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  1. I posted this on the Tweaks Anthology Beamdog topic a few days ago, but I've since had no reply, so I'm posting it here in the hopes I'll receive a response. I recently tried to install Tweaks Anthology v1 to my copy of PsT:EE, but I had to stop, because I kept getting asked if I wanted to install mods that the current readme says are incompatible with Planescape. To be fair, the installer did identify some of the incompatible mods and skipped them as it should. But when it kept asking me if I wanted to install incompatible mods it should have skipped, like Remove Helmet Animations, Avatar
  2. Well I'm not familiar with this particular save format, but it might not have been the viewing coordinates. I had to move the mouse down and right to get to the save button, and moving the mouse like that shifts the field view, especially since GemRB jacks the panning speed up to 11.
  3. I took one of the Infinity Saves, loaded it in GemRB, saved it as "Infinity Save in GemRB", then tried loading them both in Torment.exe just to make sure. The Infinity Save loaded, the GemRB Save did not. I've attached them both here; hopefully that will help find what's crashing the base game. Saves.zip
  4. I'll try following those installation instructions in a little while. In the meantime, I've attached my saves. The ones that start with "Infinity" work with the base game, while the ones that start with "GemRB" should only load in GemRB without crashing. And yeah, that word could've just as easily been "site"; I barely managed to capture the console just as the window was phasing out before it crashed, so the text was a little unclear. save.7z
  5. I re-ran the installer, and this time I managed to fix the "Can't locate 10pp/wrapper.pl" warning by copying it to 10pp/10pp/wrapper.pl, but then when I ran it like that, it tells me "Can't locate 10pp/wrapper.pl". If I add that to 10pp/10pp/ as well, it fixes the warning, but the installer goes into an infinite loop, constantly asking to install the party extender. I guess I REALLY don't know how to properly install this mod. So then I re-ran it in WeiDU again and just told it to uninstall the thing. But when I ran the base game again and tried to load the GemRB save, it still wouldn't open
  6. No, I didn't change the res. Maybe if I uninstall it, then reinstall it properly. I guess I didn't fully understand the instructions on the GitHub 10pp page. If you could tell me how to uninstall 10pp and then reinstall it properly, I think I can isolate the problem.
  7. Alright, so I opened setup-10pp.tp2 in the program Planescape Torment\WeiDU\WeiDU.exe, and though it gave me several warnings about not finding wrapper.pl, it says it installed successfully. But now the base game isn't working as well. See, I had two saves from the first level of the game that I could open and save in Infinity and GemRB interchangeably, but now I can only open them in GemRB, because if I try to run them in the base game, it crashes. Making new saves in the base game and loading them in the base game works just fine, it's just my old GemRB saves don't work anymore. I don't know
  8. Alright then, at least it doesn't make the game unplayable or anything, so until that's settled, I guess I'll focus on 10pp again now. If I install 10pp, and I have less than 7 party members, would there be any adverse effects on either base PST or GemRB PST? Or does the mod only affect the game when I try to recruit a 7th member?
  9. Yeah, as it turns out, you're right:
  10. On #1 I meant the intro videos, like the one with the fire-breathing dragon. I haven't checked the Morte scene yet. For #10, the ones I checked were TNO and Morte. Their portraits were hanging from the top-left edge of the screen.
  11. I'll try uninstalling it in a bit. In the meantime, I played PS:T with both the Infinity Engine and GemRB, and I noticed the following problems with build 3b4af56 under my current settings and mods: #1. FMV Cutscenes like the intro videos don't stretch with the screen like in the base game, they're played in a little box in the center the size of their original resolution. #2. Text on the pause menu buttons like "Load Game" and "Save Game" look blockier than in the main game, though that may be because it just doesn't recognize some elements of Ghostdog's new UI. #3. Some menu images look l
  12. Installing python and running latest build 3b4af56 fixed it. Planescape is loading just fine now; I guess the way GemRB scripts its GUI requires Python 2.7. I'll try running the 10pp Perl installer soon.
  13. The dll isn't read only or hidden, it wasn't deleted, and it should be readily accessible in the folder with the rest of the plugins. I don't know why GemRB won't load it. Does it require a prerequisite I don't have, like a specific version of Python?
  14. I've attached the full log output, but basically the main difference now is that after it says it can't load the GUIScript plugin it says "[PluginLoader/DEBUG]: Error: No such file or directory". I've already installed the non-GemRB version of The Bigg's Widescreen Mod v3.07 (because GhostDog's UI wouldn't install on the GemRB version). I also have 10pp in my Planescape directory, but I'm reluctant to run its Perl installer until I'm sure I can get GemRB to work. GemRB_log.txt
  15. I inverted the backslashes, but it didn't change things. I've attached my cfg as a txt, since cfg attachments are forbidden, apparently. Also, are you saying there's currently no way to have a 7-man party in Planescape? Does that feature currently need testing? GemRB.txt
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