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  1. I'm seeing an intermittent occurrence of "blank" spots in random treasure throughout the game: for example, I'll open a chest in the de'Arnise Keep and see a scroll of Detect Illusion and a stack of Arrows of Piercing...and between the two of them is a blank space. If you click on it, it adds this invalid item to your inventory....which can then not be removed. Going over my list of mods, it seems like the likely culprit is the Remove Convenient Ammunition component (I have the option to remove non-magical ammunition installed). I've attached my WeiDU log. WeiDU.log
  2. I have noticed an annoying appearance of extraneous stackable items from items in containers: for example, there will be one of every type of potion in a potion case in the pile on the desk, as well as the potions still in the case as well. This happens with gems and scrolls as well, and makes inventory distribution an absolute bear, especially if you're OCD like me, and can't handle the items remaining as individual entities once you put them in a container: you have to remove everything from your containers, stack them in inventory, and then put them back in the container if you want them stacked in there. I've also noticed that wands are removed from containers as well, and, while not duplicated, are all reduced to one charge. As a workaround, I typically stash my containers in a barrel, either outside Spellhold or on Brynlaww, before entering the asylum. I haven't noticed any effects on anything else I carry in inventory, so the containers workaround is a minor issue for me. Overall, I think it's a great component. My only real quibble is that, used in conjunction with the improved shapeshifting component, it removes Jaheira's ability to change into a fire and/or earth elemental, which seems unfair for what's supposed to be an innate ability. Is there a way to leave the tokens off the list of items taken by Bodhi?
  3. Playing with the NPC Customization component for the first time , and encountered a problem with Cernd: when I leveled him up, he didn't immediately level up again; he just stayed at level 1. I had to kick him out of the party after every level; when he rejoined, he would level up, but just the one level....I would then have to kick him out, go through the joining dialogue, and add him to the party again to get to the next level. And he maxed out at level 7, not at the level 12 or 13 he should have, based on the current party average. I initially rejected him and told him I would meet him at the grove; I don't see why that would make a difference, but I thought I should include anything that might be relevant to his joining the group. No real problems with any other NPCs so far (the only ones I haven't yet recruited are Keldorn and Valygar), though it is a little annoying that Haer Daleis can only put one pip now in short swords instead of his unique two pips in the standard game. Update: Same thing happened with Imoen in Spellhold, although you can't kick her out without her going straight to the Copper Coronet, so I had to use the CLUA Console to raise her to he proper level. Additional Update: It makes no difference if you pick up Cernd right out of the jail cell: he still only levels up once.
  4. I'm running into the same problem, but I don't have those lines of code in my unique_containers_default.tpa file. Attached is the Debug file... SETUP-CDTWEAKS.DEBUG
  5. Coincidentally started a new game with this mod on Monday morning...I was using that new (to me) mod assembly tool so I don't know which version of this it grabbed (my Weidu log says v13, which doesn't seem to make much sense, as this thread is labeled Version 8.1.). So far I can report the following, though: My CHARNAME (dual F/T) got the keep on his own - no issues so far (just met with Lord Roenall and told him I'm not giving up the keep)...although I just finished the Maevar quest and Renal did NOT offer me the guild...I don't know if it's even possible in this mod for a player character (or an NPC, for that matter) to have more than one stronghold; I am the only thief in the party (and hate the thief stronghold anyway, so I'm not broken up about it). Cleric Stronghold with Anomen completed with no issues (other than me giving him shitty advice which wound up getting the duel guy killed. Ouch.) Paladin Stronghold with Keldorn completed with no issues Bard Stronghold with Haer'dalis in progress - no issues so far. Brus is not appearing, I'm assuming by design, since Haer'dalis tells me every now and then that he wants to check out how his play is going. Early days, yet. he just gave the snooty elf more money, so there's a LOT of play left. Druid Stronghold with Jaheira in progress...I think. We did the first quest with the troll no problem, but haven't gotten the second one yet. I BELIEVE it's been long enough between them, but I seem to remember there's a pretty big time delay between the first two quests, so I'm not at all sure this is broken. I DID think it broke my romance with her, as interjections stopped for a good long while, but then I remembered I had to sleep outside for the bandit attack. Dur. Rangers Stronghold with Minsc....and here come the bugs: Despite the nice note left by the townspeople telling me to enjoy the items they've left scattered about the cabin, the cabin is stripped completely bare. Not a single item to be found, besides the letter itself. The forest spirit appears in the slums, which may be legal in this mod, though I've never had it happen anywhere but Umar HIlls or the Temple Ruins in games WITHOUT this mod. Doubt this is a bug, but: noted for the record. Minsc slaughters Lord Igen and his crew with no attempt to negotiate! I'm sure this is intentional (and darkly amusing). However, Lord Igen and his crew spawn in the slums after this (after they've been killed). I can talk to his goons, but they only tell me to talk to Lord I. If I talk to Lord I, there is no response. Delon eventually appears to give me the second quest. However, when I get to Umar Hills, and talk to the Mayor (he gives his usual line about Madulf and Atta, only Minsc-specific this time), the cave is deserted. No ogrons outside, no Madulf and Atta inside. If I talk to the Mayor again, he repeats the dialog about having to save the ogre and the boy. I checked my saves from before Delon gave me the quest, and noticed that the journal entry for the Ranger stronghold was marked finished after the first quest with Lord I, although the quest that Delon assigns still gets added to the journal after he grants it...it just doesn't proceed. Wizard Stronghold: just about to enter the sphere with Edwin. No issues so far. Unfortunately, I didn't make a save right after Delon gave me the second quest, but I've included the save where I noticed Lord I in the slums (after he'd been killed) and another from a point after I'd spoken with the Mayor about the ogrons but they never showed up. I also included my Weidu log. BALDUR.SAV BALDUR.SAV WeiDU.log
  6. This is still a bug in the EE version of the game. Charname talks to Corrudan, and that sets off the sequence that ends with a cut scene of one of the sailors passing out, dialogue starts again, another sailor passes out, etc, until Corrudan's lovely bride cuts the party short, and he leaves with her, leaving you holding his keg. However, the first cut scene never triggers, and, unlike the poster above, talking to the sailors and then talking to Corrudan again will not trigger the scene (tried it three times). I can use EE keeper or the CLUA Console to give me the keg (for those with this problem, the keg is listed in EE under Misc items and is called Wilhelmus the Keg; for CLUA, the item code is "G3DRINK6"), but if anyone's still maintaining this mod, it would be nice if the problem could be fixed. I doubt there's a mod conflict, but it you'd like me to provide my weidu log, let me know.
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