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  1. Thanks Jastey! I'll play around with the tool Jarno linked.
  2. I haven't installed the modmerge tool. Gavin is now working after uninstalling Dragonspear, so the issue seems to be compatibility with Dragonspear. I suppose for now I will play through without Dragonspear and then play through it without Gavin in my party when the time comes.
  3. I'm having the same issue, only Gavin has never worked. I tried everything suggested in the thread and he is present in my game but spouts random dialogue. I own Dragonspear, so I'm going to try reinstalling BG:EE without it in a last ditch attempt to play the game. Is Gavin compatible with Dragonspear? If not, any plans for compatibility in the future? Any suggestions for dealing with this problem?
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