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  1. Would anyone be so kind and tell me how to install the mod in BG:EE? Without an exe I have actually no idea...
  2. I have installed BG:EE and BG:T. Is there really anything in BG:T that you won't find in BG:EE ind terms of companions? I thought all the vanilla companions are in BG:EE as well and the NPC Project works on both also. If BG:T has anything better in that area, I might as well make my playtrough there. I just really like the zoom function of BG:EE. I haven't really played with Neera, so my experience with her is just the encounter when she tries to join your party (I refused). I also heard that the writing for the new companions in BG:EE is supposed to be bad. Therefor I was actually planning not to take in any of the new companions in BG:EE and just go for some of the vanilla ones. Do you have any suggestions regarding them? I don't intend to buy SoD as I did not like the writing much when I saw ingame footage. So it's either BG:EE and then BG II:EE for me or BG:T.
  3. Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that Iam planning to play on BG:EE.
  4. Hey, NPC Project developers and fans! I recently started to play the Baldur'S Gate series again and stumbled across this mod. At first I want to thank everyone who made it possible, it is really a great mod. I adds the one things I always missed so much in BG 1 being one of the guys who played the second part first. I only tried the NPC Project with a cliche textbook-evil party so far and it was fun already, but now I want to do a roleplay-heavy playthrough with a more realistic (personality wise) CHARNAME who is a chaotic neutral thief and morally... flexible, but not evil or a cold blooded murderer. In his choice of companions he would probably put emphasis on how useful someone is for him. That means fighting power first and foremost but other things like reliability, mental stability, not getting the party into unnecessary trouble with the authorities or otherwise. So a few NPCs are probably out from the get go, especially Xzar and Shar-Teel. Also he wouldn’t want an explosive combination either, so he would not ask Minsc/Dynaheir and Edwin to join the same group as this would necessarily mean bloodshed sooner or later. So… What do you think would be an interesting party under those circumstances? I actually hope for a group of very different NPCs who argue a lot but DON’T start to kill each other. Which NPCs have such conflicts with each other without cutting each other's throats? And which NPCs are the most fun with the NPC PRoject in general. Please don’t be too specific and as spoiler-free as possible. Thank you!
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