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  1. I have a suggestion: very high WIS should provide a bonus to lore gains (enabling you to gain more than 1 point at a time, whenever that is possible, i.e. enabling you to gain lore at the current default rate), and very low INT should disable most lore gains, especially those from books. edit: and CHA should affect the Party Members Provide Lore Bonuses component, particularly with very low CHA making it impossible to gain lore this way.
  2. She's done bad things and her not "bad mouthing" someone doesn't make those bad things go away. Imagine stealing an apple. (Person A) You are caught and people express criticism over this. (People B) Person C passes by and comments how you didn't bad mouth People B. Have you thereby been successfully defended by Person C? Your stealing an apple suddenly doesn't matter? Person C also says how he/she doesn't know anything about an apple being stolen. So? Does that make People B forget about the apple? I'll leave it there, you don't have to answer. There
  3. bob_veng


    how is this different from how IWD-in-EET is already intended to be? the idea for a mega-campaign in the north was scrapped at the latest after SoD was released and IWD1 main campaign was given a lower priority to IWD2, which can be easily integrated in terms of continuity and timeline, while IWD1 can't be integrated in a no-tamper fashion either with SoD or with IWD2 itself.
  4. is this about the color of a spell icon? i can do it but no ETA
  5. you've already defined a case where relatively low scores matter - inability to cast higher level spells, and concluded that having high scores is better so i don't really understand the question is the question: how much does it matter that something is better?
  6. imoen won't be dual-classed upon returning to the first coalition camp, right?
  7. what does the lich think about this? "wow, there really are some incredibly useful lesser arcane spells out there! indeed, some of them i can cast, but some others i can't... meh, i'll just leave it at that and not bother relearning the rest. after all, why would a lich like me want to round out his spellcasting arsenal and attain the highest degree of arcane tactical prowess, when he has the comforting memory of his former living self being able to cast pretty much all of these fundamental spells. it's not like i'm going to get into actual trouble where i'd have to use them."
  8. Bam Batcher v 2.4. the problem is with several of the indexed color pngs (converted to bmps) where something i did reordered the colors in the table. i would look the bams in BAMWorkshop but simply missed the ones with the issue
  9. @subtledoctor you have a thumbs up from me also, sorry everyone about the technical faults, and not really reacting. i had to do it all in as short a window of time as possible.
  10. i'll make a new bam. is there a glitch with any of the other icons?
  11. @Arthas if best practices in weidu coding are not used by modders, mods will still work and look generally the same to players, but they will lack in some technical aspects (reliability, compatibility, maintainability, ease of installation etc...). these best practices, which are changing and crystallizing over time, are only intelligible to people who have started learning weidu.
  12. i already answered the question in your duplicate thread, so now i will presume that you know how IWD-in-EET story is handled. i would have liked to turn this around a little and ask you "how you a similar method could be used here", but frankly, seeing how you insist on seeking simple anwers to very difficult questions, i don't believe you're prepared to give us a working theory of BG-PST integration.
  13. your thread is a duplicate of: the official timeline is IWD1 1281, IWD2 1312, BG1 1368... there's no 1000 years gap. IWD starting dates are ignored and not referenced to in any of the in-game texts. if you have further questions it's probably best to ask them there.
  14. what has been real problem was integrating Bhaalspawn saga with both IWD1 and IWD2 at the same time. having one or another in EET is not a problem, except a little bit for IWD1 (solvable with a mod after the IWD-in-EET comes out) PS:T is totally different. as you say it isn't known for much of anything except its writing. Just exploring with all the content extricated from the actual story wouldn't work that well for several reasons: 1) many side quests are tied to TNO's past and would need extensive analysis and changes, 2) traveling between planes in PS:T is tied to the main quest (requ
  15. You're misreading my post. The causal relationship is conjecture. There have been bad studios with good marketing, and the opposite. One doesn't follow from another. Those are different disciplines.
  16. You haven't read my post earlier on this page where I consider these questions.
  17. frankly, i think this is conjecture. beamdog could have had the most fantastic PR and community management strategies leading to fewer stresses in the forums and equal or worse products at the same time.
  18. If charname and tno are separate characters, i don't see how any kind of story resembling PS:T can proceed. The main quest makes no sense for someone outside who isn't experiencing what TNO is. Why would the Bhaalspawn look for a way to enter Ravel's maze? Where's the emotional impact of any of it when seen from third person? What about Deionarra? You'd just watch a cutscene where TNO talks to her? That would require someone make that cutscene, and do a similar thing at very many places. I don't think anyone will ever do that because it's so unappealing to turn an interactive media into a pass
  19. I don't understand - how would you proceed with the story? would you be saying TNO's lines?
  20. so good! looking at the credits i suspect it's been a long time coming. those rabbits won't know what came their way!
  21. i noticed it doesn't "convert" punctuation according to the orthographic and stylistic rules of the target language, so that certainly needs a manual pass.
  22. If the general idea is to splice together the ending of Bhaalspawn saga with TNOs origin story, and make PS:T act as BG3 with TNO = CHARNAME, there's a much easier way to do it (than making a big content mod where you scour the planes, arrive in Sigil etc, before PS:T even starts). The final state of a CHARNAME that has not ascended and the origin story of TNO are not in any major kind of conflict. The major missing part needed to flesh this out can be a slightly reframed Heart of Winter which conveniently shares one of it's themes and a vital character with PS:T. Below is TNOs origin sto
  23. nobody knows. an overarching design is needed first - how to connect the two stories together? - who is the protagonist: does CHARNAME become TNO? when... how... why...
  24. thanks, that would be a good layout if i wanted small skirmishes with normal-sized groups, but i precisely wanted a larger scale battle that would work without SCS AI imho, orcs, with leadership, and being at their most numerous and strongest in the North, should be able to have good enough strategy to act in a coordinated way in BG1 random encounters, creatures may spawn literally next to your characters, so the element of scouting ahead, avoiding encounters etc doesn't exist in these games (maybe it should; it's how ranger tracking could work for example)
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