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  1. Is the version in repo something non-modders can use?
  2. I just start a new SoA game. Imoen, Jaheira, Minsc and copper coronet followers all start at lvl 0, ready to be leveled up, and with the ability to change class/kit. Using it, the NPC will do the animation with its hands but no dialogue window with the choices comes up. If I level them up 1st, the ability disappears which it is supposed to I recall. Tried both with AI on and off. Game version BG2EE, latest patch with latest Ascension and SCS. (This is probably not related, but my weidu log says ascension version is 2.0.3 despite it being 2.0.4. I know its the latest version cuz the old bugs are fixed). WeiDU.log
  3. Customize NPC Class/Kit ability isn't working for me either. Not sure which version broke it but it did work earlier.
  4. With ascension 2.0.4 + SCS 32.2 fallen solars don't cast spells any more. Just ascension, they work fine.
  5. Dragons don't seem to get the HP boost on insane. (I waited a minute to let the effect kick in since in a previous thread someone said there might be a delay). Tested by summoning a planetar who whacks the dragon and after a min or two I added the dragon to party (tried Firkraag, shadow dragon, Adalon, Saladrex) WeiDU.log
  6. Does this include IEP extended banters/X companion friendship mods or just new NPC mods?
  7. I was able to backstab him to death in my game with invisibility (isn't he supposed to have stoneskin?) which always crashed the game for me. Also, backstabbing Mulahey while he's neutral didn't make him hostile but started a loop where he keeps initiating dialogue. Looting the chest fixed it.
  8. Yeah, I was only testing ToB fights. My difficulty sldier was on insane too if that affects her in Ascension.
  9. Okay, that's all I found for Ascension alone. However, when testing it together with SCS 32, I came across a few things: 1. During the final phase, player reply to Melissan says "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS" 2. Babau bug happened twice, maybe SCS made it worse somehow? I dispelled their invisibility and they ran to the edge of the platform where they started shaking/dancing in place. They still threw spells but didnt come into melee. 3. Improved Bodhi doesn't have her blue shield doesn't seem to use much of her other special abilities either. Dunno if intended or not. All the other boss fights worked perfectly and seemed much better than old ascension + scs combo. WeiDU.log
  10. (I'll continue from the other thread here) I don't get the invisible Babau problem anymore either, dunno what that was about. The issue with solars is still definitely there. They cast remove magic and prismatic spray on bodhi for instance, and finger of death on Melissan. I took a screenshot. It seems more likely to happen if the player character is out of sight of the solars. I also noticed that there's some remnant of a bug from the old version that Abazigal had in his humanoid form while in his lair (at the Throne he works fine). Basically, he seems to stop and think what to do instead of mercilessly chasing the player like he does in the finale. Sometimes he even pauses, turns around and wanders away for a while. This bug was a lot more serious in the previous version of ascension however, now he does attack most of the time but he is easier to kite cuz he pauses every now and then. Dragon form is fine.
  11. I have more! 1. Babau's that spawn on the right platform have messed up names. Also, during one test they turned invisible but didn't attack and I was able to get the abilities from the pool without killing them. 2. Fallen Solar's seem to sometimes attack at least Bodhi and Yaga-Shura. Once, two solars both immediately charged the giant which looked pretty funny tbh. 3. Out of the bhaalspawn, only Sarevok and Balthazar attack me. The rest just stand there throughout the encounter even if I attack em.
  12. (Posted about this in beamdog forums 1st cuz I didn't realize there was a forum for the mod here) Thanks for working on this mod! I get crashes during the final fight at the Throne of Bhaal atm. Getting in melee range with Bodhi seems to trigger it, sometimes attacking her from a range too. BG2ee 2.5, no other mods, new game etc. Other boss fights work great so far.
  13. Cool! I'll definitely try that on my next playthrough.
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