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  1. @AstroBryGuy Darn it, I saw your post too late. I dont have any backup save any longer, sorry.
  2. Hello again! Been playing for a bit now and I've encountered a minor bug. When saving Beador in Cloakwood forest the cinematic sequence doesn't always trigger after defeating the druids. After the battle you get stuck here and nothing happens. A cinematic/dialog here gets should trigger as in this video. I reloaded and retried the event a couple of times and couldn't find any specific reason behind it not triggering. At first I thought it was because having both Jaheira and Faldorn in the party, removing them and/or choosing option #1 or #2 was not the rea
  3. Thank you! Everything appears to work now.
  4. @AstroBryGuy v22.7 worked for me, I just derped extracting over the folder which messed up the files. Is v22.8 safe to install from github now? When updating do I have to run setup-bg1npc.exe and uninstall all the components and then after delete the bg1npc folder before installing the new version?
  5. I'm trying to install on the gog version of BG EE (setup_baldurs_gate_enhanced_edition_2.5.0.7.exe). I have tried to install both with and without Siege of Dragonspear and with using the modmerge as described in the thread. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/39422/bg1npc-v21-and-bg1npc-music-pack-v6/p1 I keep getting these errors when I try to install. And I'm not sure what to do. I think its the same issue as Zagoul above is having. I would appreciate any possible assistance Thanks EDIT: I tried the older version 22.7 and it appears to have installed fine. https://github.com/G
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