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  1. Fans do like to organize and administer things so. If they spent any of that time on making new adventures and features instead of databases, there would be more interesting content out there. And by the way, putting everything ever made in one big book isn't going to do justice to little-noticed mods. They will all be listed together under a license of false equivalency. Mine, for example, are some of the most original made for these games, but if they don't get the attention they deserve, it's not because I lack a seat along a very long table. What should be done instead is that critic-minded people should get together, or even strike out on their own, and select mods that stand out in a crowd, and write about those and highlight them. Then the guy who made the conversion of the Sword of Balduran from +1 to +2 and called it "The Blade of Eternity!" can be moved to the dregs of the attention economy. Besides, abstractly speaking, the absence of a single database encourages search, questing on the part of players who want something different for the games. They are the ones who deserve to find it. For others, not so energetic but also with imagination and feeling, not knowing what they miss, a ladder needs to be lowered. Right now the problem is that the horizon is blocked by a handful of worthy but overblown projects that everyone supposedly must download. And it's not going to be solved by some kind of directory.
  2. Are these item ability properties already present in the old engine?
  3. Does EET use renamed WED and TIS (and the search and light map BMP) files for its renamed AREs, or the same ones?
  4. More seriously, a mod where the main character is one of the goons in the employ of the Iron Throne, but also a Bhaalspawn, overlooked by Sarevok. Charname participates in the ambush on Gorion's ward and is sent to intimidate Mulahey into working harder, but ends up having to kill him. Then the Zhentarim approach him to betray the Iron Throne. He volunteers before Tazok to hunt down Gorion's whelp, follows him around and finally catches up with him in the Cloakwood mines, where he helps Davaeorn kill him, but then kills Davaeorn as well and from there begins to pose as the hero of the Sword Coast. The killing of Rieltar and Brunos is also ordered by the Zhentarim, who also wanted to take out the Knights of the Shield. Nice, eh? Inspired by "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead."
  5. What this game REALLY needs is a mod where Charname IS Sarevok.
  6. No, they all have "copy" for script names. Besides, there is a dialogue here in the middle. I'll limit myself to hiding weapons.
  7. You are bashing from every side an idea that has a right to existence. The question is not whether lichdom can be implemented as in PnP rules (I myself only quoted the conditions because they make this more interesting, not less), it's not whether the process can be as long and drawn-out here, in a story that takes place over two-three years (during which the Bhaalspawn and a throng of his companions gained upwards of 20 experience levels), it's not whether the prospect of undeath would be plausible to someone who is, all right, not ten but maybe eighteen years of age. Those are just some of the questions Bioware people themselves could not answer about what they made. The only real question here is whether Endarire wants to go the length it would take to modify the concept, make it more palatable and both useful and engaging from the role-playing perspective - whether he wants to think about how to do that or just keep this as some kind of prestige class. My main objection to traditional lichdom is that, however you look at it, the storyline from Candlekeep to the Throne of Bhaal simply doesn't span enough time. It's not a life chronicle of a wizard who, after decades of power and vicissitudes, began to consider immortality. It's a romp. But perhaps I'm too jaded and Charname simply had this inspiration to secure his future, even at eighteen or nineteen. No rot but UNDEAD for GENERAL, some immunities, no healing by Cure spells. Maybe Endarire could pull it off. Or he could go for a modified version of the process, for instance, with a phylactery, as I described. There is even a possible source, that necromancer in the planar sphere. Possibly Charname doesn't fancy slowly rotting away but found a means to survive death in a vessel. But powers for money isn't something I want to spend more time on.
  8. I'm not sure that would work from the area script, probably not, but anyway a trap isn't necessarily disarmed if the container is open, and vice versa. Maybe the party just took the damage.
  9. Weidu's code for removing actors and other elements in an area seems to update references during the same operation, throwing off the order. If I write LPF fj_are_structure INT_VAR fj_delete_mode = 0 STR_VAR fj_structure_type = ~actor~ END LPF fj_are_structure INT_VAR fj_delete_mode = 1 STR_VAR fj_structure_type = ~actor~ END I end up deleting not actors number 0 and 1, but 0 and 2. It's like after the first delete Weidu updates the order of actors, and the one who used to be number 2 moves up a line. To get the right features I must use LPF fj_are_structure INT_VAR fj_delete_mode = 1 STR_VAR fj_structure_type = ~actor~ END LPF fj_are_structure INT_VAR fj_delete_mode = 0 STR_VAR fj_structure_type = ~actor~ END Discuss.
  10. I'm making a cutscene where the party is held prisoner behind bars. Naturally, they should appear there without their armor, weapons, helmets and shields. I would rather not strip them for real, even though there is a chest nearby where I could stash all of the equipment. Recovering the items one by one and putting them all back again on the characters is not something the player should be forced through without a reason. It would be better to make the party look naked instead. What are my options? I've written on the board here about my discovery that XEquipItem can be used with an empty item field to unequip slots from the outside, armor included, but that action is only for the EEs, and besides, however I contrive to really make them put armor, weapons and helmets in the backpack, there is a possibility that they may not have free slots there, and then the items will be dropped on the ground. This being a movie that shortly takes the party to another place, they will never get them back. There is an action I have hopes for, VEquip, which should make the characters look as if they are wearing no armor, but how does it work? I try all sorts of values there, and Ajantis' chain mail still looks like a chain mail. I can scroll through armor looks with the keyboard, but the action isn't working for me. For the weapons, at least, I have a solution - a temporary Create item to make them switch to a magic weapon without an animation. This doesn't make them unequip shields, though, even if this pseudoweapon is flagged two-handed.
  11. And that is what gives the message and makes Knock ineffective, or does "Magic lock" do all that?
  12. The thing is that the main characters splits into flying embers after being killed. That defeats the purpose of becoming a lich, who can just shuck himself off to his phylactery. Remember phylacteries? The corpse is only a vessel. The lich can attack others and take over their bodies from the phylactery with the magic jar spell, of which there are two different versions in AD&D, ALL OF WHICH goes to show how infinitely richer a game of imagination is to a computer game. I know that you probably simply want to give some powers at the price of gold, but people are going to perceive this as another kit. Or a prestige class. If you want to make the mod memorable, you should think about how to implement these important elements of lichdom - rare ingredients, the potion, even the phylactery. I can suggest you a way to have this last. Edit BALDUR.BCS so that, the lich global set, the game can continue with Player1 dead, but only as long as someone in the party carries the phylactery. When it is dropped, the disintegration movie plays and it's game over (what a knife in the back from Edwin). Add instead the condition that if no one in the party is alive, the game should end. This is how it works in Icewind Dale, where there is no central character. This will make no visible difference until Player1 is a lich, because when everyone dies, that means him, too. But after lichdom the party will have this handy recourse in the inventory. I would implement it as follows: when the character becomes a lich, put on him immunity to Raise dead (which is correct PnP-wise, also, in fact, Raise dead destroys some types of undead - it re-deads them). Instead the surviving party members could use the phylactery as a once-a-day item. The phylactery would cast an offensive, hostile-making spell on its target, attempting to suck away the creature's life essence. If the saving throw failed, an invisible minion would be summoned and apply a resurrection spell to Player1, a spell with the Current hit points bonus effect, "Raise dead" ticked. Or possibly it would be enough to apply a Party-targeted "Use EFF File" with Instant/Permanent duration, channeled through to DEAD and LICH. This isn't over your head, is it? Anyway, the main character would then be resurrected.
  13. It looks like an either-or situation with scripts. If the container throws a fireball, then it's disarmable, and then it doesn't throw the fireball or do anything else. The engine doesn't distinguish between trap-character blocks and other conditions that may be set there. On the other hand, shelves are sometimes scripted to sound the alarm, but they are not disarmable. This sucks, because I had the notion to challenge players to go through the catacombs under Candlekeep without disturbing any of the coffins. There is no reason for good or lawful-aligned characters to pillage the tombs of distinguished sages of the past beneath home, and Tethtoril asks to leave them alone. I would introduce a reward from the grateful dead on exit, if the party abstained from taking any of the treasure in those sepulchres. But it turns out that it's impossible to do this fairly simple thing, take stock of opening containers.
  14. No. I do Lock it myself, but only after the CloseDoor action. I need to do some more testing of this, with other doors, but it should be easy. By the way, can someone confirm that a door with Lock difficulty 100 gives the "This door does not have a conventional lock and may be warded..." message? I get that message even without setting "Magic lock."
  15. That's right. I'm too tired. But flattered that you materialized on the forum specially to correct me.
  16. Is it possible to take account of the party's opening a container, other than by writing checks in its script? The problem with scripts there is that in addition to any checks and globals they also control traps, and when the trap is disarmed, the script is deleted. Also if the container uses a key, having the key in the inventory lets the party bypass the script. There is an action, OpenState(O:Object*,I:Open*BOOLEAN), that looks like it's meant for this, but it doesn't do anything.
  17. The second part's too complicated. But the first - there is no one blocking the door. The party is well away. It's just not getting shut.
  18. There are serious dangers in becoming a lich, if the Monstrous Manual is to be followed. The process ends with the caster drinking a special potion that fails to work or kills him permanently about half of the time. If I were role-playing someone aiming for that threshold, I would direct my resources on improving that d20 roll with better ingredients, more exact formulae and so on. A good dungeon master would meet me half-way. This would all be dangerous and take me to faraway places, no doubt, as would even the basic process. But liches are not so rare as roc's teeth in the Forgotten Realms. It's not such a bad proposition either, to those who don't want to die. They don't all fall apart and limp about, there is magic to stop the decay or conceal it. One of the zulkirs of Thay is a lich, if I'm not mistaken, and he only looks like a pale, gaunt man. Undeath will also liberate one from the muddling of emotion and set the mind free to truly develop. I haven't read van Richten's Guide to Liches, for Ravenloft, but it probably gives a very good treatment to its subject. I know that the Guide to Vampires does, and it quite expanded my concepts about what they may be like. Yes, vampirism is another way to immortality, but the drawbacks are more obvious here. And the game says that Bhaal did his inseminating during the Time of Troubles, no two ways about it. String number 24415. It's just another hole in the story, not the first, not the last.
  19. Bartimaeus is right. It's not just powers you have to weigh against the price, though. They are not the reason wizards choose to become liches, they do it because they don't want to die. If the main character doesn't conveniently ascend to godhood in a pillar of green fire at the end of Throne of Bhaal, he can look forward to descending to mother earth in not too many years. Lichdom is the only more or less commonly available, well-studied way to avoid death. All others are local, partial or unique. You need to develop the mod with this in mind, although a ten year-old is not likely to worry about that distant prospect, and Charname is ten. The Time of Troubles was in 1358 DR, and Baldur's Gate begins in 1368 DR. Which explains a lot. Anyway, he's young, and why would he want to become an undead creep? If you were writing a story about someone older, you could make the case... But I'm making a fool of myself. You aren't writing any story, you just want to give bootlegged powers. Well, if this transformation can be made attractive at all to the hero, there is no reason why he wouldn't pay everything for it. But I suggest making the ingredients expensive rather than forcing him to cart in 120.000 geepies. He ain't bribing death, you know.
  20. In one of my mods the party is transported outside of the area to spots in front of the building where they were just now. One of the regions there runs a script that does the rest of the job: disables the travel region that leads inside the building and shuts the front door. This last part, with CloseDoor(), isn't working. I'm writing there the name of the correct door, there are no errors, but it simply doesn't shut. What could be causing this? And also, is it impossible in the BG version of the engine to disable a door so that it's no longer highlighted? I think Torment used to do that.
  21. You have the reason to during the dialogue. Ask her, convince her to wait for, say, a day while you rest to memorize Remove Curse or dash to a temple to buy a scroll. Charisma could play a role in this, although that would be a departure from BG's usual way, where stats don't matter.
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