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  1. I did wonder why that particular component was always unchecked in EET Setup, thank goodness I never checked that one.
  2. Hello making a bug report, I'm unsure if it's BG1NPC Project or UB causing the issue, but Branwen when confronting with Tranzig will get caught in a looping dialogue Talk Tree after either Tranzig flees or dies. Far as I can tell looking at my Weidu logs, I don't believe I have a conflicting component installed so it must be related to NPC Project, but yet something is causing her to go into the loop after the Tranzig Conflict. I wonder if my EET install didn't check something properly when installing UB1? I'm positive I didn't check that component in favor of NPC Project.. So confusing. P-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #0 // Ice Island Level Two Restoration: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #11 // Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #12 // Quoningar, the Cleric: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #13 // Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #14 // Edie, the Merchant League Applicant: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #16 // Creature Corrections: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #17 // Creature Restorations: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #18 // Creature Name Restorations: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #19 // Minor Dialogue Restorations: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #21 // Store, Tavern and Inn Fixes and Restorations: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #22 // Item Corrections and Restorations: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #30 // Nim Furlwing Encounter: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #32 // Svlast, the Fallen Paladin Encounter: v16.0 ~BG1UB/SETUP-BG1UB.TP2~ #0 #33 // Mal-Kalen, the Ulcaster Ghost: v16.0 So either something got overlooked in UB1 coding or NPC Project or another mod all together. I'm going to attach my Weidu logs of both BG1 and BG2 to see where we can locate this thing. WeiDU.log WeiDU.log
  3. I'm not sure if a mod or the EET itself is the cause, but the text gets replaced with a random dialogue, anyone with just EET can help reproduce this to see if this bug got overlooked? If it's not EET I'll post my Files of what mods I have installed.
  4. Nicely done! I remember this cave being somewhat overlooked in most guides I saw, seems like it was almost forgotten questline of sorts but it seems like it was more a part of Darkside (afaik). Happy it was sorted out, luckily the bugs were very minor.
  5. I like to make a bug report, but I'm very unsure if this mod was the cause or not, there is a cave added east of the Temple of Lathander, and there is armor with a incorrect string that was never fixed apparently in the main cave. I'm very unsure if NTOTSC added this cave. If this is not the correct mod and it belongs to another, I would appreciate it if it got to the right author.
  6. IMO I feel like it is a bad idea to include the original story of IWD as all those events have happened in the past, but if anything this would be a good setup for the events that have yet to happen toward the end of SoD since both have a loose connection concerning a certain antagonist. This story of IWD should be based around that, and the aftermath of the previous battles from the legendary group of Adventurers that saved the Ten Towns. The benefits would be as follows: 1) Removing all original NPCs in favor of new ones to keep with the timeline. 2) If we have good artists that having some areas be modified to reflect that time has passed by for the lands of IWD, it would be interesting to see that Elven Tower be partially restored and inhabited and those Dwarven Mines now repopulated. 3) Creature Habitats have changed Now Alternatively let's say the original story of IWD is kept, but there is a twist. Time Travel Shenanigans, but how this is done can be anyone's guess.
  7. Oh I see what you're saying I think, basically I can either use this EE-Version or BWS version, and convert my choices over to PI? Hmm, seems easy enough. I've read there is no automatic Mod Compatibility conflict/dependencies yet from what I've read on BeamDog Forums or did I misunderstand that?
  8. Personally I'm in full vote if we can get away from Roxanne's version of EET, it just seems to me there is too many issues involving him/her. I wouldn't think this would be too much of a issue to just simply trim away Non-EET content. Would K4thos, Alien or anyone be able to create another EET that only has exclusive EET mods? I'm getting kind of tired of the drama surrounding this person, and it really needs to end at some point. If Roxanne is not going to be trusthworthy no matter what then he/she needs to be cut loose completely. @AL|EN Oh I forgot about his project! When will we expect this version for EET?
  9. Always felt Beamdog tackled too many clients in the beginning when EE became a thing, it should have been done after they made final patches for better stability for one single platform. I felt this was the reason patches took so long as it did because they're tackling multiple versions of the same game with very different to slightly different processes.
  10. How long should we wait until 2.5 is safe to mod? Also I forgot about that Merger tool, I hope that didn't get affected negatively since it is a major tool that is needed. I'll keep a eye out for any more reports besides what has been posted here in Gibberlings 3 EET forum, I guess those hotfixes posted in other topics will need to be integrated into EET later?
  11. OMG K4THOS IS BACK!!! Where you been! Where you'd go! Don't leave us again! (((((( Okay in all seriousness, glad to see you're back!
  12. I always felt like there still mysteries to solve about Baldur's Gate, Shadows of Amn, and finally Throne of Bhaal, there was so much cut content, and especially cut content that has yet to be restored. I was thinking if anyone has the answers that it would be the original people who worked on the games but far as I know I don't think there was any interviews done concerning those mysteries. One such mystery I was curious about what the Cut Elemental Plane of Earth at the very beginning of BG2, and many other lost content as well within BG2. My only concern is whether they're still around, I realized that 16-18 years is quite a long time and whether they are still in the gaming industry or not. My other question when EE became a reality what was the main reason these lost plot pieces could never be restored? Was it because the data itself is obscure and would have taken too long to dig up or was there other reasons for this? Or was it simply the case that the policy of no new content couldn't be added even to fragmented existing cut content.
  13. Have a question, once all platforms are updated will we expect some updates soon for various mods that will need it? My understanding right now that only BG1npc Project and UB were mostly affected due to some fixes made, but however I read as well the UI was apparently changed in some small ways and this could affect certain mods out there. Also I assume K4thos might come back soon since 2.5 is relatively here now? I know K4thos had some plans for EET, and also I think there was some bug reports that only K4thos could solve if I remember correctly as there was something that caused some heavy issue but forgot what exactly it was, I know it was discussed in a topic somewhere.
  14. Was just checking gog, 2.5 doesn't seem to be up yet. This coming later soon hopefully?
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