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  1. likewise still following this - first mod i discovered and i will def wait 'til it's finished! keep up the good work!
  2. Likewise, still eagarly anticipating this mod - keep at it!
  3. It may just be me, but I think it would be fairly funny to have a little comment added on waking saying you've been fined or, where the innkeeper walks up and complains about the mess.
  4. I'll agree with that statement! While the original Tashia was an excellent mod, one of my favourite npcs, and another release would be great, it would, for me at least, merely be a time killer while waiting for Delainy to come out . . .
  5. Right, sorry if I'm being a tad daft but, having read through this entire thread, I was never able to discover how to disable one of the existing mage kits and replace it with a new, custom one. Personally I have been using the scripting method (setting it as a bard kit and switching mid-game) but, having read this, there seems to be a way to actually code it as a proper kit. How would I go about doing this, since the K_M_x.2da files do not exist and so cannot be altered? Also, I know that you can combine opposition schools by adding the usability flags in hex, but does this work for *al
  6. Fair enough, but does this mean that you will wait until *both* Delainy & Durlyle are finished before releasing either?
  7. Likewise - glad to see that this mod is continuing, it's definitely my most anticipated npc mod . . . can't wait 'til it's complete (hint hint). Though (sorry - had to ask) has there been any progress recently - you mentioned there may be some more material put up soon . . . *Anyway* I'll be silent now, before something is thrown at me - keep up the good work! Tah
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