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  1. I'm running into the same problem, but I don't have those lines of code in my unique_containers_default.tpa file. Attached is the Debug file... SETUP-CDTWEAKS.DEBUG
  2. Coincidentally started a new game with this mod on Monday morning...I was using that new (to me) mod assembly tool so I don't know which version of this it grabbed (my Weidu log says v13, which doesn't seem to make much sense, as this thread is labeled Version 8.1.). So far I can report the following, though: My CHARNAME (dual F/T) got the keep on his own - no issues so far (just met with Lord Roenall and told him I'm not giving up the keep)...although I just finished the Maevar quest and Renal did NOT offer me the guild...I don't know if it's even possible in this mod for a player charac
  3. This is still a bug in the EE version of the game. Charname talks to Corrudan, and that sets off the sequence that ends with a cut scene of one of the sailors passing out, dialogue starts again, another sailor passes out, etc, until Corrudan's lovely bride cuts the party short, and he leaves with her, leaving you holding his keg. However, the first cut scene never triggers, and, unlike the poster above, talking to the sailors and then talking to Corrudan again will not trigger the scene (tried it three times). I can use EE keeper or the CLUA Console to give me the keg (for those with this prob
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