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  1. Cold and... sterile? As opposed to the BG1 GUI which is... stone. Hmm...
  2. Perhaps it has something to do with line-endings?
  3. IWD2 has a good GUI... It's only missing pictures on the item description pages...
  4. I don't want to go near Sarevok when I've got a party full of level 8 characters with gleaming equipment. That guy is scary. Oh and what's this about Kivan having a times quest? I never noticed. He never complained or anything. He was pretty quiet and just killed stuff... all the time. Had like 400+ kills by the end of BG1. I know he wanted to fight the evil in the world but he seriously kicks any Paladin's ass.
  5. Uhm... frankly I can't see much difference. GemRB always ran blazingly fast on my previous 32-bit laptop and it still runs blazingly fast on my 64-bit system. Seems just as stable too. Good work all round
  6. I have compiled GemRB on my 64-bit system. There's definitely a 64-bit SDL lib for Fedora anyway.
  7. Technically I don't think it's that difficult. I could be wrong but it sounds like simply delaying the setting of certain global variables or moving them to different conversation options.
  8. Well at the beginning you don't really know much of what's going on. For starters you don't have to head to the Friendly Arm Inn if you are of the opinion that you want to forge your own destiny. From an RP perspective, it could be an exciting time. Finally free of the shackles of Candlekeep and the tutors. If you do join up with Khalid and Jaheira (which you don't have to, even they tell you that) there's no massive urgency to rush to Nashkel because all you know of is some disappearing miners and iron poisoning. In fact, you may think the bandits on the road are a bigger problem and so run around the various areas trying to clear them out. The only type of character I can imagine desperately rushing around trying to completely solve all the Sword Coasts problems is a Paladin. He would feel duty-bound to stop the disappearing miners as soon as possible. I mean, your character would have to be a bit arrogant to think that they are the *only* solution to Nashkel's problems. A chaotic good ranger would tell Jaheira and Khalid to get stuffed if they told him where to go and would do what he thought would be most beneficial. If that means stopping in Beregost and sorting out that mad cleric who's been turning people into the undead then that's what he'll do. Edit: You got another post in before me >_<
  9. Heh, I remember on one play-through I had to kill Kangaxx with only Aerie firing sunstone bullets from her sling. Our party had nothing else to hit him with.
  10. If you're prepared to wait then GemRB will be your answer eventually...
  11. I can't remember what enchantment arrows the shortbow of gesen shoots but I have a suspicion that they're only +2 also. Still, I always have at least 4 ranged party members in the party. Granted most of those are spell-casters but if you've ever played BG1 and *didn't* use Kivan then you must be crazy (or an evil-aligned party). He ends up with a THAC0 of near to 0 and 3 attacks by the end of the game. If you use BG Tutu and change him to an Archer he's just so deadly it feels like cheating. Bow-users usually end up with more attacks (aside from dual-wielding Belm and another fast weapon) and a lower THAC0 because the attack bonus from the bow is added to that from the arrow (even if the enchantment bonus isn't). In conclusion, yes, in certain situations a bow-user will be ineffective because of magical protections but in most cases they're a huge bonus. There is no mage-killer AI script in BG2 as in IWD2 but another thing I forgot to mention is that ranged characters are the kings (and queens) of spell disruption aside from Insect Plague and the like. Also, if you find yourself without a breach spell then they eat through Stoneskin and Mirror Image pretty damn quick. They just lose out if you come up against a spellcaster that has instant every-protection-spell-ever-created buffs.
  12. Character development is definitely the best part of IWD2. But it's always been the case that BG was about story and IWD was about combat.
  13. The +3 gives attack and damage bonuses. But you're not hitting the monster with your +3 longbow (are you?) so its enchantment doesn't count. The +2 on the arrows also gives attack and damage bonuses but there's no reason for the two enchantments to add up when determining what monster it can hit, that's just silly. Last time I checked, +5 weapons don't grow on trees either. Missile weapons have the added advantage of ignoring Protection from Magical Weapons (correct me if I'm wrong, haven't actually checked this). Finally, if you're playing IWD2, Sure Striking arrows pretty much do grow on trees. Obviously they're no substitute for +5 arrows but they get the job done against someone with ridiculous immunities.
  14. Ha, I like how you said 'Upgrade' to XP there =P. Fighting hasn't been implemented yet (has it?). I also have no sound but I never noticed until you mentioned it O_o
  15. Fyorl

    Fedora 9 compiles

    I had a chat with lynx over IRC and we managed to fix the problem. The problem was 'make install' didn't install the libgemrb_core.so.0 anywhere that the gemrb binary was looking for it. Instead I ran the version inside the build folder.
  16. Fyorl

    Fedora 9 compiles

    Hmm well the best I can do with the SVN release is compile it. After that I can't get it to execute. It fails with something like: 'Error loading shared object libgemrb_core.so.0 no such file or directory'. I thought maybe gemrb.cfg was the problem however it doesn't even get to the config loading stage.
  17. Fyorl

    IWD2 GUI Status

    OK, I sent the output of GemRB to a file called gemrb.log. When I had removed that I was left with the following output in the terminal: Could not find platform independent libraries <prefix> Could not find platform dependent libraries <exec_prefix> Consider setting $PYTHONHOME to <prefix>[:<exec_prefix>] 'import site' failed; use -v for traceback Once I'd started a game I got a python error saying it was unable to import the module named 'string'. Clearly the problem is that I haven't installed the 32-bit python libraries. I have the 64-bit ones as I was able to compile GemRB from CVS but I forgot that the binary download was 32-bit. Edit: Installing the 32-bit versions of python, python-libs and python-devel doesn't seem to help however I believe this is a problem at my end as I'm unable to run simple python files at all without encountering that error - even though /usr/lib64/python2.5/site.py and /usr/lib64/python2.5/string.py most certainly do exist. I'll do more investigating and get this working. Edit 2: Fixed. I now have a GUI in BG2 and IWD2. I can see what you mean about it needing more work. I'll see what I can do
  18. I would guess that that's pretty much it. This one's apparently got more to do with Marvel. Not that I thought the last one was particularly bad but I seem to watch any old crap and enjoy it.
  19. Yes... but what exactly does it do? Damn you and your suspense! Why must you keep the tantalising details just out of reach with phrases such as "it's just a little thing" and "should give a bit more depth to cursed items"?
  20. Maybe I've been playing IE games too long but I find the 'picking stuff up off the ground' part quite a relaxing end to an intense battle. I also sing 'loot, loot, loot the corpse' in my head whilst doing it. I think that bit comes from reading The Order of the Stick though.
  21. It's been too long and I was too young when I watched them to remember. Must remedy that someday...
  22. Fyorl

    IWD2 GUI Status

    Well character generation definitely sounds like a good place to start. I think that will ease me into the API. As with learning all new APIs, I'm stumbling around in the dark a bit. I need to get this issue sorted first though. I just tried running BG2 and it has the same problem. Character generation GUI seems fine (aside from the crash when clicking the appearance tab) but the main game has no GUI to speak of. I've got an odd setup which I think may be part of the problem. The SVN compiled version of GemRB won't run as it complains it can't fine libgemrb_core.so.0 at all. That's installed in its own subdirectory in $HOME. So instead I'm using the latest linux binary version. I extracted that to /usr and the gemrb binary can now find libgemrb_core.so.0. I had to move the GUIScripts directory to $HOME/.gemrb because I want to edit the GUI scripts without root privileges. Gemrb.cfg is setup correctly and it can find everything but, as I've said, no GUI appears in-game. Both IWD2 and BG2 report the error that I've posted above and BG2 also gives an extra error of: [GUIScript]: Missing function:SelectionChanged Is this distinctive in any way? Sounds like some modules aren't being imported correctly although I would have expected an error for that too.
  23. Fyorl

    Fedora 9 compiles

    Would adjusting my CFLAGS variable help? Can I remove the switch that treats all warnings as errors?
  24. Fyorl

    IWD2 GUI Status

    MessageWindow.py for IWD2 doesn't seem to be working correctly as I can't see any sort of GUI. It's as if it were hidden. It may have something to do with this recurring error: [GUIScript]: Missing function:UpdateControlStatus I'll check with BG2 and see if it has the same problem. If so it's a problem with my GemRB installation, if not then I'll have a look at IWD2's GUI scripts and see why that function's missing.
  25. Fyorl

    4E Epic Destinies

    I wonder what the Forgotten Realms authors will do? Some of the universe changes seems pretty drastic and it's not like Forgotten Realms is disconnected from the D&D universe, it's just got extra bits.
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