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    I still enjoy modding games after doing it for 36 years. Beyond that I enjoy sipping coffee on cool mornings, and listening to birds.
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    Years ago when I was more active, I contributed to two NPC mods (Saerileth & Yasraena by Sillara and nethrin) and the development of Near Infinity by Jon Olav Hauglid (lots of beta testing).
  1. Endurium

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    Ah yes, those. I also disable (via no-drop flag) mundane (non-magical) equipment from dropping from creatures so I don't end up with hundreds of short swords, leather armors, etc.
  2. Endurium

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    NPC Schedules expanded to more ... NPCs! Would mostly apply to people in civilized areas and those having homes in the country; up at dawn, gone (presumably to bed) at sunset. For added realism, could have sleeping NPCs on beds, or floors if there aren't any beds, with opposing schedules so it appears our hard-working farmer has gone to sleep. Obviously not a good tweak for people who don't want to wait until morning to turn in a quest, but might be enjoyable to some role players in the community.
  3. On BGEE only, location 0x44 in the "Worldmap Entry" substructure contains an offset to where AR1000 (Ulgoth's Beard) is in the "Area Entry" list. Because it is not present in BG2EE though the SoA map has additional DLC areas, I suspect this was for marking where Tales Expansion areas appeared in the Area Entry list. For modding purposes it doesn't seem important since the area count at 0x0020 (Worldmap Entry) includes all additional Area Entries. The eight bytes between the "BGEE Flags" field and this offset are unknown. That leaves 112 unknown bytes at the end of the "Worldmap Entry".
  4. Endurium

    Removing gender/race checks from romance scripts

    There are four gender checks in Neera.BCS; if you change all of them you should be good to go until SOD. I checked her dialogs in the main campaign and there aren't any gender checks there or in any other scripts pertaining to her (SOD not included; I don't have it installed to check). Edit: oops I missed that you're using EET but there still may be four gender checks in her main script, not just two.
  5. Endurium

    Random EE patch rambling

    Looks like BGEE/SoD are finally updating to 2.5 on certain clients. I'm waiting on GoG to update my library there..
  6. Endurium

    Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

    Ah depreciation; I removed it on my end after finding an EE bug where if I tried to sell a stack of items to a store with depreciation, it would refuse the transaction because a code bug rendered the items valueless (wrong math apparently, the depreciation devaluing them to zero). Selling them one by one or in smaller stacks overcame this. So yeah a no-depreciation tweak would be helpful to everyone
  7. We could do 6d5 (split as 2x 3d5), but it's still not the same distribution. The more dice involved, the less likely you are to get an extreme value, high or low (visit anydice.com for the graphical curve), plus now it's bumped the minimum damage to 6 instead of 5. Like I said, it's suboptimal mathematically, but consistent with how it was done everywhere else. This is why we added the save-for-half flag to the damage opcode in the EEs. I see, and thanks for the link and the flag in EE; glad I moved on to EE modding (excepting IWD2 of course).
  8. Just theorizing here; would it be possible (i.e. would the engine allow it) if you swapped the values internally to a 6d5 and divided it 3d5 always plus 3d5 if save is failed (or in D&D terms 6d5, 3d5 if save successful)? That would provide a perfect division if it could be done. It seems like the die values might accept any numeric value and I have no idea if the engine only accepts classic die sizes.
  9. Endurium

    EFF V2.0 file format bug

    Are you using Argent77's NI fork? It's the most up to date version I'm aware of and presents EFF 2.0 as you say it should be. https://github.com/Argent77/NearInfinity/
  10. Endurium

    Reducing scrolls loot

    Ah the memories; first time playing I notice "oh, Bioware decided Imoen had to be a mage because powergaming..." so I loaded her up with the scrolls and had her read them. Then we escaped. What Silverstar suggests will work if you are willing to use a tool to extract/modify the 2da. After all, it's not too hard to find a scroll vendor before leaving the city.
  11. Per the IESDP https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/scripting/actions/iwd2actions.htm I suspect this action actually is specific to the creature using it; it is primarily used in cutscenes and seems to be actor-specific. Additionally, the player character can make use of it via an AI script. When used on the player character, it functions similarly to EE opcode 262 (Visual Range) but is not capped. IWD2 scripts use values of 0 (blind), 25 and 99/100. The value 25 corresponds approximately to the limit of opcode 262. Greater values work but are subject to LOS and can lead to visual fog-of-war glitches if not used in open areas (nothing blocking LOS). If the player character uses a value of 0 or 1, no other NPCs will be rendered as the fog of war will cover everything. (They can still see you, of course.) Just mentioning this because the way the description is worded I thought I wouldn't be able to use it. Naturally, I tried it anyway.
  12. Endurium

    Not so open, a Bioware take on open source

    Interesting read to go with morning coffee, thanks. Bioware didn't have to start with nothing; thankfully SSI did D&D turn-based adventures several years earlier, and though they didn't garner a modding community there are now tools (such as Gold Box Companion) to allow the player (who can still get the games on gog dot com) to modify the games and play them with a UI add-on, among other things. I really enjoyed the turn-based combat and the tactics I could pull off with it. Initially it took me awhile to adjust to Bioware's real-time system; I recall slowing the game down to 20fps helped in that regard. I remember when TeamBG started making mod tools and we discussed modding on Black Isle's forums when they existed. Eventually the first companion mod (Tashia as I recall) was released and things exploded after that. Was also fun to contribute to Near Infinity's initial development, which I still use today in large measure. One other thing has changed in the business model for making video games, which Beamdog is using among others. Rather than letting their paid QA staff handle all the bug hunting, the community is invited to assist with the work, unpaid, by contributing to the bug database and whatnot. Playing beta-releases became more common as it was found that fans of the game would happily volunteer their time and energy to help crush game bugs. It's also a testament to the games that the community is still going strong almost 20 years after BG's first release, helped in part by the release of the Enhanced Editions.
  13. Endurium

    Detect SoD via Trigger

    Can't hurt for her to try but I don't know if it will help because the game doesn't classify SoD or BP as DLC, but rather Campaigns From BGEE.LUA with SoD installed: Infinity_AddDLC( 'dorn', 'DLCDN', 31092, 31093, 'BGEE_IOS_DORN', 'baldursgate_android_dorn' ) Infinity_AddDLC( 'neera', 'DLCNE', 31090, 31091, 'BGEE_IOS_NEERA', 'baldursgate_android_neera' ) Infinity_AddDLC( 'manley', 'DLCP1', 31094, 31095, 'BGEE_IOS_PORTRAITPACK1', 'baldursgate_android_portraitpack1' ) Infinity_AddDLC( 'voice', 'DLCV1', 31096, 31097, 'BGEE_IOS_VOICEPACK1', 'baldursgate_android_voicepack1' ) ... START_CAMPAIGN_BG = 1, START_CAMPAIGN_BP = 2, START_CAMPAIGN_SOD = 3, Also when Sarevok dies and SoD is installed, the cutscene executes a MoveToCampaign("SoD") action referring to Campaign.2da which has all the necessary map/resource switches. All uses of HasDLC() in script refer to the BeamDog companions.
  14. Endurium

    Random EE patch rambling

    Well, BG2EE 2.5 is finally out so now I'm just waiting on BGEE 2.5 so I can prepare my chronological play-through (IWDEE => IWD2 -> BGEE -> BG2EE)
  15. Endurium

    Detect SoD via Trigger

    It's a shame Beamdog didn't add a HasCampaign trigger to go with their HasDLC trigger (which checks DLC companions) I suspected AreaCheckObject might not work but after seeing it in Baldur.bcs I figured maybe... alas. Jarno's idea works best if you're installing with WeiDU anyway. No need to override triggers if you've got a global variable you can check at any time, from any place.