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    ok, thanks!
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    Hi! Dak'kon was one of my favourite characters and because of that I adore Githzerai's stories. So I will play this mod, but I have one question, are you going to make Eranon a BG2 character? It will be great if he can come with you.
  3. Hi Everyone! Althoug this is my first post at G3, I've been visiting this site everyday since two years. I've been waiting for Delainy to be released almost since its first posts. I can't express how interested I am in this mod and how many times I've clicked on "Dealiny Forums" to see if there were any new posts. And know that I see that the mod is near to be released (at last, this year will be a happy one!) I'm full of illusion! Please, if you need an alpha tester you can count on me. I've never been an alpha tester so I don't know really what must I do, but if you need me Bri, just send m
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