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  1. I'd forgotten to mention I'm using Linux but you were right, somewhere along the process of adding the second layout the system, with all the stealth it could muster, bound the Ctrl+Space combo to switch to the previous layout. Thanks.
  2. For some reason, I can no longer open the in-game console in BG2 with Ctrl+Space. When I try it, nothing happens. Debug Mode is properly enabled in the .ini file and when I Ctrl+Y someone, they die. (Sorry Viconia.) The last time I used the console it was working just fine. That was maybe 2 weeks ago. The only thing that I had changed in the mean time was adding another keyboard language layout to the OS and to rule that out as a problem I reset the keyboard layout to its default setting (English US only) just a few minutes ago, but I still can't use Ctrl+Space. I have no idea what the problem is. Assuming something has automagically broken itself beyond repair, is it possible to change the console opening command to something else? Like BG1's Ctrl+Tab?
  3. Well this all started with me being bored and deciding to make a custom Animate Dead spell that would summon a skeletal Fighter, Archer and Mage at higher levels; the Mage's script being the cause of this thread. I wanted the Mage to be able to pick Humanoids out of a group of assorted beasties and use Dire Charm on them before moving to a lower priority and blasting things with other spells. After everything else was dead the Skeletons would attack the Charmed creature. Since the Mage could (theoretically) be summoned by enemies it would have to work against PCs, too. Now that I know things Charmed by Enemies and Allies end up with different EA values I should be able to get the desired behavior with no real difficulty... That said, my EA seems a bit simpler than the one you've posted. Probably since I'm not using BG:EE. My EA doesn't have a # 7 or 254. I checked in the game and the script was able to identify a Charmed party member as EA 255, so I imagine it works the other way around, too. I'll play with the script some more (Eventually) and if I hit a snag I know where to go.
  4. I'll try using that, then. I haven't decided yet exactly what I want the script to actually do so I'm not even totally sure what I want the triggers to do. The only thing I've settled on is that I want it to be able to differentiate between any number of Charmed/Unconscious/Stunned and so on creatures out of a group regardless of their relative positions for priority targeting. Another option I considered was temporarily forcing a different identifier with opcode 72 (Set IDS State) to allow my See triggers to pick the Charmed creatures out... Is Specific.IDS used for anything? Could it be used for something like that?
  5. I'm trying to make a creature script in SoA/ToB that identifies Charmed creatures. Does anyone see a problem with this? IF OR(2) See([CHARMED.HUMANOID.0.0]) See([CONTROLLED.HUMANOID.0.0]) THEN It never triggers, and I've tried all the variations of the Charm opcodes (5 & 241) aside from Controlled by Cleric. I'm thinking the charm mechanic doesn't change the EA identifier.
  6. I set it in the area file first, which caused Rain rather than Snow. For the second attempt I added; IF OnCreation() THEN RESPONSE #100 Weather(SNOW) END to the area's script. That way DOES result in snow, but I don't know how to set a duration on it. The snow stops as soon as I rest, I haven't checked how long the snow will last if I leave the game unpaused and just let it run. I'm not sure how to set a duration using that Action. If anyone knows how please post an example.
  7. Out of curiosity I added snow to a BG2 area. I used DLTCEP to change the area's weather to 100 Snow, started a new game and used the console to move to the area... It was raining. About 10 minutes of fiddling with the editor achieved nothing so I deleted the area from Override. I used the area's script to set the weather to Snow, which actually did work. The trouble with that is that it seems temporary as after resting the snow stops. Anyway, does anyone know if there a problem with snow in general or could it be the way DLTCEP saves an area's weather settings? I checked to be sure I set Snow to 100 several times.
  8. Well apparently you hit the bullseye. I put an identical opcode 206 into the Ghost Armor spell, cast it, and then applied the spell that I'm trying to deflect to the Ghost Armored target... It displayed the string. After I picked my head back up from the desk I switched the Ghost Armor's 206's timing to While Equipped. Now don't ask me why that worked at all since nothing is actually equipped when you cast the spell, but it both stopped the spell and displayed the string. Just to rule out a problem with the suit of armor I started with, I put the same 206 into a completely different item and had the exact same problem. The spell was stopped but no string was displayed. For whatever reason equipped items seem unable to display opcode 206's string reference, but if opcode 206 is applied by a spell, everything works fine. Maybe I'll apply a cast spell on condition to the armor that casts a short duration spell on the wearer that protects from the spell in question... Or maybe I'll call it a day.
  9. I just tested a stock item, the Harper Pin(MISC5X). It uses 206 to protect the wearer from SPWI112 (Magic Missile) and is supposed to display string #40956... Same problem, it stops the spell but doesn't display the message. Is it possible some in-game setting is preventing the message from displaying? I've already tried setting the various Feedback settings to maximum.
  10. I'm using a suit of armor to deflect a spell effect with Opcode 206. (Protection from spell.) The opcode works to deflect the spell, but the string reference that's supposed to be displayed by the opcode when the spell is deflected is never shown, and I have no clue why. I've even tried using different strings. Is there some hidden requirement or character limit with this opcode's strref that I'm missing?
  11. Apparently the DLTCEP effect description is incorrect, on my end at the least. Using damage type #3 (Described in my editor as; Crushing (save for half)) and setting the damage amount to 10 caused the target to take 10% of its Max HP in Crushing damage. I applied the effect several times to be certain it was using the target's Max HP rather than Current HP. I also checked with Piercing's #3 (#1048579) damage just in case, and it worked there too. #2 and #3 use the target's Current and Max HP for damage calculations, respectively. For example, say the target has 10/100 HP. If #2 applies 50 damage, the target will be lowered to 5/100 HP. Using the same target with #3 applying 50 damage lowers the target to -40/100 HP. I don't know how the game handles HP that is a fraction somewhere between 0 and 1, so I don't know if #2 could ever kill a target if less than 100% damage is applied. #3 however will quite happily kill a target and is also precisely what I was looking for. So, the solution was there the whole time, it was simply mislabeled. Thanks! (Now I just have to remember what #3 actually does...)
  12. I forgot to mention in my first post that I only have SoA and ToB installed, sorry. I don't even have BG1 installed at the moment. If my game is using IWD2 opcodes, how and why? I just checked my DLTCEP (7.4b) setup and it is set to read BG2Effects.dat. EDIT: I just got around to trying your idea, kjeron. It bloats the effect a little, but it works just fine. Thanks!
  13. I'm running what I believe you guys call "vanilla" and my opcode 12 is a little different than those. 0---Crushing 1---Crushing Set to Value 2---Crushing Set to Percentage 3---Crushing (save for half) My #2 is the one I described using in the first post. I don't actually know if my #3 works as it should since, for example, my game's Fireball spell uses two sources of Fire damage. One with a saving throw enabled and one without. But in any case I believe it's basically the same as #0. The #3 you posted looks like it should work the way I want... Now I wonder if over the years I picked up an Enhanced Edition and am remembering working with that. *sigh*
  14. I vaguely remember creating an item or spell effect years ago that caused a percentage of a target's Max HP in damage periodically and would after enough time kill the target. A bleed effect, basically. The problem is, I don't remember how I did it. (Or even if I really did do that or if I am just misremembering.) I've tried using the percentage damage types in opcode 12 (Damage) but they only work with Current HP so after each "tick" the effect causes less and less damage. Opcode 17 (Current HP Modifier, used for healing) does work with Max HP but can't kill a target. In fact it will bug the target and give them negative HP. Opcode 17 is completely unacceptable here because the intent is to kill the target if it isn't healed through the effect, not put them in a bugged state. Anyway, is it possible to cause damage to a target based on its Max HP?
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