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  1. Mages also don't seem to attack with Melf's minute meteors on higher difficulties, at least in BG1 EE, so the bug does make mage encounters easier before they run out of spells as well.
  2. Just use an earlier version of the mod lol... and three months is nothing compared to Beamdog not fixing bugs they caused years ago.
  3. A simple solution is to send the arcane spell caster with spell immunity and other protections ahead and absorb at least the initial remove magic. In general you should spread your party out so that not everyone is hit by AoE effects. You can also stack fire protection items on one fighter type to keep them safe if dispelled. Ranged weapon users can stay in the edges and rebuff with protection from fear and a fire resistance potion if necessary. Also, later in the game and ToB especially single or dual classed clerics will reach such high levels that buffs from them are quite hard to dispel, so you don't necessary need immunity to abjuration at that point.
  4. Cool. On the topic of spell visuals, Physical Mirror has been bugged for a long time now in 2.5 version of EE (not because of SCS but even in an unmodded game). The disk graphic is permanent on the character that cast it, even dying and resurrecting the character won't remove it. Is that something modders can fix or is it up to Beamdog?
  5. Just a couple of ideas that came to me during my last playthrough: 1. Would it be possible to replace some of the arcane spell protection graphics with new visuals from IWD? Antimagic Shell for instance looks very cool and could be used with Spelltrap to help set it apart from other similar spells. Right now I feel that many of the new visual effects are "wasted" on spells that aren't as relevant as spell immunity/deflection/turning/trap, which share the same disk and whirly balls visuals. 2. Epic werewolf form HLA? This has probably been suggested before but I think it's kind of disappointing how the Fire Elemental and Earth Elemental HLAs are better for both damage and tanking compared to the Greater werewolf form. Access to other shapeshifting forms also goes against the class description.
  6. Depends on version/difficulty. I play on "super insane" i.e. only select spell casters in SoA get HLAs and everyone does in ToB, so Irenicus in Spellhold is the 1st such caster in my game. My tips were for early to midgame which is the hardest part of the game imo, since you don't have access to high level spells and other tools yet.
  7. Here's Mivsan outlasting Kangaxx (lvl 35) at the end of SoA, so probably something like 15 level difference: Kensai->Mage is obviously OP but anyone with the spellslots and blanket immunity items can wait out Kangaxx's protections after which the rest of the party can rush him down. Wands of monster summoning provide endless fodder and clerics have plenty of spell slots for skeletons when needed. The opposite actually, I play with iron-man rules and no resting in dungeons. My parties are pretty optimized however. Something like: 1. Specialist mage/Sorcerer/Edwin 2. F->M, F/M, or Blade 3. F/T, F/M/T, F->T or Jan 4. Cleric or Fighter->Cleric Rest can be whatever, as long as they have a decent amount of attacks per round.
  8. Some quick tips for dealing with enemy mages you can't dispel for whatever reason: 1. Send in summons, let them absorb all the most dangerous spells and deal with the mage afterwards. Works well against lone enemies especially in early to mid game. 2. Send in a fully buffed fighter->mage, bard, M/T, or F/M to tank the mage. Even if you can't damage them, just keep spell immunity/spellshield up until the enemy's protection from magic weapons/mantle etc have run out. 3. Throw a cloudkill or two on top of them. It will keep interrupting them and the damage alone will usually kill them pretty quickly. Especially useful against enemy parties and during ambushes. The wands are especially OP for this. 4. Backstabs are sometimes an option; I don't think it's cheating to scout ahead and do so when possible. 5. Insect plague destroys casters without fire shield. Access to lvl 7 spell slots in order to deal with liches is the single biggest roadblock that SCS throws at the player but I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that the party has at least one pure or dual classed mage who will reach the necessary level reasonably fast. Anti-undead weapons and in ToB, Turn Undead, are also options, although admittedly pretty cheesy. Even at 1.5x power the inquisitor dispel is incredibly powerful as long as the target doesn't have Spell immunity: Abjuration. You can kite the demon and detect at the same time, or just tank it with someone else. Not being able to attack or cast anything is a pretty good trade for what the skill does imo. And Jan shouldn't be your only arcane caster anyway Shadowdancers are also especially nice for this since they can do the mini time stop and dispel all illusions immediately and safely.
  9. A thief's detect illusion skill bypasses Spell Immunity: Divination.
  10. Personally I'd love a mod that brought back real-time inventory management to BG1 as well as for BG2 as a difficulty enhancing option. Being able to juggle immunity items, scrolls, potions, wands etc. when in combat without any danger is way too powerful. Or alternatively just some way to disable inventory altogether when in combat (I've tried to impose this restriction on myself b4 but its kinda impossible due to years of muscle memory.)
  11. 1) https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/43074 2) http://www.shsforums.net/topic/55573-mod-bgee-classic-movies/ 3) This is just petty 4) Disable from properties->DLC in steam and you get 2.5 version of the game without SoD
  12. Only potential problem I recall is that item randomizer will move the powerful items that SCS also moves, so Gromnir for instance won't have Vhailor's helm (which I think he would use with the new ascension + scs combo?) That is even with SCS installed after but I don't mind personally.
  13. I've tried 1-5 and they work with each other just fine (install MIH 1st, then SCS). 1. Makes the trash fights a bit tougher. 2. The spiders that spawn are no biggie. 3. The assassins don't overlap with those other encounters. They're moderately tough, I recall them drinking lots of healing potions. 4. Basilisks are significantly more dangerous when fought in tight quarters and you get more XP from Mutamin's garden. They also call each other for help so you end up fighting lots of them at the same time. 5. Also compatible, don't recall them being too dangerous.
  14. Nice! One minor bug: When using a PC berserker's enrage ability in BG1 EE, I get the message "When the berserk state ends, Minsc will take 15 points of damage." Looks like the previous version had this as well.
  15. For what it's worth, I've played through the whole thing without any issues. My mod lists tend to be pretty moderate however, so I haven't used Wheels, Imoen romance etc., and I always do WK in ToB so maybe I've just been lucky in avoiding bugs. In any case this version of Ascension is in a far better state than the previous ports from Beamdog forums which had some bosses (Abazigal's humanoid form, Demogorgon) completely broken.
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