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  1. I haven't played BG in several years, but Amber is the best npc mod I've tried. A good thief is necessary for BG2, and you just can't count on you-know-who, and you can't even get him in ToB. I find Jan Jansen just as irritating as most of the "Good" npc's. So you need "Good" a thief, but her romance path is too sweet to resist! I've played Fade, but found getting her to join happens too late in the game. I have the same problem with Skie. I'm gonna try Dace, next. Even if Dace proves more interesting, it's going to be real hard to resist playing Amber, should I ever play this game agai
  2. This would have been a really fun character. It would have taken a really talented writer or team of writers to pull this off. The dialog tree would have been a real mess. I've seen so much hard work go into less interesting characters, it makes me sad that such a wonderful concept was left to rot. btw Her portrait is awesome. I'm glad you folks left this up for so many years.
  3. Would it be possible to release a simplified version of Miella?
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