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  1. The "renaming trick" did work and the remaining components were installed successfully! (I've restored the original KEY20.ITM after the whole IR installation being completed) Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the reply! I'm installing everything inside a VirtualBox. So, before trying the suggested workaround I've restored my virtual machine to a snapshot right before the SpellRevision installation (at this state the main component of ItemRevisions had already been installed early in my install order - according to my weidu.log). Afterwards I did the suggested workaround but to no avail. SUrprisingly, I've received the same error message (even after double checking that KEY20.ITM had been moved out of the override folder). Should the KEY20.ITM be moved out of the override folder
  3. Greetings to all, This is the first time I am installing a selection of MODs (opted for EasyTutu) and also the first time I am posting a possible bug report. Thus, I ask for patience.. I've faced an error when trying to install the "Revised Critical Hit Aversion"(V4 Beta 9) component within an EasyTutu game. I'm not a programmer/modder but I tried to research about this occurence. I've found a similar problem reported in this thread at SHS foruns and also on Github. Though, it seems to me both threads are regarding the previous version of this component, V4 Beta 8 (Am I correct?). In my ca
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