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  1. kiwidoc

    Installing Music

    I think found the answer myself - here http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=14397 It's wierd that thread didn't show up on my searches, I just noticed the title when scrolling through. I think the gist of it is that the music is already in the mod as it installs ... the seperate file is just for us to listen to outside the game If I'm wrong, please correct me - I'm wrong wayy too often
  2. kiwidoc

    Installing Music

    I'm having a really bad brain day, so please bear with me if this question has already been answered, or if the answer is really, really obvious anyway How do I install the music for Sarah? I guessed I should unzip the file into one of the folders, but which one?
  3. Don't worry - I'm having tremendous fun with him just as a friend. It's only because of the sexy pic I've been a fan of Delira's work on Deviant Art for a while, and long, pointy ears always curl my toes Actually running him with the Edwin Romance and tortured souls is giving me a great balance of more serious chats, some sparkly by play and some downright silliness. It is truly wonderful to find a tank who's interesting to play and who can hit things seriously hard with both melee and ranged weapons ... at last, a viable alternative to Minsc
  4. I've just started a game with Haldamir and I have one burning question ... are you going to give us a steamy, stormy romance with Delira's deleriously delicious and delectable elf? That pic has me seriously sizzling! On a more serious note - what I've seen so far is great ... but of course it is he's one of yours!
  5. I'm thoroughly enjoying Angelo - and I promise to post a mini review As well as immobile peasants I've had a couple of other minor wierd but funny hiccups For example the dryads have been moving so fast they look like leaves flickering in the wind (very appropriate), and occasionally Minsc starts walking on the spot. I've no idea which of the many mods I'm using cause this, but its not really a problem. Usually I know where to find something, so I know when to reload to get rid of people who wont get out of the *expletive deleted* way
  6. Thanks muchly for the comments Sister V and Berelinde - you've made my day If you want to include this portrait in the pack I'd be more than happy - as they say here in darkest Lancashire I'd be reet chuffed!
  7. Ignore this. I reloaded then wandered off to burgle a nearby house. This time that *expletive deleted* peasant who was standing so very still had moved and guess what he was hiding ... the elusive "small white friend"
  8. I'm kind of stuck. I was trying to get Valygar and do the planar sphere when the oh so familiar "a new quest pops up and buggers up the one I'm currently doing" syndrome struck again As a result I visited my light-of-love in jail and met Sarawa. I agreed to pop in for a chat next time I was in the bridge district. This happened Day 33 Hour 11. However instead of going there straight away I've spent several days finishing the planar sphere and doing some cashing up and shopping. I also went from Chapter 2 to Chapter 3. It's now Day 35 Hour 10. I'm wandering round the bridge looking for "a small white friend" but can't find one. Is there a time limit on this meeting? Or am I just missing something?
  9. I've been having a really great time playing this mod. I'm a very keen photomanipulation artist, so I used one of my own portraits. I think it really fits the way I see Angelo - slightly cynical, tired, world weary but still able to really enjoy life; and of course that wicked sense of humour. The photo has been altered to remove modern artifacts, change the expression and to fit with the colour and style of the bioware NPC portraits - here's a before and after image to show what I've done. If anyone wants the bmp versions of the portrait in all three sizes you can download them here http://www.4shared.com/file/211359831/f18b.../Angelo2-L.html http://www.4shared.com/file/211359855/a0bc.../Angelo2-G.html http://www.4shared.com/file/211359860/fbfb.../Angelo2-S.html
  10. I'd done this and gone round and round the entire family so many times I'd lost count. I was stuck on the second set of answers from everyone. HOWEVER when I came back to Beregost a few chapters later the little girl suddenly stopped telling me she didn't know where it was - and confessed! All is now well in the household and I've got a lovely, rosy glow from being so very, very nice
  11. An excellent idea guys. loads of the information is now out of date because the Wizards keep changing things But it all applies to the BG series. I'll have to see if I can make a less garphics heavy version ... when my brain comes back online properly
  12. It's official. I'm stuck and I am in need of a largish hint. I've talked to both dudleys and their kid. I know about the missing necklace. I've searched the house and its surrounds, I've asked the kid. I've talked to everyone using characters highish in charisma, and ones high in intelligence. I've even bloody pickpocketed everyone ... and I'm still just going round in circles and getting nowhere. Can some kind hearted soul give me a few hints pretty please?
  13. Yep thats me. I had to let the site go for financial reasons - and also it got a bit to hard to keep up all on my own. It was fun while it lasted
  14. Hello all. Sorry this intro is so late. I’m kiwidoc- role-player, photo-manip artist and old age hippy!. I’ve been playing RPGs since the days when Dungeons and Dragons was just D&D, and AD&D hadn’t reared it’s ugly head If anyone is interested I love playing with graphics. I am not a good enough artist to paint from scratch, but I do a lot of photo-manipulation. I like to match the style of my portraits to the style of the official portraits as close as I can get! I’m offering to make portraits for anyone making mods. Here’s some examples of my work using a stock photo as a base – click the thumbnails for full size versions BEFORE & AFTER BG1 VERSION BG2 VERSION This is a portrait seriesI made from a slightly less legal base *blush* - I’ve included some pix to show the differences between the Bg1 and Bg2 versions, and how match with the NPC portraits. BG1 VERSION BG2 VERSION
  15. kiwidoc

    Gavin the garrulous

    I've got the timer set at 90 minutes - the maximum allowed. I've been from Beregost to Nashkel with no side trips, and then as fast as I could out to the gnoll stronghold. Even while searching the stronghold and battling gnolls I'm still getting a comment or flirt every 10 to 15 minutes. The full list of mods I've got (in order of installation) : Tutu; TutuFix; Tutu sounds; Lost Items (items only); BG UB for Tutu; NPC Project; Gavin; Tweaks; Quest Pack
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