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  1. Congrats for the new version Bartimaeus! I'm using an older version (1.08 maybe?) with a heavily modded game (1pp, megamods + kitchen sink), and apart from the dart issue we discussed about in august there haven't been any significant bugs that I have noticed. I haven't paid very much attention to every detail such as percentages of resistances or usability flags, just because in a megamod game there are myriad of items, but at least we'll see how IRR reacts with other mods. I am however, using a classic BGT game so I can't help you with EE.
  2. It's the same with all merchants so far (Candlekeep, FAI, Nashkel). I have attached change-logs of dart01.itm, one of current install (27 gold for stack of 10), and another of a recent install without any IR component, which works normally. It's weird, but by no means a deal breaker. change-log-Without-IR.txt change-log-With-Revised-IR.txt
  3. A short status update of my recent BWS-BGT install (using your version 1.07 and 1.02b 1pp-patch) ; so far everything seems to be working just fine, both 1pp and IR content are happily co-existing with zillion other mods (nice to see those weapons finally aligning with elven avatars). One question though, does your mod alter IR store revisions? I'm asking because darts for some reason cost 27 gold for 10 pcs. I have moved store revisions component after SR, aTweaks and RR as per IR readme, I don't know if this is still required/recommended.
  4. Thank for this! I'm planning to do again one of my bit unorthodox BWS installs, and this will definitely be included.
  5. I think the OP actually manually paused BWS at some point, but (I don't know if you are aware of this), you can order a pre-emptive pause when you are choosing your mods in BWS. Just find SCS, right click, and choose "Pause before the mod", and then continue as you see fit. It might just be that pausing the BWS for a moment before mods that heavily modify files (tweaks, BP, SCS) will be enough to solve the problem (ie. Out of Memory actually means Out of Memory). I recall having a similar problem when installing a megamod on a machine that was more than enough for BG2, but evidently underpower
  6. Hi! I'm having the same issue Bob was, having re-sent authorization a time or two now. Edit: authorized now, thank you! Hello! I'm having the same issue as gentlemen above. First I thought outlook.com is bouncing those posts but it seems that is not the case. Regards from Enkku. Edit: Working, thank you.
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