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  1. OK, I've figured out it was a mod on my end that was causing the sphere system to fail installation. I'll let you know which one so you can post a warning as soon as I add them in one by one again to find the offender. DoF definitely works with no other mods installed, I do know that at least, so good news there.
  2. Shoot. Same problem. This time I just tried installing the base changes and the sphere system, still failed. It seems to behung up on a spl file. Note: the heartwarder of sune and truesword of avoreen did not install either the last time. The same goes with the circle enforcer with the IHU pack when installing after DoF.
  3. Hey Rad, I'm having trouble installing the sphere system of DoF on BG2EE. Could you please take a look when you get the chance. Using the same order of mods in BGEE/ SoD with no problems installing it. SETUP-DEITIESOFFAERUN.zipx WeiDU.log
  4. Thanks CamDawg. I'm very glad to see this fine mod updated.
  5. Both ferret and cat can detect and AND disarm traps in SR, but rabbit can only detect (he can disarm AND detect in vanilla EE ) Is this a bug or intentional? If a bug, is there a line that can be changed to allow disarming?
  6. I thought I would post an issue with 2.1 that seems is fixed in 2.3 (just did clean instal of BG) On character creation for 2.1 a spell is added to the druid list called 'Wisdom permanently raised 1 point' (description is per pro from evil spell) spell does not cast anything. I narrowed it down to v2.1, regardless of other mods. It might have been the first time I tried that version as I just did a new install BGEEv2.3 SoD Beamdog direct and my last version of RE was fine. Anyway, point is V2.3 fixed the problem so no need to dig. Just thought I would mention it. Thanks again for the great mod.
  7. Another two to add, after the hotfix. Feralan's feral rage adds the +15hp as it should but when it ends, another 15hp is removed in addition. Essentially a 30hp drop total at the end of rage instead of just 15. Priest of Kossuth does not receive Sunfire at 1st lvl.
  8. Spiked growth spell does not have a range and is cast right on top of the one casting it, at least in BGEE.
  9. Thanks doc, that did it.
  10. I actually knew about that, good point, but its strange, cause mine are straight from Beamdog.
  11. Ah, maybe that's it. The summoned shadows are named "Why have you come here" SoD has done that with several things then. I have noticed some other mods have that happen inside the bg content with SoD. It does not seem to hamper it much but sure is distracting. I cant get v15 to install in order to compare. Maybe SR is not ready for BGEE+SoD quite yet.
  12. I noticed upon installation the quasit had the newer abilities and stats but his description in pack is strange : Tiax knows he will rule all in the end" in the top box. Some kind of mod overlap perhaps or has this been a problem with anyone else? BGEEV2.3 + SoD
  13. Beta15 Installation was going fine until it failed due to spin203.spl not being found in KEY file. B14 had no problems installing but then wanted to try 15, uninstalled 14 first. BGEEv2.3 +SoD
  14. In general v8 installs on BGEE v2.3. I A few observations for those considering the mod: Dirgesinger song radius as mentioned several years ago still very very small. The two biggest bugs are with the gypsy (my favorite kit if it worked properly) Gypsy Curse casts Bless on enemies instead of curse(at least that is the descriptor given on screen feedback. Gypsy Charm song only charms the same types of creatures as mentioned by the charm person spell. On screen however the effect looks to be trying to charm all creatures (like the Cloak of Algernon can do, well, other than undead) but does nothing other than make the 'other' creatures flash colors. Any fix for this?
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