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  1. Well i don't want you have mental break down! So take the need break and then get back to work.
  2. Well, the foundations were already written before Japh disappeared. He was having trouble with some of IWD's funkier commands, but Fred will be the IWD master when he finishes IWD1tutu, so there's always hope... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats cool! I hope it works out in the end!
  3. Thank you for making this conversion! You are you most awsome person, next to the Macready for EasyTutu. But i'm sadden that nobody is making Icewind Dale for the BG2 Engine. If i had wanted a custom party, i wouldve play mutiplayer part of the game. But i always enjoyed single player and recruiting NPC's. Too bad Icewind Dale was bias agaist npc party option. Grrr...
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