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    I still enjoy modding games after doing it for 36 years. Beyond that I enjoy sipping coffee on cool mornings, and listening to birds.
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    Years ago when I was more active, I contributed to two NPC mods (Saerileth & Yasraena by Sillara and nethrin), the development of Near Infinity by Jon Olav Hauglid (lots of beta testing), and Dudleyville's many pre-WeiDU BG1 bug fixes. I also enjoy contributing to the IESDP when I can.

    My localized modding is limited to the EE games, and IWD2 which in some ways is still more advanced than the EE. I can't justify working twice as hard to support an older engine, even though I modded them to death when they were new. I prefer the advanced features of the newer engine (EE), which allows more to be done, in more ways.

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  1. Amended my post with an update, and posting this because edits don't update the forum's activity list.
  2. Yes, also Ninjatō. On topic: my main gripes are technical; I wish Beamdog had implemented IWD2's simplified spell duration, and hadn't overloaded version 1.0 structural resources, which have a history of different versions per game/engine version.
  3. Container flags, according to IESDP and NI anyway " bit 1: Disable if no owner " for EE. The name field is 32 bytes, same as scriptnames in other structures, so I doubt it will take dialog tokens like <GABBER> which are reserved for strings in the TLK file. I suppose I could fiddle with it again this weekend since my IWDEE game is set up for playing and I have a new character standing in the tavern. ... I did some additional testing in both IWD Complete (GoG) and IWDEE (GoG) with no discernible results. Owner name doesn't matter, owner's scriptname doesn't matter; container flags pertaining to owner have no effect. The "owner" who was standing nearby didn't react either. Sure, I could have used a script to cause him to do something after I took the gem from the container, but that's what all the other games do too; no owner name necessary. Even the other container in the inn with a name (for the dwarf who isn't in the Inn) uses a script to cause the dwarf to take action if a lockpick attempt failed. Again, the owner name is irrelevant. On the other hand, the owner name could have merely been a clue to the developer's world builders that the container belonged to someone, so add a script or something if action was deemed necessary..
  4. I have, by ensuring I had valid owner names, having said owner standing nearby, using flags. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted on the subject. Feel free to test it yourself.
  5. If you check the IESDP this flag is colored as an "unknown, but maybe it does this?" value. Looks like the devs were playing with it in IWD classic and it was ported into IWDEE; AR1008 has a container with Erevain's name on it but no flag. Another container there has an unused dwarf's name and a script to hide him if a lockpick attempt failed on the container. I've gone through looting containers and nobody reacted, and the containers didn't do anything special. *shrug*
  6. Is this in the EE? If so you could look at Yoshimo's sword and notice the Restrict Item effect; it is set to use the character's script name (kept in their CRE file) which effectively prevents the item from being equipped by anyone not having that script name.
  7. Ah, the price of progress. Have you seen The Gray Stone Mod for BG1EE? It's wonderful that the UI for the EE can be modified to suit one's tastes. As for the campaign changes, they are superficial and can be modded to be as they used to be, if someone feels strongly enough about them. I really enjoy the more advanced engine beneath the EE Infinity Engine games after many years of dealing with the limitations of the older games. Also, Argent77 has made a Convenient NPCs mod for those who prefer having a more classic experience in that regard.
  8. It seems that way. Generally, if the format is consistent, so is the behavior.
  9. Apparently the Quick Slots are a subset of the MISC0 through MISC19 inventory slots. Which end, I don't know. CRE Format (scroll down) The link shows the actual order of the slots but doesn't correlate it with the slots.ids values, so you'll have to experiment to find out which of the MISC slots are backpack and which are quick item.
  10. For the games you're concerned about all have 20 (IWD2 has 24) such MISC slots for backpack locations, and all have them declared in SLOTS.IDS. That includes classic as well as EE. Incoming 20-trigger OR! Except, BG1 classic doesn't have the OR trigger, so you'll have to resort to other means if you intend to support that game. Perhaps an AND block consisting of checking all non-MISC slots. That would almost work for the other non-PST games too, except IWD2 which has additional equipment slots.
  11. Try checking his script (KELDORN.BCS) and modify this block: IF InParty(Myself) GlobalTimerExpired("KeldornMetPlayer","GLOBAL") OR(2) ReputationGT(Player1,14) ReputationLT(Player1,9) See(Player1) !StateCheck(Player1,STATE_SLEEPING) CombatCounter(0) Global("KeldornJudgement","LOCALS",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("KeldornJudgement","LOCALS",1) Interact(Player1) END The setting of the Judgement variable is what enables his hostile conversation. It checks if he's in the party, if his timer expired, your reputation, and if he's passed judgment on you yet. Then it sends you off into conversation. Note that conversations are usually triggered by scripts, so check scripts first when you're looking to change a companion's behavior toward you or another party member..
  12. I noticed the weird pattern too. GemRB list (in order) runs from Bits 0 to 7 of 4th Field, Bits 0 to 7 of the 3rd Field, then Bits 0 to 7 of the 2nd Field. It's like the devs started filling in the exclusion data from the final field back to the first.
  13. I double-checked with NI including Cera Sumat and it looks great, order included. Thanks for the update and for putting up with me. Modding is easy, documenting is hard.
  14. Good call, I corrected the offsets. Yes I meant 0x29 hex and downward.
  15. The only thing I referred to in the header is the missing Half-Orc racial flag. The kit exclusion flags, which I posted the offsets to, are separate, as in BG2. I looked at Cera Sumat and indeed it blocks classes in the header, but it also blocks all but the Paladin kits in the four kit usability fields further into the file (starting at offset 0x41) I posted this because IESDP and NI don't cover these fields for IWD2. I also tested all of this in-game.
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