? Planning to do a good playthrough with Ajantis, Isra, Myself (ranger\cleric, probably), Neh'taniel, Anomen (to be subbed by Sarevok) and Imoen.
  4. Arthas

    Ascension 2.0 compatibility with other mods

    I read around that Sarevok Remorse (from UB) clashes conceptually with Ascension's sarevok. But doesn't sarevok ascension only add timed triggers for banters that were already there from beginning?
  5. Arthas

    Ascension 2.0.6 out; report bugs here

    online readme. Didn't think the transcript would also be inside the mod itself. By the way, am I wrong thinking that you can actually install all the components indipendently from the redone final chapter? So one could install all the components and skip "improved final chapter".
  6. Arthas

    Ascension and atweaks

    I'm using the following components from the mod atweaks: Revised Bhaalpowers This component revises the Bhaalpowers which the Protagonist receives in BG1 (or at the start of BG2) due to his divine heritage. It can be installed in two ways. The first option converts the Bhaalpowers into slightly more useful and unique abilities whose effectiveness scales with the Protagonist's level. A detailed description of the revised Bhaalpowers is available online. The second option retains the original Bhaalpowers and merely reduces their casting time to 1 which is consistent with other spell-like abilities as well as the casting time of the advanced Bhaalpowers that the Protagonist receives by completing the pocket plane challenges in Throne of Bhaal. + Regain Bhaalpowers in ToBThis component allows the player to regain the Bhaalpowers that were lost along with the player character's soul. The powers are regained upon making the transition into ToB. Starting a new game in ToB is also supported but players of good alignment will just gain good powers, players of evil alignment will just gain evil powers and players of neutral alignment will gain one of each power.ATTENTION: For some reason the game may not recognise the Vampiric Touch Bhaalpower on BGT. If that happens and you start BG2 with one use of Vampiric Touch you will gain 2 uses of Draw Upon Holy Might in ToB. If you start BG2 with 2 uses of Vampiric Touch you will gain 2 uses of Draw Upon Holy Might in ToB if your alignment is good, 2 uses of Vampiric Touch if your alignment is evil and 1 use of each if your alignment is neutral. So.. what happens if I go for Ascension component that adds back the powers? I'll be honest, I wanted the power contained in ascension that you gain in the pocket plane, because when you get them from unfinished bussiness, you get no description and no dialogue entry. Is there any way I can get: The powers from BG1 + them being improved together with the powers added by Ascension? (hopefully with dialogue entries and names + description)?
  7. Arthas

    Ascension 2.0.6 out; report bugs here

    The links to the transcript of both gaider and Shawne epilogues are dead.
  8. Arthas

    Wheels of Prophecy updated to 8.3

    Can you explain what are the different things between WoP and Ascension? Because... when I wanted to play just with a redeemed balthazar (and some things more) I would just go for Wheels of prophecy and skip ascension because I didn't want the new fights. So... 1) am I wrong by saying that using all the component but "rewritten final chapter" in ascension is equivalent to installing Wheels of Prophecy? 2) Also, in Ascension you made possible to have balthazar even if you're evil. Is this possibility also available in Wheels of Prophecy, or is it only in Ascension?
  9. where you are assumed to have installed the fixpack? To be honest, I'm using vlad compilation and Nej and I was wondering if there are mods around that requires fixpack to be explicitely installed. Regards
  10. Arthas

    Taern Fuirin tweak

    Okay, thank you.!
  11. Why is it incompatible with the additional thieves content? I don't think you get any stronghold by siding with Mae'var... or do you?
  12. Can anyone explain the differences between geomantic sorcerer kit (https://www.gibberlings3.net/mods/kits/geomantic/) and this kit (http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/132-druidic-sorcerer-kit/) I've read the readme of both, but apart from geomantic taking ispiration I wasn't able to detect what are the differences. Beside, the druidic sorcerer kit requires you to talk with the genie in Irenicus dungeon. Does it happen too for geomantic sorcerer?
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    hey, any new?
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    ah k, thanks.
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    Question: wouldn't copyright issues arise when converting this mod?