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  1. 16 Yeah I hear ya. Perhaps we need just a little technical help with it's implemention. I'm sure the readme here on G3 says exactly what you said. BWS however is all automatic, different readme, and either way if you are even a version off to the negative, EET_core stops without explaining why. It's a pretty easy guess, but in the future, most people will probably use BWS, as it results in way less bugs and scripting lag, especially for newbies.
  2. Yes. OFFLINE play, you know, people that have computers do that sometimes.Umm, both of those versions allow offline play perfectly well... Just out of curiosity, were I to install EET 7.0 on BG1/2/SOD, rather than, it would probably let me? I was simply requesting that EET might notify when version check failed, to remove any guesswork, but it seems it's not so easy to implement. Thanks anyways guys!
  3. 25 Hey K4thos, that's cool as we wouldn't expect old versions to be supported anyway, but just for those who try to install EET and fail the version check, EET should notify you that's why it failed to install. I just guessed that's the reason, as it happened before I upgraded to for EET 7.0 As a side note, I just pointed BWS to the EET7.0 instead, and the game's rockin' pretty good, lots of fun, balanced, no lag or real issues yet. Thanks!
  4. 17 I have noticed that EET versions above 7.0 will not install on BGee 1/2/dragonspear below the current patch I have, which works on EET 7.0, but do not plan on upgrading anytime soon. Could you please set EET to allow other 2.3.x versions to install, or would this break the game? Thanks for all the fun, Kathos & friends! As a side note, EET installed through BWS gives me universal clubs, whether I select it or not.
  5. 296 Thanks Arthur! Just finished another BWS install, this time with way more mods. I won't go manual again. Here are the weidu files from my manual installation, for research purposes. This is an EET v1.0rc7.0 install. I have no idea why the later versions would not install, except that it's likely something that was changed since. BGee: BG2ee
  6. 90 Alright D&D nerds, I've done some play & install testing, here's my report. I have successfully install-tested both manually, and through BWS (which I highly recommend), but EET versions above 7.0 fail to install the CORE EET component, either way. With BWS, all I had to do was cancel the automatic latest EET download, then select the 7.0 zipfile, and select "force" install. I could reproduce this error (if you insist) either manually or through EET, but it may be a local issue, if nobody else has had a problem. I am running Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, Pentium Core2duo 2.4ghz, 4 gigs ram, SSD drive, and have BGee 1 & 2, including Dragonspear, all GOG versions 2.3.67, with BG1 modmerged, even though probably didn't need to with BWS. BWS/EET installs WAY FASTER. I managed to playthrough from BG1 to the end of Dragonspear, at which point a bug in the Flaming Fist headquarters causes extreme lag, scripts gone wild, and CtD when I entered the sewers from there. Not to be deterred, I exported and imported my guys into BG2, where there seemed to be a small amount of lag still, but not enough to kill the game. Some mods functioned remarkably well, such as Thalanyr item upgrade, and the juggling of characters by EET. I discovered the (extended) Lighthouse area CtD, but that has already been reported. In my manual install, Baeloth did not spawn in Larswood, at charname level 5 or beyond. When zoomed-out on the (m)ap, including the first 5 zoom levels, the map will not scroll right or down using the mouse. In my manual install, one of the mods causes the Fighter category to be duplicated during character generation. In my BWS install, one of the mods causes the Cleric category to be duplicated. I suspect aTweaks, but do not know. In the manual install, there were many small quest scripting bugs, too many to mention, which I bet will be aleviated by using BWS. That's good for now. Thanks for reading, have yourselves happy new year!
  7. 15 Really a hard question - if you followed the big marketing campaign etc...you may easily be disappointed - BUT, if you have realistic expectations you may agree to my view that SoD is not bad. My VERY personal view is that it is a really worthy addition as a part of EET. If you intend to play the game as one combined campaign, then SoD is really the missing link and fun to play. It bridges the events between the defeat of Sarevok until the imprisonment by Irenicus in a sensible way (this is definitely a thing that was missing in old BGT). The contents is much better than anything else bean dog has added to the game. There is a main quest (a bit linear) which you can do on a number of alternative paths - and some smaller optional side quests. One of the new NPCs is halways interesting, some of the overlooked older ones (especially Safana) become more interesting. The real quality is how the story of BG1 is extended and the upcoming BG2 plot already starts to evolve. This added layer below the SoD's quest itself is for me the real addition it provides to the trilogy. I agree Roxanne, SoD is good, and the only real complaints might be lack of content, and the fact that it's standalone, complete with a conflicting map of BG, rather than being simply integrated with BG, as EET is doing now. My guess is that we'll be waiting well into next year for BWS support, or the proper implementation of IWD into EET, let alone the conversion of other mods. EET is playable, and if you avoid most of the tweaks, the game won't be broken. We'll probably be playing the new Planescape Torment before BWS with EET and IWDee.
  8. 370 Yes it does =) Selecting stop script prevents one from commenting lol, so it's obviously an important feature.
  9. 337 A script on this thread, and possibly others, causes my browser to freeze, until the script debugger pops up and says: A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue. Script: http://gibberlings3.net/forums…3rd_party/prettify/prettify.js:17 I have Firefox, and Windows 7.
  10. To play the new EE cutscene movies in EET, simply copy and overwrite the movies from BGee, to BG2ee /lang/en_US. Now how to make the chanters chant... 185
  11. 30 Can I bigworldsetup it after installing the first component of EET?
  12. 635 Thanks Grim. I "weidu.exe --update-all" with newest version, but I guess there actually had to be a copy of weidu there already lol. Just testing to see what I like. =) 637
  13. 493 Heya...I have a couple questions...actually lots, but let's start with two. The link on page 1 of this topic, for Tweaks Anthology -- is that a Linux version, or a patch, because I couldn't get it to work. https://github.com/Gibberlings3/Tweaks-Anthology I did however get this version to work, with minimal issues, like selecting dwarven paladin crashing the game due to insufficient charisma (was supposed to be fixed), half-orcs only receiving half the mage kit options, and the duplication of the fighter option during character generation. http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=973 Second question. I have installed many mods from the compatible list. Which mod/option is the one that is giving me the old cutscene movies? I really liked the new ones. Thanks, you guys are great.
  14. 16 Mayhap EET could rename the BGee directory with a .disabled when it's done, similar to what modmerge does, then the user can go about deleting it. I on the other hand, will just be happy with my worldmap -- it has so much potential! Thanks K4thos
  15. 19 I have a small recommendation for EET, that when installed, it removes the BGee shortcut from your desktop, and/or replaces the BG2ee shortcut icon with a custom EET one. That my friends, is why the worldmap wasn't showing for me. Laugh as you may.
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