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  1. Apart from the Grey Clan (as suggested by Andyr previously) Baronius is also the author of the Herbs & Potions add-in for BG2, so I guess it wouldn't mind mentioning that as well, would it? I would also like to suggest the Black Rose Part I: Market Prices single quest mod for Baldur's Gate II (The Shadows of Amn part), not because I'm the author but rather because Andyr thought of the name, so it's 100% guaranteed.
  2. Ok, how late am I? Happy birthday Grim!
  3. Black Rose Part I: Market Prices is a single quest mod, a small introduction to the Black Rose Trilogy. It will install a single quest to your game, which can be accessed by talking to a wizard named 'Menelaun' in the 'Den of the Seven Vales' at Waukeen's Promenade. It adds a bonus playtime of about half an hour (depending on the player) The mod is fully compatible with all other WeiDU mods. Also works with ToB if it is installed (as all SoA mods usually). You can find more information on the mod at the mod's forums.
  4. I downloaded the mod, and I have to say I really liked it. Don't know if the points I'm about to say have already been mentioned, but I thought I'd give my opinion on it. First of all, I think it's large enough to have a separate forum, not sure if you want to have one, though, Idobek. Second, the idea of being able to add a Wizard School to Imoen and Nalia sounds nice, but if you don't want to install one, it's a bit tiring having to go through all the questions. Is there a way of making this part an option? I don't really find it nice having to go through 14 questions with replying no to all. Third, perhaps it would be a nice idea to make a fighter kit for the time before Anomen becomes a Knight, which would be replaced by Berserker if he fails, and if he doesn't he can keep it. It's a very nice mod both in concept and in practise, and I very much enjoyed it.
  5. Mindflayer


    I don't know if replies in this topic are welcome or not, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I really find these screenshots very nice, and very intriguing for me to go buy BG1 once more and install BG1tutu! I want my BG1 back!!!! *sniff*
  6. The Warrior KitPack, our first project, has been released! More Info at our forums! This mod contains 7 completely new kits for warriors, converted from popular prestige classes found in original 3e Dungeons and Dragons books to 2e Baldur's Gate II! This mod includes the following kits. Fighter Kits: -Hordebreaker -Peerless Archer Ranger Kits: -Wild Scout -Forest Guardian Paladin Kits: -Templar Knight -Hospitaller Knight -Heraldric Knight The mod is fully compatible with Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of amn and the official add-on, Throne of Bhaal, and should be compatible with all mods out there, even BG1:Tutu!
  7. Those sure are tough bugbears!!! I remember first time I played it, it striked me weird hobgoblins could resist some much damage and kill party members like crazy. Though, somehow, they didn't persuade as BugBears...
  8. Wouldn't that actually mean you've skipped half the game?
  9. Eh, I was thinking of doing a Chateau Irenicus enhancement pack, but hopefully not a TC!!!!! Then I guess it's the linearity and lack of challenge within the dungeon that makes it so boring. Perhaps if it was more challenging and more open to quests, it could be more interesting. What do you think?
  10. Just wanted to know what you think makes playing through the Irenicus Dungeon at the beginning to SoA so much boring, that Dungeon-Be-Gone has become one the most favourite mods out there.
  11. I think Ken is rebuilding it, and probably it isn't working for the time being due to that reason. Nothing specific, I guess.
  12. I pretty much liked the Baldur's Gate 2 plot, perhaps the Throne of Bhaal plot was not that good, but I guess it had a really cool story. Since I'm about to start an add-in mod for BG2, I would like to know what you think about where the BG2 plot could be improved.
  13. Eh.... Never thought of such a problem. Perhaps I'll include an idea manual in the next version.
  14. Eh, hi all! This is my first post, which I always wanted to make, but I didn't know what to post, so I decided to make an announcement about my item editor which was recently released: Cromwell's Smithy This utility allows the user to quickly create items of all kinds for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and its add-on Throne of Bhaal. It includes a nice skin, a wizard, which allows loading existing templates from all weapon categories, armor and ammunition, a completely revised version of .dat files, used for effect descriptions (thanks to IgiTeamBG) and lots lots more. Extraction from in-game files and bam viewing support are present as well. Get it from here: Cromwell's Smithy
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