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  1. I said it wrong, ya - i meaning do not run a game (not mods xd) via GoG, cuz its still redownloading cloud or another services copy of saves and lua files (before mods installed) and saddly can broke the game.
  2. Ok. Im back with some news. Nope. my changing in CDtweaks doesnt really matter. I want dual to kit another character and again i cant.... i know WHY. Just setting in baldur.lua always chaing by GoG (cloud or just program), because when i delete baldur.lua, run Baldurs Gate via .exe in folder game and set my prefer setting... i can dual to kit easly. But anyway if i just run from GoG launcher the setting somehow is changing (i thought its dowloading copy via cloud - but nope, why ?), trying turn off cloud system but still running it via GoG destroy it... Simply fix ? Never r
  3. Hello again. I'm apologise you for repeating with creating a discussions, but i want to fix my last problem :/. AS i saying i using the mod Dragonspear++UI, but its a little bugged for me, just all quests from mods (like AC quests) are not showing up in journal/quest log :/. Its hard to play without it, because cant follow correctly my quests. I looking for the fix on my way @Skusha on beamdog send some fix versions https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1152368#Comment_1152368 But its not that simply. Reinstalling whole mod and others mods in order its bugged much more
  4. Probably not, this mod dont allow you dual your character from any kit to any kit. Only from true class --> another class kit
  5. I send it before. BUT YES!!!! I DO IT !!!! I CAN CHOOSE KITS! Im dont know what's was the problem literally, but i change some tweaks by CDTWEAKS (because stratagems give us much more hard game, so i want make it little more easier but change some things in CDTWEAKS mod). What i change ? - Expanded Dual-Class Options - Alter Dual-class Restrictions: non-humans can dual class also (anyway Kagain still cant dual class idk why, but w/e) That change something and now i can dual all character trueclasses into kits YES! WeiDU.log
  6. Yes, i do install that from SCS xd. I don't mean dead bodies is from Dual to Kit, i mean its from Level 1 NPC, but u just prove me why they're was dead xd. I have last question. I've playing BG like 8 times in my whole life, but never know how one thing work. My created character who of course have best stats from others companions are party leader always (he's as first/top portrait) because i want be a "speaker", but... we cant create own formations, i want to put on frontline tank character (Kagain), if i set him on top he will be party leader, so thats means he is a "speaker" or t
  7. I dont know what to do more else. But there is one thing which i forgoten. Characters who i edited by NPC 1 level (expect Khalid) was dead in-game. I mean that when leave first time candlekeep, after a cut-scene imoen should respawn near us, but i found her body xd. Kivan, Coran and Dynaheir also was dead. I have to use console to spawn them :/. But i not sure its some kind of problem with dual to kit. Anyway. its still BG1, literally no need to dualing (i dont remember i can reach 13 lvl as fighter on BG + SOD + couple of mods quests?), so probably i will still dual my character in BG2.
  8. Yes, i got DLC merge. But i rly don't know what option to pick (merge only SoD, or all mods?), so i pick all mods, anyway i install DLC merge before install all my mods. anyway, my weidu.log is in attach. If u ask about installed place, for me its here: (GoG version): D:\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition WeiDU.log Like i answer you on Beadmog forum. My main class is trueclass, but try your command to set trueclass = no result. I send there a 1 minute clip for prove it
  9. As i said. Trying dual to kit, but still not even work. Anyway im on private mess with creator of mod and he says dragonspear is compatibile with his mod. So he recommend me to send weidu.log, ui_menu and his 2 files (when his mod is installed) for check what the problem is. Now i waiting for answer, i will post it here if he fix it somehow.
  10. Thanks for that. Bot it seems its for only BG2, because when i run this its showed its need G3 Fixpack (BG2 Fixpack), actually i playing BG 1 . EDIT: I find method to run this on BG 2 EE without fixpack, But its complicated its once and its more like multiclass form as a name of mod, so its not for me. Thanks anyway
  11. Hello. Like in my title, its possible ? I heard some stories that i cant get advantages from dual kits like assassin/berserker, anyway i just want only dual my pure Fighter into assasin and cleric into archer. So its somehow possible ? 1. Trying only one mode called dualing into kit from beamdog, but seems now work fine for me (maybe cuz i using dragonspear UI++?) Thanks for help
  12. Thanks for all reply. Fix it and working all things expect one... Do you know how to fix BGT WorldMap positions location ? I got something like that in my screenshot, and there is also miss some locations names with WorldMap and without WorldMap also miss that names. I have to unistall it, but i install WorldMap as last mod. There you got also my weidu logs Thanks for fast reply WeiDU.log EDIT: Funny... I try to start fresh game (just BG:EE + SoD), and the problem with missing name locations still appear. So missing locations is not bug by some mo
  13. Anyway i found it mobs for less XP :). Last think. I use Merge DLC on BG:EE/SOD and after that, i install all my mods. In-game when try to change game from BG:EE to SOD nothing happens, meanwhile Black Pits work fine. Thats good ? I never used merge DLC, but because of SOD i have to.
  14. Ok. I will update my all mods for 2.5 and start playing. Anyway last questions. There is some mod which change XP rewards and unlock lvl cap ? Why i asking ? Because a couple or tons of quests added by some mods gives anothers XP, but if still we got (example) 50 more quests in whole game so we can achieve much more level, but if its possible i want to less rewards, for not being badass high level character. Anthology Tweaks mod provides unlock XP/cap, but still cant change rewards (BG 2 EE have some mod like that, but it not work with BG1) And there is a mod wh
  15. Thanks. For me either the changes is not that big for waiting update. About patchfinding i've never had any problems with that (maybe im blind or something). But what do you think about support 64 bit systems ? Okay, thanks for help
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