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  1. I don't see any .mrk files in TDD and TDDz folders.
  2. It occurred to me that I might have made a mistake checking which mod was causing crashes on worldmap. So when I was reinstalling BGEET instead of full mod package I chose only The Darkest Day. Just to check if it will cause any crashes by itself. And It did Game is freezing and crashing on worldmap screen again, which is strange considering TDD is already translated to other languages. Mods affecting WORLDMAP.WMP: 00000: ~TDDZ/SETUP-TDDZ.TP2~ 2 0 // TDD - Core: v1.2 EET worldmap.bmp after TDD installation: worldmap.7z WeiDU.log Edit1: .tra files in \Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition\TDDz\Translations\Polish are ANSI encoded. Edit2: All .tra files (including worldmap.tra) for polish localization in TTD and TTDz subfolders are ANSI encoded :/
  3. Mods affecting WORLDMAP.WMP: 00000: ~DSOTSC/DSOTSC.TP2~ 0 0 // Dark Side of the Sword Coast (DSotSC): v3.0 00001: ~TDDZ/SETUP-TDDZ.TP2~ 2 0 // TDD - Core: v1.2 00002: ~REUNION/SETUP-REUNION.TP2~ 0 0 // The Reunion mod for Baldur's Gate II: v1 BWP Fix 00003: ~TOTDG/SETUP-TOTDG.TP2~ 3 0 // Colours of Infinity: Tales of the Deep Gardens: 10.1 BWP Fix 00004: ~INNERSHADE/SETUP-INNERSHADE.TP2~ 2 0 // Colours of Infinity: Innershade: 7.2 BWP Fix 00005: ~WHITEQUEEN/WHITEQUEEN.TP2~ 3 0 // Colours of Infinity - The White Queen: 4.1 BWP Fix 00006: ~EILISTRAEE/SETUP-EILISTRAEE.TP2~ 0 0 // Eilistraee's Song: 3.4 BWP Fix 00007: ~FISHINGFORTROUBLE/SETUP-FISHINGFORTROUBLE.TP2~ 0 0 // Core Files: Fishing for Trouble by Yovaneth: 3.1.3 00008: ~ARESTORATIONP/SETUP-ARESTORATIONP.TP2~ 0 7 // Przywrocenie losowych spotkan: v8.2.7 BWP Fix 2 00009: ~ARESTORATIONP/SETUP-ARESTORATIONP.TP2~ 0 8 // Pomniejsze przywrocenia: v8.2.7 BWP Fix 2 00010: ~ARESTORATIONP/SETUP-ARESTORATIONP.TP2~ 0 11 // Przywrocony ostatni sen o Zabojcy: v8.2.7 BWP Fix 2 00011: ~G3ANNIVERSARY/SETUP-G3ANNIVERSARY.TP2~ 0 0 // The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod: v9 BWP Fix 00012: ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ 6 1030 // Odslon obszary dziczy przed rozdzialem szostym: Beta 5 It seems that mod number 2 on above list was causing crashes on world map: REUNION/SETUP-REUNION.TP2~ 0 0 // The Reunion mod for Baldur's Gate II: v1 BWP Fix
  4. It kinda works with worldmap file without mod icons
  5. According to Mod Compatibility List for EET and BWS it should be. It still crashes after overwriting worldmap.wmp file My previous worldmap file: worldmap.7z
  6. After automatic BWS installation with mod list based on "Tactical" selection my EET game freezes and eventually crashes when I try to enter worldmap screen. At first I thought that it is fault of BP-BGT Worldmap or Borderless Screen Worldmap, but after new installation without those mods the game still keeps freezing on worldmap. Any idea what mod could cause this ? WeiDU-BGEE.log WeiDU.log
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