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  1. Yes... but what exactly does it do? Damn you and your suspense! Why must you keep the tantalising details just out of reach with phrases such as "it's just a little thing" and "should give a bit more depth to cursed items"?
  2. Yeah, I remember that from the actual Xan mod and it's actually the one I used. But there is definitely an option for it in Level1NPCs. Now I think about it though I think it may have been the Tutu options (it has options for Montaron and Xzar also for instance). So yes, there doesn't seem to be any current modded-NPCs in there but there easily could be (quote from the L1NPC page):
  3. @jastey: >_< Sorry, I hadn't noticed the thread until then. To answer your question, it does work with Mod NPCs (I got options for Xan on my install) as long as it's installed last (obviously) and someone (Nythrun) has added support for them. It does mean that someone can make Ajantis a Wild Mage if they felt like it though which may mess up the story somewhat. I doubt anyone would do that without knowing the consequences though.
  4. Level 1 NPCs fixes the limited choice of Paladins And if you ask nicely I'm sure Nythrun will write Ajantis into it so you can make him an Undead Hunter if you wished.
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