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  1. Does anyone know if I should be using one or the other?
  2. Any chance someone can release a working version of the Troll component? As written here: there are problems. So basically, a version for EE would be welcome.
  3. Inside BWP.pdf, it seems that Ascension is suggested to be installed before BG2 Fixpack for classic. Do you agree?
  4. I add on top of your post another consideration: is it a good place to actually have a full fleshed romance inside a mod called Romantic Encounters? Because I would never even thought that it had one, given that the mod is called "romantic encounters". In fact, I thought the clash was between a romantic encounter added by the mod for charname concerning Valygar and the romances for valygar you can find in the .net.
  5. I didn't read the whole topic, so forgive me for my question. But... wasn't Subtledoctor guide for installing (I seem to have found it in the past but I can't find it now) enough to install all the "mods" correctly?
  6. For Imoen Romance, I would use this one: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1130377/#Comment_1130377
  7. @DavidWwere you able to detect\reproduce the issue with Amelyssan and balthazar dialogue and cutscene happening out of the monastery?
  8. @jastey look the second to last dialogue.
  9. @Blash2 You are right, I chose the wrong subforum <.<. Thanks anyway! @Greenhorn Thank you @Azazello Thank you
  10. Hello, any chance of releasing this item pack for BGT?
  11. A friendly bump because Ascalon's Breagar is one of the best npc mods out there and it would be sad if Jastey's request is missed.:(
  12. @calahan he doesn't appear always. In fact, even in the normal game, you have to choose a specific set of answers to make him appear. Have you chosen the option "Knowledge is a worthy pursuit"? That's the only one that makes him appear.
  13. Personally I'm waiting for Vynd too. I was a bit greedy asking for all these npc(s) back, but it is just because I enjoyed your work. Anyway, I'm waiting for Vynd
  14. Hello, thanks for the new release. I was wondering about the "alternate path" and upgrade for Human skin armor. Any chance you could spoil it? No trace of it here: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/SoD-to-BG2EE-Item-Upgrade/blob/master/SPOILER-ITEMS.md edit: for anyone wondering, it's here: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/SoD-to-BG2EE-Item-Upgrade/blob/master/SPOILER-RECIPES.md
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