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  1. Hello. Different from original BG2, it seems that EE engine automatically apply all passive spells(AP_) in clab table for the NPC, if he/she is level 1. And the Level ONE NPCs mod are doing the same thing to the .cre file of NPCs. So NPC may get doubled benifits or penalties from AP spells of first level in clab table. This issue are in v3 of this mod. Not test in BGEE/SOD nor previous version e.g. 2.3 of BG2EE. I think the mod should skip the "apply passive ability" part for EE game.
  2. Despite of "cheating" concern, I myself prefer the mechanic of teleportation in tactic mod: the lich cast a "special" Teleport Field spell which teleport all party members in thearea to around himself and cast DM instantly, if he has previously seen a party member but now can't see any party members. 1) There is an explanation, I think. 2) More challenge, it would be very dangerous if try to leave the sight of the lich, coz member like fighter can be very vulnerable against the lich and the summon demons. 3) There can be a trick in original SCS mechanic: leave the sight of the lich at almost the end of his PFMW, he will teleport to the party with no protection for a round so can be elimitated easily.
  3. Impresive! Thanks DavidW. And I think an extra component with READLN to reconfigure the hotkeys (and modify the scripts) could fix the typo/conflict issue. And, if I may, that function can be further shortened. You can dump the string length check and just use a regexp match against ~^[A-Za-z]$~, as it would only match a one-character input. Ahh...You just opened a new door to me. Thanks very much.
  4. Impresive! Thanks DavidW. And I think an extra component with READLN to reconfigure the hotkeys (and modify the scripts) could fix the typo/conflict issue.
  5. Thank you both. But my concern is both doesnt give the users a second chance if any defination goes wrong or they just forget it. It could become a mess when using an install tool if there are mods install after it.
  6. Hello. I agree to the concept of removing READLN, but I cannot figure out the solution to my mod (published only on a forum with Chinese players by now): It requires the player input 3 different hotkeys (from A to Z) during installation, also checks if any typo or confliction when input the 2nd and the 3rd hotkey. I think neither solution 1 or 2 can handle this easily.
  7. A request, if I may: Move to Github (or a github link, if you already did) since dropbox is banned in mainland China and not every player has a VPN... Thank you, Bartimaeus.
  8. I tried to use the template in my mod and got an error "You have tried to run 'items.tph', but 'test/lib/items.tph.tpa' doesn't exist". Seems the extension is automatically set to .tpa in the defination of run function, but WeiDU doesn't force it. It should, IMHO, be removed, although that's just a template.
  9. Ah...I get your point. Thank you, that's quite helpful.
  10. But in the WeiDU documentation about ALWAYS: This flag specified a TP2 Action that is executed at the beginning of each Component, before the component-specific TP2 Action.
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