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  1. You cannnot control who you fall in love with, but you can control what do you let your loved one know. As Jastev said, Npc2 can know that pc and npc1 are together but just fall in love with her regardless. From that moment on, he/she can start trying to make pc fall in love with him/her. Starting with little talks, with a friendship and then if pc shows some kind of interest in him/her, npc2 can continue and start talking personal till a moment of conflict comes. It is very interestin the "cat-fight" of some romances, but when you become committed it ends, and what happens if you have made a mistake chosing one instead of the other? In RL you can discover with time that you did not choose the correct person and try to change, leaving her/him, and maybe realize that you should have been with the other one (npc2 in this case). Why pc cannot realize that he should have never been with Jaheira (who knows, you may feel guilty for being with your friend's wife)? Why you can't make a stepback if you discover that Viconia is not a good option? After SoA ends, you are not with her and you could start romancing Jaheira or Aerie in ToB (at least in RL you could be the one trying to get their attention) or even any of them, now that you are no longer with Viconia can try to tap your attention again. This is something with too many possibilities which would be very hard to write and I suppose that to code too, but would be very interesting nevertheless.
  2. I think as Jastev does. And it will also be different depending on which alignment that supposed NpC has, but maybe alignment has nothing to do with this, love can be wild and blind you, so... If as I think you are balancing new possibilities for the Gloomy-one, the two different options Jastev told are perfect.
  3. I think that you don't have to worry so much. Eirik will be a very good mod, even without a npc-romance or npc-npc romance in it. Being well voiced, balanced and well written (whatever dialogs he has) is more than enough, and if when some time goes by you have enough free time to develope him more, better, so I apply myself to what Berelinde says above: It will be a worthwhile project. Until you enable such option in the poll, I voted "Not at all" with a nickname: I just want him.
  4. I've just downloaded it to see what might be the problem and I have a question for you Munchkin9: In your main directory you need to have 3 different things from that mod: The folder called "god ring", the .exe file and the .tp2 file. Do you have them three? When you unzip the GodRing.zip, the .tp2 file is included into the GodRing folder, so if you haven't done, copy (or cut and paste) the .tp2 file into the main SoA folder so you will have the 3 different parts, then install it. If that doesn't help you, maybe the mod has a bug. Hope that it helped.
  5. Or when the sentence you are reading has no sense at all and you think: Did they read what they translated or just hitted the buttom in the automatic translation program and waited for it to end. I know I can earn some hates between spanish communities, being spanish and criticising them, but they aren't the ones I critisize, I just don't like the few mods I tried translated into spanish (lots of sentences without sense) and of course the original translation of the game, which the "improved spanish translation" has not fixed fully (see my post in Found in Translation to read the errors in spanish translation). I just would love to know more languages and to install mods from other countries and play a multi-languaged Baldur's Gate. It would be funny (and maybe buggie), but it would be great!!!
  6. I decided to visit the Russian, German and French comunities one day only to try if I could download their mods (if there where any mods). I am Spanish and don't know a word in Russian, German or French but I tried it. I could only download something from the German and French communities, I think that two Npcs and a quest mods and I plan one day to translate them into english using an online dictionary and common sense. Why do I not try to translate them into Spanish? Because I don't like spanish translations of mods. Sometimes I read the dialog files of npc mods, to know what they say without playing them and I only read the english files, the spanish ones, most of the time sucks. I respect the translators, I know they have spent a huge amount of time translating thousands or words, but sometimes (more frenquently than desired) they just kill the atmosphere and the mod. I would love to see, and even to help in a Translation Community (it could help me to improve my english) and to have french, german, polish, russian or even chinesse mods into english (and why not, spanish) but without common sense it could never be done properly. By the way, you people have given me a reason to try out that Kim npc mod, but just one question, do you know if it is only SoA or if it continues to ToB as well?
  7. We have some goodies here in Spain too. The original, Vanilla version of BG2 has some funny things right from the start of the game, so when you find Khalid in Irenicus dungeon and Jaheira starts talking she says: -Where are the mirrors, the switches to pull ... In Spanish, they translated it as if she had said: -WE ARE the mirrors, the swithches to pull ... It's very unfitting to listen a widow comparing herself to a mirror or a switch, no? and listening the spanish voice actress telling that is a little scary (you think that Jaheira has gone mad) But if that wasn't enough to make Jaheira more weird they made another mistake. After that previous scene ends, Imoen tries to calm Jaheira down and says: -Jaheira I want to tell you how sorry I am about Khalid, I know this is hard. And Jaheira says: -No, you do not know ... In Spanish Jaheira says: -No, I do not know you (!!!) They have been together since the Friendly Arm's Inn and she says she doesn't know Imoen!!! but at least in Spanish Jaheira's voice actress tells it correctly (which makes the full thing weirder, listening one thing and reading another) And there are lots of these goodies in the spanish version of the game, not to mention a very irritating and frustrating bug with Jaheira's voice clips. For me it's clear, in Spain Jaheira is not welcome at all, except for me, I love her. Those things made me to buy an english version of the game and only play it with english mods. I cannot imagine playing it in another language, and to be honest, I don't want to play it in spanish anymore, nor even playing the spanish translations of foreign mods (which translations, in some cases sucks).
  8. Hi! I just wanted first to congratulate you on your great project. I will surely play it! IWD2 always seemed incomplete for me and your mod will make it a full great game for sure. I have always loved your writting, I still feel a great loss inside me if I rememeber the Dynaheir romance. To my question: I always loved monks on BG2, I liked their animations and I was very disappointed when I saw that in IWD2 their avatars and their fighting animations were those of a standard fighter without any weapon. They didn't kick their foes and the fist animation was that of a fighter. My question is that if the fix needed to see the correct kick animation (which can be easily resolved with Near Infinity and renaming some files) will be implemented in your mod (as you created a Monk Npc) or not? Sorry if this was asked before, or even if it is already implemented in a Tweak pack or something. Nothing more, thanks for putting so much effort in this game. -Magnus_025
  9. Magnus_025

    Minor glitches

    Sometime ago I found a little but annoying bug. I don't know if this has been reported before but if you have installed both Amber and Rogue Rebalancing mod the bracelet quest is broken because the black market thief doesn't recognise Amber, she only talks about the new items she have (from rogue rebalancing mod). I couldn't get the bracelet and the only solution I found was uninstall Rogue Rebalancing mod new shop and used the autosaved game, everything worked fine after that. I followed the installation order, installing rogue rebalancing last. It may have been a bug from that mod, but as it caused an error with Amber I'm telling it here. Hope that this help in something. Thanks for such a great character and mod, can't wait for ToB portion!!! Happy new year to everyone!!!
  10. Oh my god, I've just finished reading this post and I must admit that I have fallen in love with Rowan! I hope that you can get her to live Wynne, and if you ever need a Spanish translator (or want one), contact me, I'll be glad to help! Best wishes for your work. Bye!
  11. I can't listen to her music too. When the mod is installing I receive some error messages. I'm spanish and I don't know how to write them correctly, but the fact is that I don'r have any .acm files in the amber music folder. How can I fix it?
  12. Hi! Well, you can't imagine how thankful I am! Baldur's Gate NPC project is a marvelous mod. I just finished BG and I enjoyed every single moment. So thank you very much (to all of the team). My question is for Domi, will it be possible to have a Dynaheir romance for BG2? I don't know if this has been asked before, and I know how much time you modders have to spend in modding, this without talking about the bunch of people (may be including you) that would start complaining about a Dynaheir romance for BG2, but what you wrote for BG really touched my soul. Dynaheir was always one of my favourite characters, she is (was?) so exotic, so powerful, and her quest (to help her out of Gnoll fortress) was very epic... it was very disgusting to see her dead in BG2 and with your mod, I can romance her! It's fantastic, but sadly, everything finish with BG. The cutscene is great, the lovetalks are fantastic, the stories she tell you are very interesting, and you can feel that she cares for you (even if she is very serious)...The lovetalk when you wake up and she cast a spell on you to forget what she says...I almost drop a tear! So, could it be possible? I have an idea of how to bring her back without altering the story very much, there are some minor dialogs that would need to be changed, and with the idea of how returning her back, you won't need to make a Bodhi's abduction. Well, thank you in advance. And if you are not planning to make the mod, it's ok, I will replay Bg again and will never finish it, to have her with me
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    ok, thanks!
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    Hi! Dak'kon was one of my favourite characters and because of that I adore Githzerai's stories. So I will play this mod, but I have one question, are you going to make Eranon a BG2 character? It will be great if he can come with you.
  15. It's just awesome Bri! This mod is going to be one of the best ever made. This banter, as the others, shows your creativity. Del and Viconia don't like each other and they are still able to have an ironic chat, just like it happens in real life between two girls that hate each other. Please, if your real life let you, continue working on this. And I hope you are completly recovered from your tetanus shot. Bye! and thanks for this mod, even if it is not finished yet.
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