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  1. I always use Bootcamp to install EET and copy ALL files to the Mac Ressources Folder of the Mac Version Works always because the Mac Version of BG(2)EE is simply a mini PC-Emulator.... (But it strangely never worked on the BGT Version, thats why I love the EE Version!) Its the easiest setup!
  2. Thnx for your reply! So I only have to be patient..... better wait for a working install, as to have one that will stop working midway ..... because there are still some issues....
  3. Aehem, when will be the next Release to be expected ? or will there be a patch for the missing (GoG-) files ?
  4. Hello, just one Question: Will there be a patch for the (GOG-) Patch? And for what part: BGEE/SoD and/or BG2EE ?
  5. Hellol, so, there is a difference between update and full install ? Will baldur.lua be changed in any way or will it stay the same as 2.3 ? So rename old install and make a new full install under the original name will work ?
  6. Hello, how to INSTALL on a Mac ? I always install on Win (Bootcamp) and then move it to Mac Side for playing (Mac Version is an emulated Win after all....(GoG Version))
  7. Hello Aryn, sorry for OT.... I read, that you are using BG on Mac ? perhaps you can tell me how to make a Screenshot under Bootcamp ? Shift+fn+F11 only gets me a black screen.....
  8. Hi, one Question: Are the Mods Mystican and Sheds Mods compatible with EET ? They are pure BG2 Mods (no EE), but there seem to be no conflichts ? Does someone know something about them ?
  9. Sorry OT: Now that I have Sandrah again - "magical weapon in use" "your hammer is stuck" isnt working How can I get rid of it ?
  10. ....another question: Is imone as a mage needed in BG2 as it was in BG1 ? Or can I just leave her a thief ?
  11. Hello again! So, now I'm thru SoD "legally" But imoen is still a thief in Irenicus Dungeon Will she become a Mage in Spellhold ? Where is "my" Imoen from Bg1
  12. Thnx for replying Do you mean SoD transition, or rather SoA Transition ? I cannot see, which Imoen is in SoD, and its the wrong one (the SoD one) nonetheless I only can see it in Irenicus Dungeon what Imoen I get.... (its the same one from the last Cutscene in SoD right ?) Which imoen is the "real" one from BG1 (when left behind) anyway ? (imoen10?) Thnx again in advance!
  13. I was just curious, so I dashed ahead in SoD and in BG2 Imoen was a L1 Thief although with 500k XP! As said before I use the Sandrah Mod ! Where is my Conjurer-Immi ? Will I get her after Spellhold ? Or is it something with CRE files IMOEN and IMOEN2 ?? (I will play the SoD campaign "legally" later ...)
  14. Hello, During Sandrahs Saga, will Imoen stay a Mage or will she become a Thief in SoA ?
  15. Thnx for the advice! I only use the atweaks component, which gives the containers the max. amount of 999 ....and the unique containers mod can that be something ?
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