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  1. I'm sure most have heard the tale of "The Tortoise and the Hare". Bri is the Toroise. Some modders are like the Hare. At the beginning we get a flurry of activity and then...nothing. Bri seems to move at a glacial pace, but what does get produced, is of great quality. Colstan
  2. Thank you for the response, sir! It was the big "ker-splash" at the end that seems a bit odd, but I think I get it. At some point, how about posting another one of the early flirts where charname and Jelina are still timid about their feelings? Not necessarily right now, just whenever you decide to tease us once again. Colstan
  3. Grim, This is my first time posting in this forum though I've been following Jelina for some time now. I haven't said much simply because there hasn't been much to say; Jelina appears quite promising. However, I must say that I agree with Shades o' Grey. From my perspective, this bathing flirt sounds cramped, uncomfortable and messy. Plus, the staff at the inn might be a bit PO'd with all the water splashing on the floor. The "eye candy" for charname is likely pleasing but tromping around like a wet dog might not. That's my take on it. Just one man's opinion. Question: is that the
  4. "The greatest power is often simple patience." - E. Joseph Cossman "With time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes satin. With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown." - Chinese proverb
  5. I'm in agreement with Raltar. It's been over a year since I played BG2 and Delainy is a major incentive for me to do so again. The dialogues that have been posted are excellent and the "stargazing" LT is the best LT I have ever read. Colstan
  6. I hope everything works out well for you in the end, Bri. You've been a real trooper over these past years. Colstan
  7. To Ern, If it's all Cam's fault then I'll go yell at him now. (Just kidding.) Seriously, I know he's been busy too but Bri has been more visible with updates so I figured I'd address her. Note, I have not placed blame on *anyone*. I am just voicing a concern that I have. To Bri, I'm glad you didn't think I was harsh, sometimes forum posts can be misinterpreted. I am looking forward a great deal to Del and want to voice my support, in my own fashion. I have not been as active here at G3 as other forums (just ask Ern) but do check in every day. To Colstan, Ern and Bri, Weird
  8. Bri, Instead of adding in another "pokes Bri to see if it's done yet", I'll address what I believe to be the real concern. Del has been in development for over two years now and I've been watching the whole time. It is admirable that you have stayed with the project for so long. Many other modders would have abandoned their work long ago. However, I find it frustrating that you're putting your energies into an *old* project. Tashia is a nice mod but I finished playing her in May of 2003 and that was version 2.0, well after the original release. There are probably some folks who have no
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