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  1. I'll only comment on your above two quoted points, as those are the only ones I have experience with: 1) I'm also running a manual install of EET v1.0rc7.2b on Windows 7 64-bit - with the only other mods in my install order being BG1UB, BG1 Classic Movies, BG2UB, Tweaks Anthology, and a few of the EET Tweaks - and did not encounter your installation problem with the core EET files (despite having to install the games and all mod files on several separate occasions for different reasons). Regardless, you'll likely need to post the full contents of your WeiDU.log and WeiDU-BGEE.log to show which specific mods you're using (and in which install order) for others here to be able to help you. 2) I've already reported the map zoom issue on the official Beamdog bug report database - http://redmine.beamdog.com/issues/28595. Looks like a vanilla BG engine issue. Good luck!
  2. Alright, I'll just delete the .ini file and move on - thanks again everyone!
  3. Yeah, me again - I've completed the reinstall and started up a new party, but I did notice one last thing - my baldur.ini (below) still has a reference to "3E Thief Sneak Attack", which I didn't install this time in EET Tweaks (I did a complete uninstall/reinstall of BG1, BG2, and all six mods, and have started a fresh save, but I accidentally kept my old save folders so the old baldur.ini apparently carried over). Is this an issue? If so, would it be safe/effective to delete the reference? (I've already started a new save and would really like to avoid another restart if I 100% safely can.) baldur.ini
  4. agb1 - never mind on my last question, I saw EET Tweaks setup .exe was only WeiDU version 2.38x, so I updated that one to 2.4 as well using your tip. Sam. - see you worked on the BGEE Classic Movies mod. Very nice work. I think I'm finally good to go - cheers to everyone who provided advice and suggestions; really appreciate it!
  5. Great - that worked! So I see the WeiDU setup .exes for UB1, UB2, and CD Tweaks (which are older than version 2.4) are 953kb, and for BGEE Classic Movies and EET (which are version 2.4) are 962kb - that all makes sense. But the EET Tweaks setup, supposed to be at 2.4 according to the install log file text, is only 948kb; I'd expect it to be 962kb like the others. Is that an issue, or can I just ignore that one and "fix" the UB1, UB2, and CD Tweaks .exes by your copy/rename method (using the EET setup .exe as a base)?
  6. Ah, I didn't realize I could just copy the EET setup .exe (for example, since it's at WeiDU 2.40 already) and rename it to another setup .exe like that (sorry if someone told me this and I somehow missed it). But looks like I can't do that with cdtweaks, since the latest version starts as an automatic installer rather than a WeiDU setup file (though it gets converted to a WeiDU file later of course - I'm just not comfortable messing around with that install setup to somehow update that version to 2.4). So guess I'll just hope for the best with the mods I installed under 2.38 and 2.39. While I'm doing that - any issues reported with the Minimum Stats Cheat from the anthology? I think I'm a bit burned out on all the new character stats re-rolling for a while, ha.
  7. Nice. So I think I'm finally ready (8,000 questions for you all later, lol) to play for real. I admit I still don't quite understand if it's possible to have caused a problem with my installation workaround for the WeiDU version checking (i.e. temporarily moving one mod's WeiDU setup .exe out of the game folder before installing the next), but I'm trusting that it's not an issue with my setup of only 6 mods.
  8. Thanks - I can live without all of those, though I did like the Unique Containers tweak... but better safe than sorry. So how about this for a final loadout? To summarize the differences between this and my original install, I've now a) put UB before CD Tweaks, b) removed the CD Tweaks (four) and EET Tweaks (one) components you noted have been reported for bugs, and c) removed most of the EET Tweaks components (though I'm still not sure about a few I've been unable to test in-game - #11, 20, 21, 28). WEI-DU.LOG (final?)
  9. subtledoc - thanks for the confirmation. It's sounding more and more like the EET Tweaks components aren't too reliable just yet (which isn't surprising, since it's still in beta!).
  10. Sorry, I just edited them out of my post - I really didn't install them this time, I just copied them into my message by mistake! I also got rid of a few other EET Tweaks components I wasn't sure about. Here's the correct version again: WEI-DU.LOG
  11. Considering everyone's valuable feedback, I've decided to discard the game I started and reinstall everything from scratch, since I want my 200+ planned hours in EET to be as seamless and bug-free as possible. Now that I'm completing my reinstall much more carefully than the first time, I confirmed there were absolutely no errors or warnings in any of the debug/install logs for the six mods I'm using. Of these, BG1UB and BG1 Classic Movies were installed to the BG1 game folder, and EET, BG2UB, Tweaks Anthology, and EET Tweaks were installed to the BG2 game folder, all in that order and per the specific instructions at http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27741. However, I've confirmed the WeiDu version for BG1 Classic Movies, EET, and EET Tweaks is 2.40, for BG1UB and BG2UB is 2.39, and for the Tweaks Anthology is 2.38. This is apparently what's been causing my install "version-checking" errors (see the SETUP-UB.DEBUG copied below for the exact errors), so I used my workaround again and temporarily moved the setup .exes for the mods I installed first out of the game folder before installing the next mods. I don't think that's a problem, given the popularity of the UB and Anthology mods and Roxanne's comments on my mod selection. If it is a problem, I'm not sure how anyone is managing to install these mods together (I'm always installing to non-protected folders, i.e. C:\Games\Baldur's Gate EE\ and C:\Games\Baldur's Gate II EE\, have full permissions in those folders, and have fully excluded C:\Games\* from my anti-virus). SETUP-UB.DEBUG That said, is there anything in my WeiDU log below (includes WeiDU-BGEE.log contents at beginning of file) that looks off, or should I finally be ready to go? WEI-DU.LOG You all have been incredibly patient and helpful with my many questions. I really appreciate the assist!
  12. Sounds like a good idea (though I think you meant possible issues would be due to having cdtweaks installed "before" UB, not "after"? - I have cdtweaks before UB). As you said, I don't think I'll lose much that way (I simply won't see the BG1/SoD areas on the world map in BG2, and that should be it), and I should be able to export my custom characters just before the end of SoD and import them back in through "Create Party" at the start of SoA. Thanks! I appreciate the info - I do think that is the default EET core behavior (i.e. unchanged from BG1/BG1EE, which would make sense). And I just upgraded all my toons' metal weapons to +1s, so I'm good to roll now anyway. Since I'm now planning to start a fresh reinstall when I get ready for BG2 (first UB, then CDTweaks, then EET Tweaks with some of the tweaks left out), can anyone confirm whether "3E Thief Sneak Attack" from EET Tweaks is working? Though I'm unsure it would be safe to change that even at the start of BG2 if I'm going to be importing my custom Fighter/Thief who already played BG1 with the tweak installed...
  13. I don't know what a is (lol), but I don't see any of them in my log which I posted again below, so I guess I'm OK? I reeeeeeeally don't want to reinstall my setup now if I don't absolutely have to, as that would risk breaking my current playthrough, whereas I haven't had a specific reason to change anything yet (what started this was my asking about a couple EET Tweaks which actually don't work for anybody) and if it's not broke, I'd rather not try to fix it!
  14. Jarno - just to be clear though, if I have no intention of changing/reinstalling anything in my mod setup any further (I don't), I shouldn't have incurred any "harm" to my current game, right? I posted my WeiDu log earlier, and aside from a couple experimental EET Tweaks that I think don't work at all for anyone, haven't seen any actual problems about 30 hours into my playthrough.
  15. OK, thanks again for your clear explanation Roxanne! Still curious about my other two questions (confirming that only non-magical BG1 weapons breaking (and not armor/helmets/shields) is in fact the default EET mechanic, and that 3E Thief Sneak Attack" EET Tweak isn't working but I should still be OK with it left in my install order) - anyone know on those?
  16. The weidu issue you are referring to is a thing of the past and there no longer should be any issue with the version used in EET. What you see is this - weidu will automatically update all setup....exe's to the highest version it finds in your game folder, in current EET this would be weidu 2.40. In case some mod package contains an older version, this would be upgraded automatically. This is how it should be, no issue. (In the past there were cases where this update failed at times, e.g.when you installed your game in a protected folder which did not allow update of exe files, or similar. In EET this problem should not exist, so just extract all your mods and run the setups - or let BWS do it for you.) Thanks for the explanation Roxanne, but that's strange, since I did install the latest versions of all the WeiDu mods and always use unprotected folders in Windows 7 like "C:\Games\Baldur's Gate 2 EE", but still got the error for at least one or two mods last week when I installed my EET setup (though maybe the currently available UB is a bit outdated? - can't remember, though probably so, because I did need to patch the UB files first per the instructions at http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27741). But again, it sounds like it's not a problem in my current setup, since I assume the first mods' setup .exes don't need to be present anyway for another mod to install; they're just there in case I want to change/uninstall an old mod later - at least that's what I'm thinking.
  17. Thanks for the advice all - to be safe, since I haven't noticed any real problems in game, I think I'll leave the install as is and report problems if I see any (appreciate help is here if I need it!). And I guess only non-magical BG1 weapons breaking (and not armor/helmets/shields) is in fact the default EET mechanic, so I'm still OK there. I think the "3E Thief Sneak Attack" EET Tweak isn't working either, since I don't see any change to the "backstab" entry in my thief's skills screen and don't know how to verify through the in-game feedback, but it sounds like these "broken" tweaks won't really cause any harm if they're installed - they simply won't work, right? Finally, a basic question about installing mods in WeiDu I was reminded of by Grim's comment on my install order. Both when I did a BGT install a year ago and now an EET install, I found that sometimes if I tried to install one WeiDu mod to a game folder after another was already installed in that folder, I'd get an error message right after clicking the second mod's WeiDu .exe file which would first list the earlier mod's WeiDu .exe and note its WeiDu version, then try to somehow "update" the WeiDu version and fail, terminating the new mod's install before it even started (I'd rather not try to generate the exact error again since I'm still scared to reinstall anything...). I finally realized this time (which is the reason I ended up with UB installed after the Anthology, even though I originally wanted it installed before like Grim suggested) that if I first moved the first mod's .exe out of the game folder (e.g. "setup-ub.exe") before installing the next one in that folder (e.g. "setup-cdtweaks.exe"), the error wouldn't occur and the next mod seemed to install without a hitch. Is this actually expected - i.e. do you really need to move previous mods' WeiDu setup/install .exes out of game folders before installing others later, or is this a sign of an issue on my end? If so, considering again that the game seems to be running fine with every installed tweak so far (except for the couple broken experimental EET Tweaks mentioned above), hopefully I can still leave things as is. Cheers for all the help with my questions on the forums these past couple days - good community here!
  18. I was just pointed to this topic by GrimLefoubre from a discussion I joined on the EET Tweaks subforum (http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=28432), and thought it might be best to confirm with the EET core folks here. I installed the latest unreleased versions of EET (v1.0 RC2.7b) and EET Tweaks (v1.4), but not knowing at the time that the "adjust BG1 weapon/shield/armor/helmet shattering chance" tweaks in EET Tweaks aren't actually working yet, I installed those four tweaks to attempt to "disable" all the shattering mechanics. However, I was just now pointed to K4thos's 10 August 2016 post in this topic that noted "Iron Crisis has been removed from 1.0 releases for non-weapon items (it has been moved to unreleased new version of EET_Tweaks)". So my two questions: 1) Would it be safe to leave the four installed (but not actually working) "disable shattering" tweaks from EET Tweaks installed/as is? (I'm leery from past experience with the Tweaks Anthology of uninstalling any mods/tweaks in the middle of a playthrough, and I'm pretty far along right now.) 2) Are the current EET core shattering mechanics still the same as in BG1/BG1EE vanilla - i.e. only weapons shatter, and never shields/armor/helmets? (That's what seems to be happening in my game, and I want to make sure that's how it should be.) My WeiDU log, in case it's relevant and/or I have some other non-working tweak installed that might "break" my save file somehow, if that's even possible:
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