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  1. Thanks for doing this! It will make portrait management much easier. Will the selected portraits show up during the ToB epilogues, or will the game display the standard BGII ones?
  2. I hate to go all fanboy, but this is unbelievably cool! Let me know if you ever need somebody to proofread or edit text.
  3. Take your time and make it to your satisfaction. We'll stay patient. (heck, I still have a bunch of SoA to do with Fade, and then there will be a full replay of SoA and ToB with Tashia, so I'm booked for the next couple of months anyway)
  4. She'll romance any male human/elf/half-elf according to the FAQ. There was some discussion (iirc) that acting evil may break the romance, however.
  5. The only problem with the portrait is that it's very tempting to steal it for use by a female PC.
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