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  1. Why not making like a "crowdfunding project" for a yearly fee (if providers allows it) ? I would me more than willing to offer $20-25
  2. I'm also willing to help financially. You all do a great job making BG world lives. But when it comes for technical help It will be difficult me... sysadmin is really not my area of expertise
  3. Thank you Jastey for the direction I go talk to weigo about what I experienced. Tried to uninstall RoT then reinstall it... maybe not a great idea :S My baldur.exe seems broken
  4. Hey guys, I've been following all the crap about Roxanne alts. (both here and on beamdog website) I've been thanking k4thos for all the work in EET. And even started my career in Software Development thanks to tutorial on pocketplanegroup back in 2006. So please, if you want to think I'm Roxanne please do but at least don't get me banned. (Maybe you can check IP, I'm half on French or Luxembourg IP) I read almost everyday g3 forums (especially waiting for IWD-in-EET). I just gave my own personal opinion on the including RC in the tool that's it. BTW, do you have an
  5. I'm not Roxanne but I talking with her by email, she helps me a lot to debug (got some problem with her Sword of Chaos Mod and with Reign Of Terror Mod in early bg2) I don't think its a bad idea in this EET tool to includes Release Candidate... it enlarges the "testing" team therefore modders can have maximum chance of having feedback as long as she takes care of it. And really every time I write an email to her I got an answer maximum 1h later. Since I have a developer background she even explain me what to modifiy with NearInfinity to workaround my RoT bugs. To sum up I'm really
  6. Didn't know it but thanks for sharing. Just gave my contribution
  7. Hi, Can you tell me if u installed a mod called Tamoko EET end ? Did u pick a Sword of Chaos + 2 on the corpse of Sarevok ?
  8. After a lot of tries and error with some global variables I found the solution In her EETswo.d she sets some SWO_Delay variable to 2 and 3. The condition to trigger SOD entering the Undercity Temple with her Tamoko Mod is this : Having EndOfBG1 equals to 0 Can be set via C:SetGlobal("EndOfBG1","Global",0) AND more importantly Having SWO_Delay equals to 1 Can be set via C:SetGlobal("SWO_Delay","Global",1) Then entering the Temple triggers the transition I contacted Roxanne via email she told me to set the SWO_Delay to 3, this is the default fonctionnal behaviour (Di
  9. When I use C:GetGlobal("EndOfBG1","Global") this variable is equals to 0 When I try something like C:SetGlobal("EndOfBG1","GLOBAL",1) nothing happens and if a do a get again I still got the 0 value Do I do something wrong ? This syntax is supposed to work 'cause I can change values of DeathOfSarevok from 1 to 0 and 0 to 1. Why can't I do it with EndOfBG1 global var ? Weirder... Outside the Undercity Temple I can succeed to Set Endofbg1 to 1 (I check after with a Get) but........ Inside, it always stay to 0 I am now exploring her dialog file to see if there a
  10. Jastey, This is what I found in the readme of Tamoko Mod EET from Roxanne : "Talking to the dukes sets a global and returning to the temple starts the transition. - Practically nothing in the original scripting of EET was changed except the one extra condition to start the transition (i.e. make a report to the dukes first)." I deduct that somehow this global var is not set (to 1 I suppose ?) Would you have any idea what kind of global var she had used for this ? Taken from another thread about transition between BG1 -> SOD etc " Therefore most mods (and mods adding to v
  11. Hi Jastey, I did speak with Duke Belt in the Duchal Palace, it triggers some dialogue where Duke Jannath "take" Imoen for training (related to an old promise made to Gorion and Winthrop). After that dialogue Belt tells me to go back to the Undercity to take care of the remaining followers of Korlasz. Then Dukes leave and when I come back to Undercity and/or Undercity temple (where dead Sarevok lies) nothing happens :S BTW this is clearly the kind of mod I would have prefered to avoid but I chose so much mods (I wanted the biggest modded game possible ) I didn't check this :S
  12. Hi K4thos, Indeed I hired Tamoko. I searched on this forum and on Roxanne's. Seems it is one of her mod. (Tamoko EET Mod). I read a thread here on EET forum about Roxanne implementing Tamoko mod to delay the beginning of SOD. (BTW Tamoko seems very buggy to me, no XP but lvl 10 Cleric, no Weapon proficiency but very good THAC0) So I think I got to ask her on her baldureextendedworld forum.
  13. I have the exact same problem. Tried the console travelling but didn't work. Do you have any other suggestion ? I add to create Sarevok again by CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("SAREVO") And kill him with a CTRL + Y Weird thing is second time he had the Sword of Chaos +2 and it triggers the next phase when I picked it up.
  14. Hi AlienQuake, I don't know if my comment is relevant to you and/or possible :- Is there a way to separate language of installation, one used to explain options to install (description of the mod) from the language of the mod itself (content for the game). By example, I'm learning German so I'd like to have dialogs and interface (content) in German but to install (description) I'd rather like to do it in English so I'm sure which "Mega Installation" I'm doing.
  15. BG2EE 2.5 update out... my mood getting better ! We are getting closer to the wonderfull EET containg IWD
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