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  1. P#HILDB line 17 should read:


    @17 = ~However tempting, our leader disallowed my eliminating the racially inferior party members.~


    (ie replace Charname to 'our leader'.)


    Just out of curiosity as the past has taught me well about the limits of my spare time:


    'Our leader' would have two slightly different words depending on the gender of the protagonist: for example Anführer (male) Anführerin (female)


    Is this handled in the context at all and, if yes, what is the notation for it?

  2. I agree. A racial enemy should be something from the background story of the character and not some cheap plot giveaway.


    BG Minsc: Racial enemy: gnolls -> BG2 vampires aha!!

    Valygar Golems??? for a ranger you would think there are a lot of creatures to fight out there. The only reason I find remotely rewarding is the one that mage often rely on golems as bodyguards, but still it is just too obvious. :)

  3. I cannot see the describtion of the acrobat matching his actual pro/cons. :-/


    Acrobats sometimes become cat burglars extraordinaire, and they are also useful adventuring allies, as they can squeeze into places where others cannot go without the aid of magic. Their skill at avoiding traps and other dangers also makes them excellent scouts.


    Otherwise interesting takes on the bard trade. The pickpocker downside is a bit tricky as it doesn't really hinder much (potion/gloves/level), but I see where you are coming from. :) I'll be back in Jan. Please have a link to the mod ready by then. :)

  4. April 1, 2004


    Delainy has been cancelled




    Hope RL works out for you and you get the patch for the next version ready asap. :D I am getting ahead of myself again.

  5. What race for the necromancer?


    What intelligence for the Ogre?

    Necro: A gnome that has forsaken his race's tradition (it is not a trait per se right) to become an illusionist and joined 'the dark side' of necromancy. :D


    Ogre: Stupid and cunning, but not as kind as Minsc. Perhaps a shaman type. I know he is a goblin, but the one that lead the attack on Targos, Caballus IIRC, had this excellent dancing animation. :D


    My 2 cents anyway

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