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  1. Looking fine, if not way more than that (ah, fleshed out npc, ahem).

    Starting this campaign (BWS "Expert", almost full) in less than two days, so not with her this time it seem.

    This said, if she is EE compatible, it would mean a meeting in some years from today ?
    (Hm, pas si simple, et meme, vu comment évolue la vie).

    In any case, the range & diversity of content trough the years = amazing (both devs & users + content).
    A shame this said that most of the picture did not follow, quite a subject it is (data keeping, as to personal archives : micro sd, off line out of sync/update, with backup, in case).

    Adaptation, my glass of "Greco di Tufo", white Italian 2012, is warming, which is not a good thing, at all !
    (Be it a gift or acquisition, opening a wine bottle is always a heart pinch, but then, especially with white ones, t° & glass, light & condition, hm.

    +1 as to that avatar, guess the size do not give it all details and so, ahem.
    (ah, details).

    Bene vivere, if not this campaign, may it be later (will be some days until my character actualy get to meet her, so, hope will never (totally) die.

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