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  1. David, i suspect sequencers as innate abilities or the healing spell 1D8 modification is breaking the BGEE+SOD install for the latest steam BG 1. I made about 10 attempts to try to get a successful install but failed until i removed some options and the last one i think was removing sequencers as innate abilities and the healing spell one. At least there is an option that when included will cause all the AI modifications to fail.
  2. I re-installed an ran modmerge. I cannot get a successful install. Weidu and debug is attached. It seems all AI related components fail, just theorising but possibly the error is in Initialise AI which causes the rest to fail. WeiDU.log SETUP-STRATAGEMS.rar
  3. I made a clean install of the latest BG1EE with SOD on steam and installed stratagems 32 candidate 9 on top. I get the following result during install by opting to install practically everything. EDIT: I did not run modmerge, so feel free to ignore this for now! I will leave it here nevertheless for context due to new posts referencing this. SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Include arcane spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Include divine spells from Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Replace +1 arrows with nonmagical "fine" ones SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Replace many +1 magical weapons with Fine ones -> Fine weapons are affected by the iron crisis SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Reduce the number of Arrows of Dispelling in stores -> Stores sell a maximum of 5 Arrows of Dispelling SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Wider selection of random scrolls SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Reduce the power of Inquisitors' Dispel Magic -> Inquisitors dispel at 1.5 x their level (not twice their level) SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Increase the power of Cure Wounds and Cause Wounds spells to the level found in 3rd Edition D&D -> Spells heal or inflict a random amount of damage (1d8 per level of the spell, plus 1 point per caster level, to a maximum of 5 points per spell level) SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Restoration and Lesser Restoration spells heal ability-score damage SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Faster Bears SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED More realistic wolves and wild dogs NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Improved shapeshifting INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Decrease the rate at which reputation improves -> Reputation increases at about 1/2 the normal rate NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Improved NPC customisation and management INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Make spell sequencers and contingencies into innate abilities SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Ease-of-use party AI INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Initialise AI components (required for all tactical and AI components) SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Smarter general AI SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Better calls for help NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Smarter Mages INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Smarter Priests SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Potions for NPCs NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Improved Spiders NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Smarter sirines and dryads INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Slightly harder carrion crawlers SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Smarter basilisks INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Improved doppelgangers SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Tougher Black Talons and Iron Throne guards SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Improved deployment for parties of assassins SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Dark Side-based kobold upgrade NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Relocated bounty hunters INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Improved Ulcaster SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Improved Balduran's Isle NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Improved Durlag's Tower NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Improved Demon Cultists INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Improved Cloakwood Druids INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Improved Bassilus SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Improved Drasus party SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Improved Red Wizards INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Improved Undercity party INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Tougher chapter-two end battle SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Tougher chapter-three end battle SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Tougher chapter-four end battle SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Tougher chapter-five end battle NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Improved final battle INSTALLED WITH WARNINGS Improved minor encounters Press ENTER to exit. I have attached my log and debug output which highlights the errors that stopped the various modules from installing. Alot of "file not found" and no translation provided. WeiDU.log SETUP-STRATAGEMS.rar sfo_warnings.txt
  4. I have SCS II (30) installed on my bg run. Throughout the game, the improved vampyres and their rat swarms have been spawning everywhere, off map and on map, on almost all maps, even inside the cities. Theyh stay as bats if its sunlight otherwise they attack. It has been tolerable despite many wipes (maximum spawn difficullty selected and on insane difficulty). In addition for some reason some characters in the game are spawned randomly off map and on map and centered usually around certain locations, as an example the monk 'master of combat' tends to show up in groups of 3-7 in the most unlikely places (underdark, spellhold for example). I have no idea what causes this but it has been pretty harmless so far if they are just ignored. But some kind of a glitch. Now improved vampyres are breaking Ust natha however. It seems solufein is spawned (extra copy that doesn't do anything) in a corner or off map where i can't see him or reach him, as well as some vampyres. This triggers as soon as i load a save inside the city, and sometimes on entry as well. As soon as solufein dies due to the vampyre the entire city turns on me. Solufein is too weak to kill the vampyre on his own and i can't reach where this is happening. My setup configuration is that every SCS component that makes BG harder is installed. Anyone run into this ?
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