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  1. Thanks. Why it wasn't fixed in BG2 fixpack or BWP fixpack?
  2. I can't change Wulfgar and Drizzt parameters from Region of terror modification. They are very unbalanced characters. Wulfgar have 5 stars in wargammer specialization, but barbarian might have no more, than 2 stars. Drizzt have 5 stars in scimitars and 5 stars in two weapon style(!). Tried to change parameters for Imoen, and it worked. For Minsc it worked. But not for Wulfgar and Drizzt. Tried it on BG2 GOG, WIndows 7 x64. WeiDU.log
  3. Tried to install it on BG2 GOG with BWP v16, got error: Sys_error("stratagems/sfo/general/LIB_ITERATE.TPA.tpa: No such file or directory"). Manually (without BWP 16) Revised stratagems installs fine. Setup-stratagems.Debug WeiDU.log
  4. I had tested SR + ding0 quest pack many times in different combinations. On SR without quest pack there is no CTD. On Questpack without SR there is no CTD. SR + Questpack = CTD!
  5. CTD durning encounter with party in North forest. Tobex log: ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x84C3C1 File: ObjAnimation.cpp Line: 20514 Expression: !(m_weaponCode&MELEE_1HLR_MASK) Message: (null) Tried it on BG2 GOG, Windows 7 x64 WeiDU.log
  6. And I am just the messenger. Same thing. Seems like Spell revisions + Stratagems problem. I had forbidden installation of spwi705.spl as it described in Spell revisions manual (you must edit main_component.tpa file, not setup-spell_rev.tp2), and CTD disappeared.
  7. Spell revisions + Ding0 quest pack CTD in AR0205 (The Beholder Hideout) durning encounter with blind priests. Tobex errorcode: ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x49F287 File: CGameAIBaseActions.cpp Line: 2096 Expression: FALSE Message: (null) Tried it on both GOG and CD-version of BG2 with same result. Durning more detailed tests I discovered, that if component 9 (Rahul Kanakia's Potion Quest) of Ding0 quest pack removed, there is no CTD. Strange, but it is so. WeiDU.log
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