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  1. Something to forward to BWS/BWP fixes then, it is not ?
  2. Ok, would have been quite another addon for the already quite big world possible theses days (as to ingame map, I guess Morrowind with the Tamriel Rebuild mod = 1st, then, Skyrim could have better, in some years (..) but as OpenMW is coming along (theses days, they opened the replacing of meshes (as to be more up to date), 1.0 is close and from there, OpenCS should take some more month (or weeks as quite some new developers are currently joining as to the editor). Thanks for the reply CamDawg, some years I read you from time to time, nice to see you are there. Btw; are you the project manager as to this mod ?
  3. I know there is already NEJ, who do not care (much, even if it is a somewhat improved with latestet version), but having access to Icewind Dale campaign somewhere while into BG1 (close to the end ?) would be giant. Then, of course, the way the mod is accessed need to be changed (from directly at launch to integrated to the game flow). Possible / any idea / input ?
  4. [HS] No, my "normal" is not a fixed value. Guessing so incur that one as a limited opening as to philosophy & sociology. If not, I guess some basics principles (how I warn one to bring them as reference since they to are quick to be used as pivot). Then, Liberty, justice, equality etc = all is based upon one view(s), and so, cannot be shared (in fact, once we are no longer discussing material based subjects (ah, maths & physics, resistance & degradations, among others scales) is so). Not sure this said as to what that so limited reply was meaning ? In any case, decision > realisation. Time, Location, Name (+s if applicable). Pas si simple, bene vivere ! (hehe). [/HS]
  5. Looking fine, if not way more than that (ah, fleshed out npc, ahem). Starting this campaign (BWS "Expert", almost full) in less than two days, so not with her this time it seem. This said, if she is EE compatible, it would mean a meeting in some years from today ? (Hm, pas si simple, et meme, vu comment évolue la vie). In any case, the range & diversity of content trough the years = amazing (both devs & users + content). A shame this said that most of the picture did not follow, quite a subject it is (data keeping, as to personal archives : micro sd, off line out of sync/update, with backup, in case). Adaptation, my glass of "Greco di Tufo", white Italian 2012, is warming, which is not a good thing, at all ! (Be it a gift or acquisition, opening a wine bottle is always a heart pinch, but then, especially with white ones, t° & glass, light & condition, hm. +1 as to that avatar, guess the size do not give it all details and so, ahem. (ah, details). Bene vivere, if not this campaign, may it be later (will be some days until my character actualy get to meet her, so, hope will never (totally) die.
  6. If going out of beta that soon, no hurry, even if, I guess I will start the BG1 part in the coming days, hm. Install will take some hours to complete. So, if beta closed, I'll install the release version when available and will go that way. As to know, did you had many changes to make trough beta ? Adaptation.. Soon, what an ephemeral word it is
  7. No EE until at least 2/3 of the mods are adapted, which wont be for the near future. So, basic BGT BP for now, once again
  8. Indeed, a character of this profile, if avalaible from Beregost until TOB ...... (quite some content for sure, given what is visible for now, hm). And so, with hope a public release will be possible "soon". (And then, Im always amazed as to how communication work ). Tbs, nice dialogue "of course". (And in case, Im setting up a game atm, BWS @70+/-, so check possible in the coming weeks..)
  9. Why not, installation (BWS almost complete setup, GOG edition) in progress atm so quite the good time for this. Nice to know you are still around + updating jastey.
  10. Hello, Seem that weidu macro is not recognized anymore (Weidu 236). Which make the Soundset, Voiced lines and Music not avalaible. Ouch, in fact the next part : ERROR: Failure("Unknown macro: customized_cre_choice") Aran Configuration -> Default configuration (Soldier) (Aran Whitehand NPC) was not installed due to errors. Any idea as to what to do/how to install ? Thanks.
  11. The BWS reference these mods as no longer available over original hosts : While not a big list, having them hosted over a stable (..) place would be nice (even if Im not sure about the interest they have). Kitanya NPC (SoA) Solaufein Flirt Pack Improved Asylum Super Firkraag Umbra of TROW - Arena RPG Dungeon Item Pack Sorcerer's Place Item Collection The Unusual Oddities Shop RPG Dungeon Kit Pack This said, most are there : http://america.iegmc.net/rpgdungeon/
  12. Normal game is not what I am seeking If I do not have the time to mod, I usualy find the ways to manage whatever issue I meet / encounter while on track. So, a last check of the selection, and I'll launch the installation, having made a backup of the files, in case. I will post after that (installation ok/or not, if ok, after succesfully playing for some time). Tbs.
  13. In case, would this be compatible as to the EE edition of the games ? (Or, it is "not needed" with it ?). Seem they are quite some nice tools available by now, even if most release thread are quite empty (out of self support posts from the modders). Full support that said, you are making what we enjoy, and so, support would be normal. Thanks DavidW.
  14. There is an entry : BGT Graphical interface, into the "Graphics, portraits and Sound Mods", it should be the one corresponding ? Then for 1PP, into the same section of BWS there is a section of that mod ; "GUI additions for BGII", who has a "no thank you" option (there, that one or just non selecting the option ?).
  15. Which would mean, complete auto installation using the BWS possible ? This installing TutuGui + Widescreen + Tobex ?
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