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  1. I haven't played BG in several years, but Amber is the best npc mod I've tried. A good thief is necessary for BG2, and you just can't count on you-know-who, and you can't even get him in ToB. I find Jan Jansen just as irritating as most of the "Good" npc's. So you need "Good" a thief, but her romance path is too sweet to resist! I've played Fade, but found getting her to join happens too late in the game. I have the same problem with Skie. I'm gonna try Dace, next. Even if Dace proves more interesting, it's going to be real hard to resist playing Amber, should I ever play this game again. I suspect Dace is going to be a pain if I don't commit the occasional rape and murder along the way. I would rank Amber and Level1npc's as essential mods for the game. With these two modes, you can make Imoen useful, and Amber kicks out nicely, right when you're done with her. Isn't that convenient? She volunteers to make room for Imoen, and the stock Imoen is useless when you need a thief, There must be another mod that changes Imoen into a raising thief, but Level1npcs is versatile, if cumbersome. I digress I've had no problems with this mod. Amber is a little tricky to find at the beginning of the game, but she's well worth it. I really hate trading her in for Imoen, but she's written for doing just that. I'm going to have to see if I can summon her in ToB. Imoen starts to grate after a while.
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    Is this Dead?

    This would have been a really fun character. It would have taken a really talented writer or team of writers to pull this off. The dialog tree would have been a real mess. I've seen so much hard work go into less interesting characters, it makes me sad that such a wonderful concept was left to rot. btw Her portrait is awesome. I'm glad you folks left this up for so many years.
  3. Thanks for answering so quickly. What I'm having trouble with is finding a tool to edit items, such as Minsc's Boo, Imoen's Belt, ect. I've just found DLTC Editor, but I still don't know how items are made unusable after substantually altering an NPC. The easiest way may be to simply delete the special item from the cre, but I have a nagging fear that there is some kind of self-destruct built into the game engine. Tutorial sites for BG tools seem to have expired.
  4. I lack the skill and patience to create my own NPCs. I have seen mods to change the kit/class of Bioware NPCs that simply add new .cre file to the override folder. Could someone explain how to alter NPCs and thier special items to that I can alter some of the wonderful NPC mods to be useful additions to my party. I would not dare upload any of these altered cre files to a mod site, as I doubt any modder would care to see their creations bastardized in this fashion.
  5. Would it be possible to release a simplified version of Miella?
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