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  1. Garrick: Tales of a troubadour v1 requires BG1 NPC Project. Since BG1 NPC Project is now installed after EET it creates an error with Garrick. Are there any simple ways around this?
  2. How's IWD looking with the 2.5 Patch? Is there a lot you need to do or have the changes been ok from a modding point of view?
  3. Still have to wait for BG+SOD to be 2.5
  4. I reckon we'll know more once BG & SOD is updated and all are on the same patch as the rest of the series. But yeah, can't wait(well I can cause I have been)until IWD is included.....
  5. I know we can reduce XP gained via EET Tweaks, could we alter the actual XP amount required to level up? If yes, what file am I looking for? My Logic? Lowering XP gained is good except at those first couple of levels. Say once you reached enough XP for level 2, the XP required for next level has increased somewhat. Plus use the drop XP gained and you won't be God Like once you return from Candlekeep. I'm playing a large mod install(all except saga) and cannon encounters are easy, Thoughts? Suggestions?
  6. If this is a fork of BWS, what stops BWS from forking it back?
  7. I just ran this via K4thos mod converter. I'll attach the changelog and files that it picked out. Naturally it didn't touch the romance conflicts but would these changes stop the need for the fixpack? crossmodbg2.7z
  8. Or you could see what K4thos posted a long time ago waiting for this 2.5 update(only 2 years plus latter and we are getting closer).... http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27759
  9. Give a description of what you want it to be and I'll have a play. Just reinstalled Ai and PS.
  10. Disappointing really. There(possibly) goes help with BWS/EET installs. And the new patch coming soon.. This could be fun really. On a lighter note, I wonder..... Was The Imp blocked by all of the incarnations? (I changed my gravatar so I look like a real person - not an empty space)
  11. I have this link which is German.... https://www.baldurs-gate.de/index.php?threads/hidden-adventure-download.43730/
  12. Re:Fork of BWS. If new mods are added to BWS will they get added to this fork? Hidden Adventures I might try installing when the 2.5 is out, no mention on mod list or game.ini but states EET ready. Is it same format to ask for mods to be included like BWS? https://github.com/Gitjas/hiddenadventure
  13. I have mentioned this to the mod itself(Ascalon Breager) but wonder if any have come across this area and know of a fix or why it might display this way? ACCEM3.are has the lines running across it but the other 2 areas before hand do not. It's not game breaking but wonder if anyone else have come across this?
  14. I'll see if others have found this in an EEt install and if a previous fix could work?
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