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  1. For what it might be worth: I did a BWP project install with 32.6 recently and at least did not see an outright error. I got warnings in the clerics component about the "Righteous Wrath of the Faithful" cleric spell (used iwdification) during install. Possibly some warning in the mage component, too, but I did not really investigate.
  2. Sorry to say that, but we are not (perhaps) to them it appears. At least I am not a likely future customer any more, damage done. According to repeated comments from the BeamDog spokesperson BeamDog is moving beyond D&D. So (I assume) they sold most people here anything D&D related they had already (IE and NWN). OK, perhaps you are interested in Axis of Evil online (their next big hit after AAO). But I am not, I stopped caring about that company after engaging in their forum once waiting for 2.6. It's dead, Jim ! I might buy PF Kingmaker (or future titles) though, looks like
  3. Some more musings :-) Jarno Mikkola made an important point. Basically a NG Imoen should always kill an evil PC and an evil PC almost ever could kill Imoen (if she is taken along). How to handle that ? And why should the PC take Imoen along in the first place in BG2 ? Also, a good aligned PC (or NPC for the matter) might be tempted to become the God of Murder for a good and noble cause (i.e. "stupid good" instead of "stupid evil" play style), for example to prevent a greater evil. Based on the random thoughts above some additional remarks. Probably someone will have to correct wrong
  4. True. She could (should) just remain NG and then the PC is only in trouble if they make the "wrong" choice in the end, possibly based on a hidden variable which changes though al the game or the actual alignment of the PC. Perfectly possible. On the other hand it might be fair if the player had some feedback via a changig alignment of Imoen where the whole story was going. May be the PC should kill Imoen first before she kills the PC if that makes sense in the scope of the modification we are speculating about ? If it is written this way people might become a bit paranoid, at least if t
  5. OK, then maybe I will spin the idea a bit further The original BG1 NPCs basically did not have any personality apart from their introduction dialogue. The BG1NPC project is what gives them personality. But with the beginning of BG2 (ignoring SoD) there is a quite marked change of tone brought about by Imoens dialogue compared to BG1 (with or without the BG1NPC) which is canonical. Starting from that observation: There is no compelling reason to change anything in BG1/BG1NPC although one could change or add a bit of foreshadowing (perhaps Lord Foreshadow has an accident ? :-). Of our
  6. Hello everyone ! I did not expect this idea to gather so much interest. If I had known I would have started a new thread, sorry about that. Certainly this idea has some character of a total conversion. One would also have to throw quite some well established canon and fan content overboard I think. And yes, the Imoen Romance mod was part of the origins of that stray idea, therefore I could not resist bringing it up. But it is and will remain just that, a stray idea. I am not sure even the original writers would have been able to do a plot twist like that convincingly. On the other
  7. Yes, I know of course I meant new perspectives on the story of Imoen in general, and with this mod the story is changed in some sense. Of course there is no new content except for the necessary dialogue adjustements. Still, while playing through the chapters where Imoen would be not present with the original story it will be interesting to speculate about what could have been. "And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! " If you read the alternative story in the Unfinished Tales I again wonder what might have been.
  8. Thank you, too bad. I was just asking because the (more or less obvious) answer was missing from the BGII compatibility section. Well, I will probably make a variant modded installation then. I really like the idea of this mod ! A loosely related remark: In my opinion it would have been an interesting turn if the original story in the end would have been about Imoen eventually becoming the God of Murder based on earlier player choices during the game. So, I am always interested in new perspectives.
  9. Hello ! Someone has to ask it :-) Would this mod be technically or conceptually compatible with Imoen Romance ? Or could it be made compatible ? Thank you !
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