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  1. Thanks for taking the time to reply, subtledoctor. I experimented with the component and discovered that under install option 2 (beholders have no chance of burning through... anti-magic ray blocks offensive spells), beholders cannot dispel Protection from Magic, but under option 4 (beholders have no chance of burning through... anti-magic ray doesn't block offensive spells) they can. The thing is, even when their rays do get blocked by PfM (option 2), the character they're targeted at still has to roll a succesful save to escape their effects. In practice, this means that even under PfM you need sub-zero saves to survive.


    Discovering this, I eventually managed to clear the lair by giving all my +saves gear to one character (I used Minsc) before using PfM. It took a couple of tries - during my first attempt, the scroll actually expired before all the beholders were dead - but eventually I emerged victorious.


    It wasn't a particularly fun battle, though. In the future, I might just take your advice and skip the component.

  2. Before I get on with my rant, I want to express my sincerest appreciation for this mod and its makers and caretakers. It is simply sublime. Even though I'm currently very annoyed with the smarter beholders component, it doesn't take away from how much I love this mod.


    Anyway: I am currently in the southern tunnels of the Underdark, also known as Beholder City, and no matter what I do, these creatures mop the floor with me. Nothing protects me from their rays; all my spell protections, including Immunity:Abjuration get dispelled by the first anti-magic ray that hits my face. Even Skeleton Warriors, creatures that are supposed to have very high MR, get knocked around, take magic damage and die in seconds. With haste and a lot of buffs, I can take one or two of them, but once they start coming in packs, I'm done for. Even when I manage to land Chaos and Insect Plague on them, they simply keep casting at me meanwhile dispelling one another with their anti-magic attacks.


    After exhausting every possible strategy known to my BG-addled brain, I finally decide to screw fair play and use a Protection from Magic scroll on my F/I Charname. At first, it seems to work: their harm rays and debuffs can't affect me while I'm in my bubble and they're forced to melee. However only seconds later a couple of more beholders join the fight, start casting at me, and UURGH, I'm dead. Killed by death ray, even though it says "Spell Ineffective" in the feedback window. I try again, and this time I don't even last five seconds. The first Flesh to Stone ray cast at my Charname goes through and I'm dead again, even though I'm supposed to be completely invulnerable to magic! Words cannot express my frustration.


    As far as I know, this is not supposed to happen. I specifically installed the component so that beholder rays don't have any chance of burning through spell protections, yet they still do. Now, conventional spell protections I can somehow understand, but being able to get through Protection from Magic just goes too far.


    Can anyone confirm if this is intended behavior? If so, how on earth am I supposed to fight these creatures?

  3. Ouch. Yeah, I got the game from Steam. Now I obviously wish I hadn't. Bummer.


    Anyway, thanks for your prompt answer! Now, I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you have a workaround planned for this and if so, do you have any idea how long it will take to implement? I mean, should I wait or just get my install from another source?



  4. Hey! I am having problems with the scene Dragonovith just described above. After looting Gorion's corpse, Imoen walks to up to my Charname and initiates dialogue, yet the dialogue options are totally out of context. Instead of talking about Gorion's burial, she asks about some potion and then proceeds to talk about some tome in Candlekeep.


    I am running BG:EE with the latest patch (2.0) and SoD. In addition to BG1 NPC Project, I've installed SCS, Sirine's Call, Ajantis friendship and Xan friendship paths.


    Any ideas on how to fix this?


    EDIT: It appears Imoen's other dialogues are messed up as well. Whenever she says something, it is totally random and none of the dialogue options make sense.



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