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  1. Thank you both, My Doc file was indeed set to 1, I didn't realize there were files in documents, so I have been re-installing again and again in vain. Again thanks for the quick responses and I appreciate your time and effort keeping these games alive and thriving. Your work and dedication as well as the other modders is exceptional.
  2. If I did it would have been accidentally, I have been copy pasting my beamdog folder each time I try a new install. Do I need to redownload the games again from the site and will that delete this file.
  3. I have installed EET using the install tool and every time no matter what mods i have included there are numbers in front of every text in all of the GUI screens and Map locations, all chat boxes and option menus are covered with numbers next to every text line for some reason. I am using Beamdogs version of the games from their site and the latest versions. What am I missing ? Thank you for any assistance.
  4. I am using V.2.5.17 for BG1 & SOD and V. for BG2
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