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  1. Hi again. I swear I have the worst luck with broken campaign transitions in EET. Just like at the end of SoD, I'm having a bug transitioning to ToB. Basically, right after winning the first fight and being transported to the pocket plane, I get the conversation with the solar, then Sarevok gives the line "I have been waiting for you!" and the conversation ends. I googled a bit and some people were having similar issues even with the GoG version, something to do with SoA and ToB dialogs working differently. If I dismiss everyone from my party, I can go on with the conversation. I'm just wor
  2. Thank you, that fixed my issue! Everything works fine, except for the missing transition items that were already mentioned. Boo! WHERE IS BOO YOU EVIL MONSTER? What did Irenicus do with that poor innocent miniature giant space hamster?
  3. This SoD failed transition bug is definitely not fixed with a reload. The save game was too large (1.3MB) to attach to the forum post, so here it is on a google share : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B11xjGgW384qQTNKZlBURmw1Y2s I'm pretty sure the bug is caused by a dead Imoen. This is on an unmodded (if there's such a thing) EET 1.0rc7 install.
  4. I'm having trouble ending the SoD campaign. I think it's supposed to end now, as I exit the sewers after the trial, but nothing happens. There's the party waiting in the bottom right of the map, but from what I can read Imoen was supposed to spawn there as I exit the cave. She's nowhere to be found however. I have a save game right before exiting the cave, anyone has an idea on how to fix this? Edit: I don't know if that might have caused the issue, but at the start of the SoD campaign, when Imoen gets attacked by assassins, the backstab chunked her and did not only kill her. I thought
  5. Roxanne, you are awesome. I downloaded DLTC and after messing with things a few minutes I got it to work. I needed to do two things for this to work. First, I edited the script bd0108.bcs and I just removed Dynaheir's dead checks. I then ran C:SetGlobal("Sprite_is_Deaddynaheir","Global",0) to undo the *ahem* unfortunate gnoll event so that I would be able to interact with her. After this, when I got to the third floor, Minsc and Dynaheir spawned, as would have happened if I hadn't killed Dynaheir. It's also "my" Minsc, 19 STR, equipment, XP and everything, I didn't have to do anything
  6. I just tried spawning him and Dynaheir as you said, and it worked, but it's not "my" Minsc. His STR was supposed to be 19 from a using a Tome. Let's say I ignore this, will I get back my 19 STR version in BG2 or will he be replaced by the SoD fake Minsc?
  7. Ok, so let's say I want to pretend I left Dynaheir in a house somewhere by herself instead of *cough* sending her naked into a pack of gnolls. Is it enough to change the Dynaheir's STATE_REALLY_DEAD variable before I enter the inn? I can't go on without Minsc and Boo, I just can't.
  8. That was exactly my issue. I saw it on the map as unreachable, after going to Ulgoth's Beard, and I spent 30 minutes trying to figure how to get there. In the game, it's 3 maps east of Beregost, but on the map it shows in a completely different place. It's not even anywhere *near* where it shows on the map. Another easy solution would be to unlock fast-travel to the tower right away when you're told its location. Or unlock it for fast-travel where it shows on the map in addition to its actual location, if modifying the map is too much work. It should be fixed in any case, no?
  9. I think I've found a bug in EET. Minsc did not spawn in his room at the Three Kegs. Dynaheir died in BG1 for me, but Minsc was in my party when I killed Sarevok. Could it be caused by the fact that Dynaheir was dead? In any case, Minsc should be recruitable even if Dynaheir isn't, after all it's clear he makes it to BG2 with you, so it doesn't make sense that he's nowhere to be found. Is there a way for me to spawn him using the console?
  10. There is a problem with the location of Durlag's tower. It was moved in BGEE to 3 maps east of Beregost and cannot be reached from any adjoining map area on the big map. The map con is simply in the wrong place.
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